What Time Does Usps Mail Carriers Start Delivering?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
What Time Does Usps Start Delivering

For every package that the USPS delivers, you might want to know, “What time does USPS start delivering?” The USPS, for most, is the last line of defense for packages when it comes to delivery.

What Time Does Usps Start Delivering?

There’s no confirmation for USPS to start delivery packages time. However, most postmen start their jobs between 9 am and 10 am in the morning.

So, when does the USPS truck come?

The location might be the matter. Rural postmen can arrive at their workplace early 7 o’clock in the morning, whereas some locations might not begin business until 8 in the morning. 

During this time, postmen spend their first working hour or one hour in their working day arranging and loading the posts into their trucks, ready for delivery following the standard route. If there are many mail needs for delivery, or if any postman sub for their colleague (as some are part-time), the process for preparation might be longer.

What Time Do USPS Trucks Stop Delivering?

Most carriers complete their deliveries between five o’clock in the afternoon, although times vary depending on your zip code.

If you’re located at a delivery route ending point, you will receive your post as late as 6:00/7:00 PM. Other users at the starting point of the route might receive their post sooner, at around 9 o’clock in the morning.

How Do USPS Trucks Deliver On Saturday?

At the US Postal Service, Saturday is just like any other weekday. Mail carriers start delivering at about 9 in the morning and stop at 5 in the afternoon.

Basically, most delivered mail arrives by 2 in the afternoon on Saturdays. USPS tends to deliver packages rather late during high seasons such as Christmas occasions due to the high volume of incoming shipments and the increased demand. 

If you’re concerned about having your package arrive on time if it’s a gift for someone, then choosing to submit your package with Priority Package Express will allow you to rest assured that the shipping company will guarantee a delivery time of ten-thirty Saturday morning. 

Even so, we’ve noticed that in some cases packages are regularly arriving even as late Monday – which is certainly not sooner than promised!

Can I Have USPS Deliver On Sundays?

Can I Have USPS Deliver On Sundays

Generally speaking, the United States Postal Service (USPS) does not deliver on Sundays. The USPS must adhere to federal law and is limited by regulations that require postal operations to follow a Sunday rest day. But, you can find exceptions to this rule.

USPS delivers packages– even on Sundays– and has flexible policies that work with the needs of their customers.

For Priority Post, customers enter into an agreement with USPS that protects the customers from ending up with late deliveries.

USPS and Amazon agreement ensures packages will arrive the next business day (almost any) if shipping, but you might have your mail on Sunday. This only applies to guaranteed delivery offered by Amazon, and it does not apply for letters for standard first-class or priority mail.

During the holiday time, USPS trucks might also be out for delivery on Sundays. USPS provides incentives to its employees for pitching in, such as a bonus and overtime payment, to help with the sometimes overwhelming demands of winter shipping.

When Will USPS Trucks Not Go Out For Delivery?

USPS mail holidays are always during big national holidays. Examples include Christmas, Independence Day, July Fourth, and New Year’s Day. With these upcoming postal holidays, there should be no post-delivery.

The only days USPS trucks don’t go out for delivery are federal holidays. Non-delivered packages can be sent to the Mail Recovery Center where they are held for 90 days- after that. 

These items will come back to the sender if they matter less than 14 ounces or do not meet the postmark deadline.

As part of an effort to get to know USPS better, Customer Noticed put together some posts relevant to how USPS delivers. 

Some Last Words

The US Postal Service does not have a designated time to deliver, but the amount of mail coming in will help determine when carriers begin their routes. Faster shipping is getting more difficult to find.

USPS is late for deliveries or refuses to deliver to your specific location. Hope the above-detailed guide has helped you find the answer. Make sure you’re safe from a late package!

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