Watch Adjustment Near Me – 15+ Best Choices in 2024

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 2, 2023
watch adjustment near me

Wristwatches, besides telling time, also serve as a piece of highly aesthetic jewelry to enhance your elegance. However, your overall flawless look will sometimes stand on the verge of being destroyed by an oversized watch strap and out of sync with your wrist.

In this case, going to a watch store from big brand will help you solve this problem while making sure not to cause any problems with your product. But how do I know if there is a reputable watch adjustment near me?

Don’t worry as our article is where you will find the answer. With a collection of 16 of the best locations, we guarantee that you’ll be pleased with the adjustment result whatever you choose!

How Much Does It Cost For Watch Adjustments Near Me?

It is difficult to give an exact figure for how much you will pay for a watch adjustment because it depends on the policy of the location you choose.

Some stores allow buyers to return the watch band for size adjustment without asking for fees. Besides, you can enjoy this policy if you buy a protection package or the product is still within the warranty period.

But if your product does not enjoy any protection, you will have to adjust the watch band according to the price set at the watch shops in your neighborhood. Rates for a simple adjustment will range from $20 to $60 but will cost $50 to $150 for products that require a more complex adjustment process.

Watch Adjustment Near Me- 16 Ideal Choices For Your Consideration

We’ve compiled a list of 16 of the best places to remove links from watch bands. This collection consists of three smaller groups, each of which is guaranteed to have its great advantages for you to consider and choose from.

You will get this service for free (or at a low price) if you visit the store where you bought your watch. Besides, some stores also offer ideal warranties for up to several years.

You can also choose some other reputable watch repair places with extremely affordable costs. But whatever your decision is from the 16 locations below, we’re sure you’ll get what you want. You will even feel better if there is a watch adjustment near you.

8 Best Places For Free Tuning

This list will give you eight places to resize your watch band without extra cost. Once the watch you buy comes from their store, they will take care of your product for free!

Some also offer a service to remove links from watch bands no matter where you buy them. Plus, some come with a free cleaning service – a great marketing tactic to impress shoppers.

  • Belk

The Belk department store chain is not a stranger to customers thanks to the presence of nearly 300 stores spread across 16 states. The brand has been around since 1888 and provides a wide range of services and goods, including clothing, shoes, cosmetics, furniture, accessories, and even wedding registration.

You can find a dedicated jewelry counter at most stores around your area. Here, you can buy watch batteries or ask the staff to repair and adjust the links to fit your wrist size.

Belk guarantees a free adjustment for the products purchased from this store. But if you own a wristwatch from another store, it is best to contact in advance to know the estimated repair cost.

  • Dillard’s

Upscale department store Dillard’s has about 285 branches across 29 states. Among these states, Florida and Texas have the largest number of Dillard’s branches in the United States.

After buying a watch from Dillard’s store, you may come to find a Dillard’s location around your neighborhood that has a jewelry counter to ask their staff to remove your watch links. It’s free of charge. In case, your watch is not from their store chains, you will be charged a fee for watch adjustment.

  • Fossil

The Fossil brand is headquartered in Richardson, Texas, and has designed and produced famous collections of jewelry, wearables, specialty accessories, watches, and bags throughout the United States. So far, this brand owns 365 locations evenly distributed across the country.

Fossil only offers free repair services for their brand’s watches. Its online sizing policy provides three additional links for each wrist watch product for free.

  • Kohl’s

You are certainly no stranger to the largest department store chain in the US – Kohl’s. This brand owns nearly 1,200 branches in 49 US states (not only Hawaii).

One great thing about most Kohl’s stores is the policy of adjusting the strap regardless of which store your product comes from. To be more certain, you need to contact the facility closest to you for advice and to decide on a visit for watch adjustment as soon as possible.

  • Michael Kors

High-end fashion brand Michael Kors in the United States owns up to nearly 310 branches. This brand focuses on the development of such products as perfumes, apparel, watches, accessories, and jewelry for both men and women.

Most Michael Kors branches apply a free repair policy for their brands’ products. If you own a watch bearing this brand, don’t hesitate to visit the facility closest to your home.

However, not all Michael Kors stores offer this service, depending on brand regulations and staff qualifications. Therefore, it is best to call or text for advice first to avoid wasting your time.

