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By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
What Is A USPS Parcel Locker

If you are looking for a safe and secure place for your package to be delivered to, you may be interested in using a USPS parcel locker. But what is a USPS parcel locker? And how does it work? 

This article will look at the features of parcel lockers and help you with that. Here is what we found.

What Is A USPS Parcel Locker?

In 2022, a new sort of mailbox was introduced in the form of parcel lockers. This USPS parcel locker is a community staple where members of a neighborhood can pick up their orders easier and safer than ever before. 

These US Postal Service parcel lockers are made for bigger packages to fit in. Some may be privately owned, while others are government-owned. The best part is that they all provide secure locks and keys for your needed deliveries.

USPS Parcel Lockers offer positive cost savings. They can reduce the amount of fuel consumed by the postal service because employees don’t have to make multiple stops. This helps them create “greener” neighborhoods by reducing fuel emissions from delivery trucks and making more efficient use of their time in general. They reach more customers per trip while still delivering all the packages in their routes.

How Does A USPS Parcel Locker Work?

A parcel delivery carrier will use a master code or a key that the property manager has given them to open the compartment attached to the wall. They will place your package in what is referred to as a parcel locker. At this point, USPS employees select a recipient from their system.

An automatic notification is sent by parcel locker management to recipients, who will then retrieve their packages. They will receive a unique code that can unlock their locker and get their parcel or have them delivered at a convenient time.

If the area you live in only has a USPS traditional parcel locker, they will leave a key in the recipient’s assigned mailbox to help identify their package. The number on the key will match the mailbox with the parcel inside, allowing the recipient to identify their parcel quickly.

After getting the USPS delivery code online, they can find out where their parcel locker is located. If it is an electronic parcel locker, they will have to enter a PIN or use their phone to scan a barcode to gain access. 

On the other hand, if it is a traditional parcel locker, they will collect the key, open the unit and get their package inside.

Reasons Why You Should Use A USPS Parcel Locker


In apartment communities and neighborhoods, a community management company usually offers reliable 24/7 security services. However, mail theft has become a problem in busy apartment communities and even in new neighborhoods.

Parcel lockers are a fantastic way for anyone to take control of their packages and protect them from being taken by strangers. The compartment will be locked automatically, giving you complete peace of mind knowing your parcels are locked away safely.

You will also receive an access code or key to unlock the locker again once it’s time for pickup. Your neighbors won’t accidentally pick up your parcel, and you won’t have to track down something that was sent personally or was expensive either.


The USPS parcel locker locations can save people a lot of time. The option of centralized delivery will enable shippers to distribute parcels in one drop rather than making multiple deliveries across varied locations. 

People can be confident when receiving a parcel service because it means knowing exactly where their package is at all times. They will be able to receive their parcels whenever they need them. 

Low Cost

The USPS parcel lockers lower delivery costs in the long run as they only need one-stop for a whole neighborhood. It reduces a lot of potential risks for both the postal services and property managers. 

As an owner or manager of a building, you will likely be held responsible for any packages getting damaged. By adding parcel lockers to your complex, not only will you reduce liability issues but also help keep your tenants’ packages safe.

How Do You Open A USPS Parcel Locker?

To access your resident parcel locker, you had to have a key. USPS gives out keys at the post office. Moreover, you can get a copy of your key made free at any time and as often as you require from your safe deposit box.

Residents can use the same locker regardless of their location, and they will remain accessible throughout their entire stay. Each time a residence moves, they must change the locks and rearrange the numbering system.

If you use an electronic USPS Parcel Locker, you can easily open it with your phone using a given private code or scan the barcode. You will receive this code as soon as your package is delivered. 

What To Do If You Lose Your USPS Parcel Locker Key?

If you misplace your USPS locker key or have the wrong number on the key and need a replacement, go to the USPS sorting facility where your package was originally delivered and report your issue.

You will need to say your address, and your name and give your parcel number. You should bring proof of ownership as well, just in case. After confirming the information, the post office will replace the lock at no cost to you and issue you a new key if applicable. Until the issue is resolved, you can access your locker again and get your parcel.

How Long Can A Package Stay In A Parcel Locker?

Packages can typically remain in the USPS parcel locker for about seven to ten days. Most shipping services have their own general rules on the matter, and they may be different from several days to years. 

If a parcel has been in the compartment for more than a month, postal carriers generally return it to the distribution center. Then they will send a notice letting others know that the parcel could be picked up from their owner’s box. 

In most cases, we recommend picking up your parcel as soon as possible since shipping companies charge fees for having parcels left over for long periods.


The USPS parcel locker is a great way for individuals to receive their packages and is set up to be convenient and secure as only authorized personnel can access it. A USPS parcel locker can be used to store your parcel while you are unavailable or on vacation.

Now that you know what a USPS parcel locker is and its advantages, we hope you consider getting one for yourself. Thank you so much for reading!

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