Does Publix Do Money Orders & How Much? (2024 Full Guidance) 

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 7, 2023
How Much Is A Money Order At Publix

Publix is such a unique and special supermarket chain as the country’s largest employee-owned business, employing over 200,000 people. Besides food and pharmacy, it also provides money orders.

Normally, the first thing that comes to our mind when knowing that Publix provides this service is the Publix money order fee. This post will solve readers’ curiosity as well as provide some helpful information to keep you prepared before making any order. 

Does Publix Do Money Orders In 2024? 

Publix accepts money orders, but the value of each Publix money order limit is $500 at most locations as of 2024. Furthermore, Publix supplies money orders but will not cash them.

How Much Is The Publix Money Order Fee?

 A money order can be obtained at the customer service desk during business hours from 7 am to 10 pm for $0.89 to $0.99. In addition, you have to pay for a money order with any payment method accepted by Publix, such as cash, prepaid card, and regular debit card.

Furthermore, as long as someone operates the customer service counter, you can make a money order in minutes!

How Do I Cash A Publix Money Order?

How Do I Cash A Publix Money Order

To process your money order, simply proceed to the customer service counter and inform the cashier that you wish to purchase a money order. Once you have paid for the money order, you can use it to make a payment in the same way as a check. And you are good to go.

How Do You Fill Out A Publix Money Order? 

The 5 steps below will help you fill out a Publix money order:

Step 1: Fill in the recipient’s name on the money order.

Step 2: Write your name in the buyer’s area.

Step 3: If it is a bill, write the bank details on the money order.

Step 4: Sign your name in the “Purchaser Signature” blank.

Step 5: Keep the receipt with the money order.

How To Fill Out Western Union Money Order

Whenever you are confused with the procedure, ask for an employee’s help or search online, where there is a plethora of video lessons and guidance. The staff are also willing to address  your queries as quickly as possible.

Do Money Orders Have An Expiration Date? 

No, money orders DON’T have an expiry date. 

That said, based on the purchase state, if the money order is not used or cashed between 1 to 3 years of the original purchase, a non-refundable service charge will be taken from the main amount in accordance with the money order’s terms and conditions.

For more information, look at the back of your money order as the terms and conditions will be written there. 

Can I Return A Money Order To Publix? 

As money orders are sent via Western Union, Publix does not return them. Whoever wants to require a refund must first contact Western Union to initiate the refund process, in which you will be charged a $15 refund processing fee.

What Payment Method Does Publix Accept For Money Orders? 

Publix accepts money orders through Western Union, the most well-known company that offers money orders throughout the country.

Western Union

Does Publix Have A Money Order Limit?

In most places, although there are no limits to the number of times you make an order, Publix restricts the number of one-time purchases to $500. For instance, for those who desire a money order for $1,000, you’ll need to purchase two $500 money orders.

However, some Publix shops may enable you to acquire a money order over $500, but this is at the manager’s decision and is normally not permitted. For a money order that exceeds $500, bring identification with you as you will be questioned for it when asking for permission.

How Do I Track A Publix Money Order?

To quickly track a Publix money order, simply dial the Western Union contact number on your receipt.

You’ll also need to enter the 11-digit payment order information, and the automated system will tell you the state of your money order. 


You will not need a bank account to make payments, as money orders will solve that for you. One convenient way to get one is through Publix, a very safe and trustworthy company. Moreover, the Publix money order fee only costs from $0.89 to $0.99. Through this article, you can confidently and safely make your first purchase.

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