  • Nordstrom

The luxury department store chain Nordstrom currently owns more than 355 branches in 32 states of Canada and the United States. You can find the quality products, including shoes, watches, cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, and other fashion accessories.

Nordstrom applies a “happy customer” return policy to all branches. It allows you to change the strap size of watches from this brand for free without requiring any proof of purchase.

  • Tourneau

If you are a watch fanatic, perhaps you have been accustomed to the high-end watch store Tourneau. This famous retailer owns about 32 branches across 16 states with more than 8,000 watches from nearly 40 famous brands.

The Tourneau chain of stores only specializes in researching, repairing, and trading men’s and women’s wristwatches, so there is a highly qualified staff. You are easy refer to many care services, such as changing the battery, adjusting the watch band size, maintaining water resistance, ultrasonic cleaning, and other alternative strap options.

This chain offers a watch adjustment service no matter where you buy your products. If you own a Tourneau product, you have an even better chance of getting great deals, like free battery replacement.

  • Walmart
Walmart Pre Order Policy

The convenience store chain Walmart is also known as the “family store” because of its mass presence and convenience. At these nearly 5,000 branches across the United States, you can find almost anything you need to buy, from fresh vegetables to expensive jewelry.

At jewelry stores, Walmart offers repair services, including ring lighting, necklace/bracelet replacement, watch repair, battery replacement, and ring/watch resizing. In terms of watch adjustment, each branch applies a different policy depending on the store’s location and staff qualifications.

Some stores only allow strap sizes to be adjusted for products purchased at Walmart. Meanwhile, others offer this service for any product at no extra cost.

3 Best Places For Protection Plan

If you are wondering where to get watches resized with a few year’s warranties on your product, the collection of 3 choices on this list is exactly what you are looking for!

Jewelry and department stores on the following list will guarantee your product a warranty of 2 to 3 years. Thanks to the guarantee from stores, your product will always receive proper care and repair services whenever there is a problem.

Warranty costs will vary depending on the location and value of your product. For more details on each of the places on our list, scroll down and explore!

  • JCPenney

Mid-range department store chain JCPenney has nearly 700 branches across 49 US states. Jewelry counters at most of these stores are beautiful, providing you with advice on repair costs and protection plans.

For the products that come from these stores, you will enjoy the “JCPenney watch care program”, with services including battery replacement, movement repair, and broken watch bands. Their staff also voluntarily remove links for products from other places at no additional cost.

This protection plan will cost you $50 over two years. During this time, the store will not collect any additional costs for the maintenance and repair of your product.

If there is no way to fix it, this shop will refund you through a gift card.

  • Macy’s

Macy’s Department Store owns more than 570 locations across the United States. These affiliates invest in jewelry, watches, and repair services for any product purchased.

Macy’s will provide you with a “WorryNoMore” protection program that includes cleaning, repairing, and resizing your jewelry products for free for up to three years. You can choose from warranties ranging from $30 to $400, depending on the value of your product.

For products not covered by the protection plan, this store chain will ask for between $20 and $25 for a watch adjustment (or even free in some places!). If your product is worth less than $5,000, you can opt for their unique mail-in repair service to save even more effort and shipping costs.

  • Sears

Sears has grown to about 34 retail stores across the United States. You can request the repair services of most watch brands with an ideal protection plan at their accessories and jewelry departments.

The store only takes 50 dollars to protect your product for two years. Your item will receive much free care with this warranty, including resizing.

5 Best Places For A Small Cost

A watch repair with a free price and a great warranty is a smart choice to save money. But if the above stores are unavailable in your area, put them aside and check out the following reputable places with reasonable prices!

  • Fast-Fix

Fast-Fix has recently become an ideal choice for watch resizing and battery replacement services, jewelry appraisal/repair, and various other mobile devices. It owns more than 150 branches all over the States and shows up in many big stores or shopping malls.

Fast-Fix’s watch band resizing service costs around $12, while most other services cost less than $60. This store also offers a repair option by mail, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time going to the store in person.

  • Fred Meyer Jewelers 

Fred Meyers has more than 160 branches in Washington, Utah, Oregon, and major commercial centers. Customers who come here can experience jewelry repair services such as ring sizing, prong repair, wire/bracelet welding, watch repair, and much more.

We can’t figure out how much you’ll need to spend, as it depends on the store policy and your locality. Therefore, contact through their website to get the clearest pricing information.

