Does USPS Have A Notary In 2024?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 16, 2023
Does USPS Notarize

Notarization has always been a must when you go through financial and legal procedures to get the docs officially recognized. However, for young adults, these works are sometimes exhausting and confusing. We used to encounter many questions about the notary work, which is relatable.

In this article, let us clarify the question of “Can USPS notarize ?” and help you with some questions you may encounter while getting your documents notarized.

Does USPS Have Notary Services? 

Unfortunately, USPS does not provide notary services. The United States is famous for its reliability, various services, fast procedure, and affordable prices, but, on the notary side, sorry, it cannot help.

Why Does USPS Not Provide Notary Service?

United States Postal Services, or USPS, is officially identified as a federal government identity, which means its confirmation or notarization has similar power to the US government recognition. For small-scale documents such as one’s bank account report, CEO’s signature, etc. – the USPS is not and cannot provide any confirmation. 

Which organizations can provide the notary services for those in need? Here is the answer: The State-level organizations. Any interested parties should visit the local notary offices for notarizing; or go directly to the place that provides such documents, like the bank for account reports or the principal school office for scores reports.


Where Can You Get Your Documents Notarized Instead of USPS?

Based on the National Notary Association’s definition, notarization is “the official fraud deterrent process that assures the parties of a transaction that a document is authentic and can be trusted.” So, the only organization that can assure one document’s legal value and authenticity is the place that issued it. Thus, we cannot confirm where you can get your documents notarized because it depends on the documents that require notarization. 

For instance, if you need to submit the bank account report, you must go to the bank where you opened the account. Do you want to notarize your school report? Visit your school instead.

In case you cannot go to the issued place, then an alternative option is UPS. Unlike USPS, UPS can provide a notary service as a local office.

Which Documents need To Be Notarized?

Notarization is the procedure to confirm that the documents are reliable, authentic, and legit. Thus, if the docs are used for legal effects, it is necessary to get them notarized by an official organization or professionals in a notary service. 

Here are some examples of the documents that need to be notarized:

  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • Contracts
  • Deeds
  • Affidavits
  • Bank account report
  • Stocks certificate

How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Documents Notarized?

The state office does the notary service so that the state authority will decide the fee. Besides, there is no confirmed price range for notary costs because each type of signature and stamp will have a different cost based on its significance. Typically, the notary fee varies from $1 to $20.

If you cannot travel to the state office in the meantime, then UPS is another option to go. There are 3,900 UPS stores across the US with notary services, so there is a high chance you may find one near your place. In terms of pricing, the rule is similar to the state office’s – it varies from state to state. You had better check the local UPS website or call them to figure it out. The more information about the documents – the better the number of signatures needed, types of documents, etc.

What Should You Prepare for the Notary Visit?

Notarization is the process of confirming the authenticity, validity, and legitimacy of documents, so you need to bring some additional “proofs” to help the process go faster, such as:

  • Government-issued, newest, valid ID (with photo)
  • Documents that need to be notarized
  • Fee 
  • Additional witness (optional)

Can I Notarize Online or through Mobile?

If you are expecting UPS to offer online notarization, then, unfortunately, it is not. You must visit the office in person so that the staff can witness the process, check your ID and proceed with signing.

However, some companies are offering online notarization tools within a few steps. Please check the company’s legitimacy before entering your credit card number on their website. 

Another option for you is using mobile notary services. This is the most convenient way to do the notarization job, actually. Just pick up your phone, call the notary public and arrange an appointment. They will come to your house or office on time and help you proceed further. However, as you can see, the officer has to clear their schedule and prepare to go to your place, so the mobile notary service is pricey.

Final Thoughts

There are plentiful places to get your documents notarized, like UPS, banks, or state offices. The price is varies based on the number of signatures and the availability of online notarization as well. You have better contact the services by phone beforehand.

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