Amazon Overtime Pay (Mandatory, How much?…)

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Amazon Overtime Pay

Amazon is among the most famous and fast-developing companies globally. It’s also one of the largest employers in the United States. But what many people don’t know is that the company has a reputation for not paying additional time. 

True or not, this writing covers all the information you need to know about Amazon overtime pay. Let’s start now.

Overview Of Amazon Overtime Pay

Full-time Amazon staff must be on call for one extra time shift at least within a week. This company also pays non-salary staff time and a half when they work over 40 hours a week, while salaried employees do not receive additional compensation. 

Additionally, staff cannot work more than 20 hours of extra period a week but must remain available to do so within that scope.

Does Amazon Have Mandatory Overtime?

Past and current Amazon staff say everyone working within the same department is required to work the same amount of extra time. 

Some employees have managed to make their schedules more flexible such as the company’s fresh workers, who can set their schedule. Sometimes that fact is dependent on what type of job you do at Amazon.

For example, some drivers in the warehouse are given a certain time to complete a task before they have to take care of something else, which allows them to come in when they want and leave when they want – all while the warehouse still gets done in time.

How Much Is Overtime Pay At Amazon?

Many of the company’s staff are salaried rather than paid by the hour. Amazon overtime pay is 1.5 times the employee’s normal hourly wage, Hourly pay at Amazon averages $17.67, they would earn $26.5/hour for any overtime hours worked.

What If You Fail To Follow The Amazon Overtime Policy Schedule?

The company allows you to choose how much time you want to work each day. Their policies reveal their belief that more hours do not always equal better efficiency and staff happiness.

On the other hand, some people might be concerned about what will happen if they miss their scheduled extra time. The business operates on a no-tolerance policy towards missed extra periods for many of its positions. 

This may be problematic for some employees, as Amazon is known for shifting its employees’ schedules around the last minute to accommodate last-minute orders.

The good news is that when this happens, at least you know your temporary absence won’t cost you any vacation or personal time off!

Additionally, individual Amazon managers and supervisors may be more lenient with missed overtime depending on the circumstances, such as if the missed overtime could not be helped. It is important to plan for last-minute work to avoid conflicts. 

Nevertheless, individuals considering working at The enterprise full-time should always plan for last-minute extra time in their schedule to avoid any conflicts and repercussions.

Exceptions For Amazon Mandatory Extra Time

Amazon Mandatory Extra Time

The enterprise is not lenient with its staff concerning mandatory overtime, but it will usually make an exception for those who are also full-time students. 

Unfortunately, Amazon is not known for making exceptions for workers needing to take care of their parental obligations as they may not be able to pick up their children from school or be home when the other parent is working. 

Thus parents who are thinking of working at The enterprise should know that they may have to work additional periods regularly.

Time Limit For Amazon Overtime

According to sources, the most common additional period these employees take on is 10 hours a week

While part-time staff can sign up for as many extra hours as they please, it’s important to remember that you are expected not to work more than 60 hours

If your supervisor agrees to let you work for a longer period, but the request doesn’t go through, or if they deny the request itself, then it could severely affect how your manager rates your performance when reviewing your year-end review.

Do You Need To Overtime On The Prime Day?

According to one current Amazon employee, the days leading up to Prime Day and Prime Day are usually mandatory additional period days for most employees. 

Full-time staff shall be asked to work a minimum of 55 hours during the week for Prime Day, adding an extra 1 or 2 hours per day to their regular daily shift. However, people working these mandatory periods will receive time and a half pay on those scheduled days!

Some Last Words

Amazon is a great place to work. But problems happen, and the company can be accused of not paying its workers for time worked. 

It must be a good idea to understand what the company is doing to make sure that you get paid for all of your time. If you are a worker at Amazon or considering applying for a job, it is best to know how many workers you are making.


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