When Does Walmart Restock? (Shipments Time, Toys, Formula..)

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
When Does Walmart Restock

Walmart can meet all of your needs, whether for groceries, household items, or something to eat for dinner. Compared to other resellers, the low prices at this large retailer make it simple to get whatever you need on a budget. But when does Walmart restock?

When Does Walmart Restock Their Shelves?

It has a set timeline for each product they refill, based on what you are searching for. Some shops may refresh the shelves each day, but they commonly do it during the second or even third shifts, after selling most of the products.

While precise refilling timetables vary by area, knowing the store’s overall restocking plan is still helpful. You can use the Walmart smartphone application to see if a product is in stock at your local depot.

What Time Do Walmart Get Shipments?

The depot refills its shelves overnight after closing, typically from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. To keep up with the high customer’s demand, it takes the delivery of new shipments every single day.

Depending on each depot and how bustling it is, it may receive shipments several times during the day.

Why Does Walmart Refill Groceries Every Day?

They do this to ensure that products such as fruits, vegetables, and meat remain fresh and safe to consume.

Non-perishable groceries items, including refrigerated items such as fruit, dairy, poultry, and frozen meals, are delivered daily to the grocery reseller. Restocking begins immediately following the unloading of the daily grocery van and remains all day as new stock arrives.

Fresh grocery supplies usually arrive overnight, but there is no way of knowing when the next shipment will come.

While restocking begins as soon as the grocery truck arrives, it is crucial to remember that delivery timings are mostly determined by truck accessibility and the distance between the retailer and the nearest supermarket distribution facility.

Walmart Refill Groceries Every Day
Walmart Refill Groceries Every Day

Why Isn’t The Company Adhering To A Strict Restocking Schedule?

Walmart, unlike some other retailers, doesn’t adhere to a tight restocking timetable. Each depot site’s refilling timetable is unique.

The primary reason for the personnel refilling products each day is to make sure that customers do not experience any difficulties when shopping.

When Does Walmart Restock Electronic Items?

They refill electronics three to four times per week on average. Yet, this varies depending on the high sales of certain electronic goods and the distance between the depository and the delivery center.

It doesn’t have a regular restocking plan for goods such as televisions, mobile phones, loudspeakers, and printers.

Alternatively, employees at the depot refill electronics at off-peak hours to keep the aisles from becoming too crowded.

When Does Walmart Restock Toys?

It doesn’t have a particular day or time for restocking toys. Their restocks are mostly dependent on the toy’s supply from the manufacturers. Still, you may find them refilling toys around from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

When does Walmart get shipments? Initial shipment arrives four to seven times per week. They replenish the shelves with new items regularly, usually in the early morning and late afternoon.

How Long Does It Take To Refill In-Store Products?

Even though the time that it takes Walmart to refill goods in-store varies by products, it usually resupplies them in at least two days.

Still, various factors can affect the restocking system. For instance, the period in one year, customer’s demand, and product category, all impact how quickly the depository can refill a product in-store.

If you do not want to wait two days to refill the products, you can try to order them online. The reseller’s website contains information on whether an item is or is not in stock.

When Does Walmart Restock Online Items?

Unlike the physical shops, which have a set replenishment timetable, the online site has none. Replenishing is often dependent on the product, with high-demand items taking precedence in the plan.

Even the staff are unsure when new orders will arrive at their online marketplace and are unable to predict when particular products will be available.

Suppose the item you are looking for is now out of stock; check the store’s page regularly to stay fully updated on the item’s availability. You can also register for reminders when certain items are available to order.

If you simply can not wait and need the item right away, call the depot’s online customer service office or call a nearby store to check out when it will be accessible.

Can You Check The In-Store Inventory?

You can try your local Walmart’s stock on your smartphone, which is convenient for eager shoppers who want to confirm the supply of goods without actually going to the store.

Check The In Store Inventory
Check The In Store Inventory

You will need to install the Walmart smartphone application and use the ‘Search My Store’ option to accomplish this. Type in the item you are looking for to find out if it is in stock and where you can find it in the depot.

Brickseek is another application you can utilize. It is an inventory app that lets you see if the items you need are in stock at your local store.

If you are currently in the shop and searching for a specific item but can’t find it, you can ask the company to scan the code and tell you when it will be available in stock. These dates are not exact, but they might give us more information about when the product will be available.

Suppose you are only heading to the store to buy a particular item; it is a good idea to phone or confirm the inventory of your local store before traveling there.

Can You Receive Notification From Walmart When Products Are Restocked?

The short answer is yes. You can sign up for alerts when the warehouse restocks.

You may register for Walmart Stock Alerts to receive email updates when the goods you want are available in stock. If a product is suitable, you only need to click and input your email address.

Unfortunately, stock alerts are not available for all products on the website. The company doesn’t issue stock updates for high-demand products like household goods and new cell phones. Only online products are eligible for stock alerts.


Now that you have known the answer, you find it easier to find the best time to go shopping. The company has begun to relax the shop time limitations set in place at the beginning of the outbreak. 

Shopping at Walmart is more accessible than before. With curbside service, grocery shipping via Instacart, and mobile payments via Walmart Pay.

Depending on the company’s website to contain an up-to-date stock in the store can be problematic. To buy anything quickly and efficiently, contact the store before visiting to make sure that what you need is available.

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