Target Return Policy Without Receipt 2024 (Limit, Items, Requirements?..)

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 16, 2023
Can You Return Items To Target Without A Receipt

Target is a large department store chain in the United States with a wide range of low prices. Here, shoppers can find essentials, clothing, jewelry, home decor, electronics, etc.

This chain of stores also accepts customers to give back goods if they have the original invoice. However, not everyone keeps receipts after making a purchase.

Can You Return Items To Target Without A Receipt In 2024?

Target Return Policy Without Receipt 2024, you can give back items in most cases, as long as they’re within the return period. This time is 30 days for electronics and 90 days for the remaining products. In addition, the company also limits the value of returned products to a maximum of $100 per year.

If you want to dig deeper into the exceptions, how to refund with a non-invoice at this retail chain, and related questions, then this article is for you. Keep on reading for more useful information!

How Do You Return Items To Target Without A Receipt?

First, you need to ensure the item is still within the company’s return period policy. Then, unless you have a receipt, you can show alternative proofs to the staff at the store.

In terms of the in-store or online purchases, if you used an account or wallet associated with Target to place that order, you can find the returning barcode and receipt in the company account.

Besides, the staff at the store can also help you look up the receipt. You must bring your payment method and government-issued identification; its finding is more effective. The supported form of payments include:

On the other hand, online shoppers can also check the order’s delivery and shipping confirmation emails. The company system usually sends them after you order and before delivering.

How Does Target Refund Without A Receipt?

How Does Target Refund Without A Receipt

If you do not have the receipt, the store staff will assist you in finding replacement proof of purchase. They can be receipts, packing slips, or digital barcodes. After finding one of them, the staff will scan the returning barcode and assist you in refunding.

In case your proof of purchase cannot be found, the staff will still refund you, but in the form of a Merchandise Return Card. You can use it for your next purchase at the store, and this card cannot exchange for cash.

For returned purchases from Target Plus, you must provide a receipt. It is usually emailed after an order is placed and shipped. You can also print it on the order page or use the barcode (if available) in the company’s app. If there is proof of purchase, the staff at the store will also support exchange as in the above case.

In addition, this company does not accept refunds for products that have passed the return period, which is usually 90 days. If the item is opened or damaged, the store may refuse the refund request, too.


Which Items You Absolutely Can Not Receive A Refund?

Some products cannot be returned, even if you have an invoice or not. They consist of:

  • Opened or defective collectibles (e.g., limited edition Barbie, die-cast cars, porcelain dolls, sports cards)
  • Personalized products and digital downloads which are created on request
  • Unsealed/opened breast pump (You may directly contact the manufacturer to get a refund)
  • All Kinds of Gift Cards

In addition, some products are eligible for taking back even when opened. However, you will receive the store credit or exchange for a similar product instead of a cash refund. These include: airbeds, media products (music, film, games, etc.)

For alcohol, the company agrees to refund if the law in that area allows. Some states allow retailers to decide for themselves in the US, like New York or California. And in most areas like that, this retail chain will let customers give back alcoholic products, as long as it hasn’t been opened.

Can You Give Back Discounted Or Clearance Items?

Products that are discounted or clearance can still be returned to the store. You’ll get back the exact amount you paid for them, not the pre-drop price.

However, when customers pay with cash and no invoice, they will receive the item’s current value, regardless of the previous price difference. You will receive a Merchandise Return Card of equal value to use on your next purchase in the store.

What Are RedCard Member’s Benefits In Returning?

When you pay for goods with RedCard in-store or, the return period increases to 30 days for each item. It means 60 days for electronics and 120 days for rest.

This benefit does not apply to cases such as Target Optical, non-returnable goods (in the company policy), and contract mobile phones.


You can give back items at Target without a receipt, as long as their value is not more than $100 per year.

The staff tries to assist you in returning the items as soon as possible. They help you find your payment code if you use a debit or credit card to pay. Unless you can find proof of payment, you will receive a store credit for your next purchase at the store.

Please note that the return period for electronics is 30 days and for other items 90 days. If using RedCard, the retail chain will extend this period by 30 days.

In addition, some items are unaccepted to be returned or exchanged according to company or state regulations, especially gift cards.

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