Target Makeup Return Policy (The Best Choice For Females In 2024

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 14, 2023
Target Makeup Return Policy

When you’re shopping for makeup, you want to be sure you’re getting the perfect shade, texture, quality, and price. So, if you don’t love it, can you return it? Actually, the answer is more complex than you might think.

This was since most makeup brands have fairly strict return policies. Therefore, it is hard for people to exchange makeup that does not suit them. Fortunately, Target offers a return policy. This article will provide what you should look for in the Target makeup return policy. Let’s see.

Can You Return Makeup To Target in 2024

Target beauty return policy is applied in 2024. The company accepts returns on goods related to beauty products that are either opened or unopened with the original receipt within 90 days following purchase. In addition, Target’s RedCard service purchases have an extended return period of 120 days.

Target cosmetics return policy is the most liberal compared to any retail giant (Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Sears). Besides, you can return items up to a year after taking possession of it.In some cases.

Return makeup to Target after 90 days

Absolutely. However, you won’t receive a full refund. Instead, you’ll receive a product gift card (redeemable only in-store), equivalent to the item’s lowest cost in the past 90 days.

Only RedCard holders can get a full refund or exchange the product to Target after 90 days of purchase. Since RedCard allows clients to return anything up to 120 days.

When returning items, there are certain rules you must follow. Furthermore, if the beauty product is from a Target-owned brand, such as Sonia Kashuk, you can return it for up to a year.

Return makeup to Target without a receipt

If you’re unable to find your receipt, Target will still be able to verify that you bought the product by checking its online records of electronic sales.

When you pay with a Target REDcard, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or gift card, Target will locate your order online. However, cash purchases can’t be monitored in this manner.

Additionally, if you purchase a product online, you will find a digital copy of your receipt along with the order number in your account information.

If you do not provide evidence of purchase, you will receive a “merchandise return card”. Unfortunately, the site does not accept this card for redemption online. This card is only valid in stores.

Return used cosmetics to Target

Yes. Still, the retailer will not accept returns or exchanges after you’ve used a product up to 100% of its contents.

Target return policy makeup also applies to damaged items. As long as you bring it back within 90 days of the date on your receipt, then you’ll get your money back.

In summary, most cosmetics that are open, damaged, or do not have a receipt can be returned to Target. Still, the decision is ultimately up to the store manager and why you request an exchange or refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Target Beauty item
  1. How do you return makeup bought from

Can you return lipstick to Target on their website? Of course, purchases can be returned if the customer has a receipt in hand, a barcode confirmation seen on the Target app, an order either shipped or a delivery confirmation email.

Furthermore, cosmetics can be returned to the Target Online Returns center via their website. However, return shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility (unless the online order was a mistake during shipping).

When purchasing makeup or skincare items, it is best to return them directly to the store rather than If a beauty item is one of those that are ineligible for online returns, you will receive information on the Target website.

  1. What can you do if Target refuses to accept your requirements?

Some goods have a different return policy, influencing your refund request. Don’t hesitate to contact your local nearby Target store to find out more.

When you request a return via the Target Online Returns Centre, and your item is declined for any reason, the shipment will be delivered back to you through FedEx within 7 days. 

Usually, customers can trace this delivery using the tracking number provided on your package. 

Besides, if your requirement has been rejected, you will get an email detailing it. There are several reasons why this occur, including:

  • It was past the return period.
  • The product looks to have been damaged or worn.
  • The product was opened & overused.
  • The product was not from
  • The online return center cannot find the order number or information.
  1. What kinds of cosmetics does Target sell?

Target has everything that one could want for the face and body. The store carries foundations, eyeliners, eyeshadows, lipsticks, concealers, blushes, etc. Skincare items are also available.

Furthermore, like many other stores across the United States, Target sells its own-brand products and third-party brands. Use any coupons code at checkout to get your discount on these fantastic brands. 

Notable brands carried in-store include Chapstick, Burt’s Bees, Maybelline, L’Oreal Paris, Wet n Wild, Neutrogena, and more. These are some of the most popular brands carried by Target to complement the vast range of items sold in-store that caters to almost everyone.

Final Thoughts

Overall, shopping with Target can help you save time and money. In addition, since the Target makeup return policy is clearly stated and easy to follow, you can rest easy knowing that you can make a return if you need to. Finally, don’t forget to share this article with others

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