  • Jared

The number of branches under the management of the Jared chain of stores has reached 250 in 39 states. Here, customers will experience services such as prong change, inspection, and cleaning, ring resizing, and watch repair.

We highly recommend this store for its on-site service policies, unique design center, and experienced staff. That’s why you can entrust it to Jared, no matter what brand your product comes from.

The cost of a watch band adjustment will depend on the type of repair required for your jewelry. And don’t miss the coupons on Jared’s website because it’s the key to saving you big on repair fees!

  • Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers multinational store is no longer strange in the US-Canada-UK region as a number of 3,500 stores are now present in these countries. Their franchises include Jared, Ernest Jones, Pichuan Pagoda,, The Galleria Of Jewelry, H. Samuel, and Pe People.

Kay Jewelers serves customers with jewelry cleaning, repair, maintenance, and refurbishment services. In particular, their policy allows the repair and maintenance of any watch brand that is not necessarily from Kay Jewelers.

Experts will conduct observations and quotes depending on the value of your item. But before you come here, find out and take advantage of online coupons to reduce the cost of repairs.

  • Zales

The Zales chain of stores is growing, with more than 382 branches across the United States. When you come here, you will enjoy low-cost repair services, including chain welding, battery replacement, ring head replacement, and watch repair.

The price of each service will vary based on where you live. Therefore, call or text Zales in advance so that you can get the estimated cost before making a final decision.


How To Add a Link To a Watch Band?

This process requires knowledge and expertise, so it is best to take it to a watch store or jewelry store to get help from professionals. A watch link removal has an approriate cost. All will depend on the product’s origin, price, and condition. Most of them will be free or range from $20 to $50.

How to Make a Watch Band Smaller?

The best way to do this is to remove some links from your watch band.

You can disassemble it at home with all the necessary tools and expertise. If you don’t know where to start, then follow the steps in the process we’ve put together for you below:

  • Step 1: Measure.

You must first wear the watch on your wrist, then gather the watch links until it achieves the proper tightness. Mark and determine the total number of links that need to be disassembled, and note that you need to unscrew on both sides to ensure the clasp stays in the center.

You can also use cloth tape to determine the right fit for your wrist. Place the product on the table and determine the size using cloth tape. Then place your jewelry at the center of the measurement and determine how many links need to be removed on both sides.

  • Step 2: Collect the tools.

It would be great if you owned a set of tools specifically for jewelry repair. But besides that, don’t forget to prepare a tray (to keep small details), a watch holder, a flat surface, and a good enough light source for the repair.

  • Step 3: Removing links.

Once you identify the pin to remove, tap it until it emerges using the hammer and pushpin tool. Gently remove the pin using a small set of pliers or even your fingers.

  • Step 4: Rejoining links.

Find the right pins in your friend’s tray and put them back in place, then tap until it fits snugly. Always be careful because your carelessness can cause scratching.

Above are four specific steps for you to complete the task! To avoid the risk of damage, we still recommend that you take your product to local watch shops to have it repaired by experienced staff at an affordable price (and even free of charge).

How Tight Should A Watch Be?

Watch straps that are too loose will make them lack aesthetics and convenience for hand movements. Meanwhile, a watch that is too tight causes physical difficulties and negatively affects blood circulation.

It is best to try it on to determine if the product you want to buy is suitable for your wrist size. We will show you the easiest method to determine the proper tightness.

First, put the watch on your non-dominant hand. Then use the index finger of your dominant hand to squeeze into the space between the watch and your wrist.

Proper tightness will only allow you to slip your fingers in without being able to move. Therefore, adjust the watch strap and stop until it achieves the desired result.

Final Verdict

A watch that fits your wrist will make you look more elegant and stylish. But to achieve the most aesthetics, choosing a reputable watch store is the best to ensure safety and avoid any problems with your jewelry.

Through this article, we hope our collection of the 16 best places for watch strap adjustment will remove the headache if you are looking for a watch adjustment near me. Whatever your choice, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the results.

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* Disclaimer: We do not buy, sell or provide service, we only share with you our trusted sources, and experience. In case of any changes in the products or services of the companies, all the information below is supposed to change at any time.

Phillip Adcock is the founder and Managing Director of the research agency Shopping Behaviour Xplained (SBXL), a shopping research organization using psychological consumer insight to explain and help consumers answer their questions about stores and services.

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