USPS Pre Hire List – What Should You Know About?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 10, 2023

If you’re looking for a career with the United States Postal Service (USPS), one of the best ways to get started is by having in your hand the USPS Pre Hire List. This list is a pool of qualified candidates interested in working for the USPS.

Overview On USPS Pre Hire List

The pre-hire list exists to ensure that you will be eligible to take an exam at a local Post Office. As of today, USPS pre-hires are required for tests scheduled. You cannot pre-register for tests without being pre-hired by your local Post Office.

To get into the pre-hire list USPS, you should sign up ahead of time and understand what pre-hire is and how it works, as some post offices will run out of pre-hire dates sooner than others. Ensure that you get the pre-hire code from your local post office when you sign up.

The process can be confusing if you’re unfamiliar with it. Here are some frequently asked questions and information for your reference.

What Is The Pre Hire List For USPS In 2023?

Getting into the pre-hire list USPS is a way to pre-register for an exam at your local post office. It’s also the first step towards employment with USPS.

Before heading over to your local Post Office to sign up for pre-hire, make sure you know what pre-hire entails. This includes understanding eligibility requirements, pre-hire dates based on the testing schedule, and more about pre-hire 2023.

For now, you can’t start working for USPS without being placed on the pre-hire list. It would be best to ask the local post office for needed information and read all the documentation they provide to succeed in the test. 

What Should I Know About The USPS Pre Hire Process?

The first step is to complete the application form before taking the postal exam. The exam targets filter applicants, which might be more difficult than expected for some. 

After the pre-hires test on paper, the test scores will be adequate, and your applications will show up on the hiring boxes. In this stage, USPS hopes to find the reality matches of each candidate to themselves so far. This process might last for a few weeks before you receive any feedback from USPS.

Then, the hiring rep will contact you for their interview and personality test. In this step, if the meeting goes well and you have high test scores, you might join pre-employment orientation.

This orientation is where you can work so that the hiring staff can evaluate the actual skills that you might have told them before.

This is also the last step before the human resources department decides whether to offer you the job. Whoever seems to fit the job the most will move from the pre-hire list and have the offer.

Before pre-registering, you should make sure to know what pre-hire entails. Specifically, the pre-hire process includes:

  • Understanding eligibility requirements.
  • Pre-hire dates based on the testing schedule.
  • All information you might need for the pre hire list USPS.

Remember that some post offices will have pre-hire days available throughout the entire job application window, while others may run out of pre-hire dates. Hence, you should make sure to check with your local post office to see what their pre-hire process is like and when their testing windows are.


When Do You Get Out Of The USPS Pre Hire List?

You stay on the pre-hire list until you’ve taken the exam and been placed in a job. More specifically, it would be based on your score’s position on the list. Some might need for a year and a half, and some might only need three months. A note is that veterans might get preference over other registers.

Does In USPS Pre Hire List Make You Surely Have The Job?

No, pre-registering for the pre-hire list USPS does not mean you’ve got the job. The pre-hire list means that you are pre-registered for the exam and will have the opportunity to take the test at your local post office. 

In another word, you are filled out based on your online application and qualified for the potential interview list.

What Is The Timeline For The Post Office To Offer You?

It can take you a few months for the post office to hire you after you’ve taken the exam. After you’ve taken the exam, it can take a few months for the post office to hire you.

In general, when the USPS searches for new staff, they will schedule a test for all interested candidates. From the test result, they come down with a list of qualified persons. A score from the test will determine your stand on this list. 

And at any time USPS needs personnel, they can go through the roster and call the person following their list. If such candidates are still available and interested in the position, they might join the USPS office for the interview. 

Once accepted after the interview, the new employee will be given a report date for starting their work. Obviously, there is training time for all hiring positions, and it must be better if you can complete the training time successfully.

Some Last Words

The USPS pre hire list is a way to pre-register for an exam at your local post office. It’s also the first step towards employment with USPS, so it’s important to understand pre-hire and how it works. 


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