Departed USPS Regional Destination Facility – All You Need To Know!

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Departed USPS Regional Destination Facility

Every time you get a parcel, you might have wondered what the phrase “Departed USPS Destination Facility” means. Well, it’s a combination of tracking information and USPS jargon that means different things.

In this blog, we’ll look into what “Departed USPS Regional Destination Facility” means and how you can use the tracking system to find out where your parcel is.

What Does Departed USPS Regional Destination Facility Mean?

The term “Departed USPS destination facility” appears on USPS tracking and indicates that your parcel has left the nearest sorting facility to your place and is on its way to your local P.O for final sorting. This is the final stage before the package is delivered.

What Is USPS Destination Facility?

A United States Postal Service destination facility is the final stop a shipment makes before being delivered to your local Post Office. 

A Quora commenter stated:

“A destination center will receive it and create a snapshot of everything the parcel requires in delivery. After that, it’s up to them to deliver mail to those places in an efficient manner. An SCF carries mail between post offices as well as from Network Distribution Centers.”

Packages are sorted by zip code into groups at the United States Postal Service destination facility. So, suppose you and your friend both have a package delivered to the local Post Office, but yours is more than 10 minutes late. 

In that case, there might be a practical reason for it. It’s possible that it was mistakenly categorized as somebody in another postal region.

No matter where you are in the U.S, a UPS store will handle your distribution needs. Sometimes when we pick up our mail at the Post Office, we hear the word distribution facility with it. If you live in a different city than your shipment, this likely means the same thing.

According to other Quora members, most distribution center orders from 8 am to 6 pm will likely reach the next business day.

Suppose you see that your item is being transferred to a Postal Facility after it’s been processed. In that case, it means that USPS employees have already packed your shipment and are just taking it over to another distribution center to get it ready for shipping.

What Does Processed Or Arrived At United States Postal Service Mean?

A United States Postal Service delivery person scanned your package at any USPS sorting. Then, the item arrived & was processed into parcels to distribute within a region. So, the first leg of your journey has been completed.

This also applies if items are being pulled aside for inspection. Your item may be already in transit to the destination post office it was initially headed toward. 

In all cases, it’s a plus! It implies your shipment will arrive in a few days.

Processed Or Arrived At United States Postal

What Is A United States Postal Service Regional Distribution Facility?

A regional distribution facility is a checkpoint along the delivery route of your package by the United States Postal Service. Most are rest stops and sorting stations.

Parcels enter into the United States Postal Service, are scanned & sorted, and then leave for the following location. Sometimes shipments get held up in regional delivery facilities. 

If anything has caused a hiccup in the transportation system, a shipment may get stranded until everything gets worked out.

Trust that a team of workers at the United States Postal Service makes every effort to get things flowing again from sorting hubs to delivery routes. It’s in the interest of the Post Office to keep its customers happy. 

If you never get a package and it’s been over a week, or if your tracking info hasn’t been updated for the past 48 hours, contact US Postal Service to find out what’s up!

Arrived At USPS Regional Distribution Facility: What Does It Mean?

When a shipment has the status of “Arrived at United States Postal Service Regional Distribution Facility” on the tracking, that means it is being scanned & sorted into appropriate mail bins.

The Postal consists of a grid of distribution centers that the United States Postal Service uses to ship packages.

The United States Postal Service uses scanning & sorting to keep its packages orderly, but it also helps retain transparency with its consumers.

United States Postal Service Label Created, Not Yet In System: What Does That Mean?

The state of “Arrived” at the destination facility means your package is on its way! However, if you see these phrases, “Label Created, not yet in the system”, we require you to check back – many times labels to print out of sequence.

In reality, this indicates that your shipment has only just been packaged; it wasn’t dropped off at the post office yet.

When delivery necessitates the involvement of both postal offices and forwarding firms, things might change rapidly.

Following “Label Created,” the following scan is for “United States Postal Service in the custody of item.” They’ll arrange everything and load it into a truck to start its journey to you.

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