What Does Delivered To Agent For Final Delivery Mean USPS?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
What Does Delivered To Agent For Final Delivery Mean USPS

The US Postal Service provides a variety of procedures for receiving a package. However, its systems are frequently beyond the control of the clients. The notification may confuse or mislead us if we don’t understand it clearly.

When you received this kind of notification, you might have wondered, “what does delivered to agent for final delivery mean USPS”. So, now that we have analyzed the subject, here’s everything you need to understand about it!

What Does Delivered To Agent For Final Delivery Mean USPS?

The mentioning term implies that your mail carrier gave your item to someone else – another resident at your house or maybe a coworker – to send to you. These persons are then designated and tasked with completing the transportation.

You may have other questions related to this complicated term of service. Then, continue reading to discover more about the term, how you should act if your item were delivered to a delivery agent, and other frequently asked questions.

What Exactly Is A USPS Delivery Agent?

Despite the abundant title, the term might indicate anybody who accepts and delivers a package on your behalf. For instance, it could be a colleague, front-desk staff, roommate, or your kid if they are over 12 years old.

Typically, postal carriers will not appoint anyone unless they appear to be relatively trustworthy. However, mistakes sometimes occur. In those scenarios, you can submit a claim with your local postal service whenever you think carriers should not have assigned someone.

What Happens If A Delivery Agent Has Been Assigned To Your Shipment?

Don’t be worried if you’ve been checking your tracking and notice that your item has been marked differently. The place where the service is handed in should indicate who you have to speak with. 

Check if the destination matches your residential address, and text your housemate to check if they picked up the package for you. Or when it arrives at your workplace, contact the office to check if they received it. 

Finally, anytime you are unsure where your shipment is, contact your local postal service, and someone will assist you in locating it.

What Happens If It Wasn’t Delivered When It Marked So?

USPS Package Is Delivered To An Agent

There’s an occasion when you come home and see no package has arrived. Don’t worry, as there are a few possibilities that may occur. First, someone staying in your home may have accepted it on your behalf, placed it elsewhere out of sight, and then lost thought about it.

As a result, you should speak to everybody around the location to spark people’s memories. Then, if they insist that nothing was sent, give it another working day. Furthermore, since postal workers can include themselves as the last receiver, it may require an additional day.

If your postal carrier’s shift is ending and no one is home to take the package, they may commonly scan the item and leave it on the truck. Consequently, you would receive a notification and expect it the next day.

In case you haven’t received it within a few working days, you should call your local Post Office and make a complaint online so that they can begin searching for it.

What Does Picked Up By Shipping Agent Mean In USPS?

Another package notice you may need to understand is “Picked Up By Shipping Agent“. The last receiver is still another third-party source, but the method detailed here is distinctive.

Rather than transportation, it refers to clients who use the Parcel Return Service to make a return. According to the official website, items with this classification and a specified zip code have been collected at its station.

They will be collected by a third-party supplier who does transport back to the sender distribution hub.”


When that term appears, it indicates that someone at your address has received it and is entrusted with giving it back into your hands. 

Wait at least one working day when you can’t receive your delivery the first time. Then, contact your local Postal Office and make a missing delivery claim when that doesn’t work.

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