How Much To Tip Amazon Prime Now?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 2, 2023
How Much To Tip Amazon Prime Now

There are tons of benefits to shopping with this renowned retailer, mainly the fact that you can do it all from your phone and get the items delivered fast! 

How Much To Tip Amazon Prime Now In 2024?

While it’s optional, you can express gratuities to these delivery service employees with a $3-$10 bonus.

Through this service, you can get delicious groceries, goods, and electronic devices delivered straight to your door in under two hours.

The company doesn’t require it, but it’s always nice to show a little appreciation by leaving tips for these professional drivers that work so hard to satisfy our every desire.

How To Tip The Drivers?

From the application to the website, there’s an option on the “Checkout” page for Prime Now tips. The bonus will be sent to your drivers automatically. 

We recommend you to give them a bonus of about 10%-15% of your bill. For example, $4-$5 for a small delivery of just a few fruits and veggies totaling around $25 or less is usually pretty appropriate.

Suppose you’re a regular customer shopping through this retailer to get all your weekly groceries. In that case, a 10-20% bonus of your total order value while leaving a compliment on their app’s review section will be pretty appropriate. 

Based on the on-demand services they provide, the retailer already takes a fee from your purchase if you use Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market.

However, you can’t tip the driver directly through cash because the company’s policies go against this. You can use the app and add the amount of money you want to offer right in your order.

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How Much Do The Drivers Earn?

In 2018, the retailer raised its minimum wage for U.S employees by $15.00 an hour. This may sound like the bare minimum, but you should also know that experienced delivery drivers see a pay increase as they get more experience and training on the job. 

And just because this company’s minimum wage is higher than other companies doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer your groceries driver a bonus after they drop off your weekly groceries in less than half an hour! 

Using this delivery service means you’re essentially paying for a speedy, reliable benefit that allows you to fill your grocery cart online then have all of those items delivered straight to your door in under thirty minutes!

When you’re hungry after a long day at work, simply tap a button, and your order will arrive before you know it so that you won’t have to spend too much on a “fresh” meal. 

The service is designed with a tremendous amount of attention to detail. Your delivery person knows exactly when and how to deliver your goods as quickly as possible but also with enough care and quality control that your goods get safely from point A to point B! While tipping Amazon Prime Now drivers, you’re helping them with their jobs, offering them some bonus for a whole day at work since they’ve had all your goods delivered on time.

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What Do They Do?

If you are within selected cities, this service is available to you.

This reliable service aims to provide fresh groceries and household items within the next hour or two. When you order from your nearest Whole Foods Market or outlet, it gets whipped up and ready for delivery in no time!

To help get things together quickly, a team of couriers is on standby to drop by your house with your merchandise (or within an hour or two, as needed). 

They usually have multiple orders waiting to be delivered at any given moment, so they’ll be whizzing around town, making stops all over the place!

This renowned service is the fastest and most convenient way to do your grocery shopping if you’re a busy person. 

With delivery for non-perishable items seven days a week from early morning to the late evening, the company promises super-fast and convenient access to goods. 

If you run out of ingredients while cooking or don’t want to visit the store with your kids staying home, the drivers will finish your orders right away!


The drivers are available all week round, from morning until evening, to deliver your groceries, goods, or household devices in only two hours or at your fixed schedule to make things most convenient.

That’s all you need to know about this service.

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