Is Usps A Federal Government Job? All You Need To Know

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Is Usps A Federal Job

When we talk about USPS, it is important to know that it is not a government agency. The US Postal Service is an independent establishment under the Department of Treasury. This article will explain what USPS does and how you can apply it.

Is Usps A Federal Job?

The answer is no; USPS is NOT a federal job. The staff of the USPS is not employed by the government. This organization works independently and is self-governing, having no taxpayer for the business.

Staff receives government interest, but they are not under government management. What would you think about working for the US Postal Service? 

If you consider the job, you will want to read this article first to provide all the details on what USPS is and what it will bring to your career path.

What Is The Reason For Usps Not A Federal Job?

The United States Postal Service is not considered a government job as they are forbidden to be forced to be vaccinated under President Joe Biden’s Executive Order. International workers of the USPS fall into the same category.

The order asks all companies with more than 100 employees to require a Covid 19 vaccine mandate. This confused USPS staff, who were unsure if they were government staff.

They receive the same interests as government staff and work under the branch execution, similar to the president. But the president’s administration understands that they have to clarify the problem. 

As a result, later on, the spokesperson stated that: As it is not the responsibility of a government agency and the USPS has its own separate set of rules, USPS staff need not be vaccinated. 

This means that having insufficient employees is not an issue as there is no risk of lost revenue from customers. The issue of whether USPS staff are federal employees is complicated. 

The spokesperson states that Federal law does not consider USPS staff as federal employees, but the distinction is minutiae.

 Is It Possible To Consider USPS A Great Job?

USPS workers usually have a great job with generous benefits, including pension, health and life insurance, vacation, and sick leave. Even though they are not technically federal employees, USPS jobs generally offer the same benefits.

The USPS also gives workers hourly wages higher than minimum wage and many benefits. Although this is just a short article, I have left the information below under “benefits”.

Even if USPS staff receive low wages, they earn every penny. Their duties are much more intense, especially for postal carriers. For example, they have a chance of being attacked while delivering mail.

What Benefits USPS Employees Can Have?

USPS staff are entitled to benefits that match federal offerings, such as the following. Spending on prescription drugs is covered. 

In addition, dental and vision care can be paid a reasonable amount, besides the two plans being FSA and COPILOT, which can provide relief for healthcare expenses. 

Additionally, USPS staff have access to a pension, Social Medicare and Security benefits, and disability coverage which many federal employers don’t offer. 

On the topic of provided leave, there are 13 sick or vacation leaves offered for three years of working; after three years, this will be 20.

The Best Job At USPS You Might Have

Your job preference will dictate whether Post Office pay is a good deal. Some Redditors recommend entering an MHA or CCA position, but both involve longer hours and fewer days off. 

Meanwhile, RCA positions may be better for those seeking an ideal work-life balance and top pay. Nevertheless, USPS offers great benefits that come with many of its positions, and becoming a mail handler assistant with USPS could also open doors to higher levels.

The Starting Pay Means At USPS

The starting pay for USPS staff is around  $18 to $20, with an average though some people start in the $15 and $16. 

With a wide variety of jobs and many benefits, USPS is the largest civilian employer in the United States, with over 600,000 people and more than $65 billion in annual revenue

That seems not much for a big firm as USPS, but it is double the wage at the moment when you factor in the minimum wage nationally. Also, USPS offers some benefits to its employees that other federal jobs do not offer. 

Namely, employees can retire after 20 years of service instead of the standard 25 for most federal jobs.

Can USPS Employees Receive Student Loan Forgiveness?

Can USPS Employees Receive Student Loan

USPS staff can have benefits, including forgiveness for student loans. They are considered a federal government organization, and you can check if you qualify on this website. 

As you might probably find out, they outline requirements such as the plan called Income-Driven Repayment, or Direct Loans, for full-time employees. 

In addition to that, USPS staff also get Student loans for tuition reimbursement after one year of service.

The Highest Paying Job In USPS

The top-paying job at the United States Postal Service is the General Postmaster, which brings in nearly $290,000 every year. In 2016, it was the second best-paying government position following the president only (~$400,000). 

Currently, Louis Sprague DeJoy is the USPS Postmaster General and earns nearly $300,000 a year, according to’s estimation of June 2020.

Some Last Words

USPS staff receive all the same interests as government employees. Being an independent agency away from a typical government structure separates them. 

Unlike other jobs that offer the same interest, there are many entry-level positions within the United States Postal Service, with higher-level positions available for even those who want to leave the workforce. 

Compensation is excellent, and entry-level mail carriers start at over $13/hr. Hopefully, this writing has helped you find a clear answer.

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