Does McDonald’s Hire At 14? How Old To Work At McDonald’s?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Does McDonald’s Hire At 14

Making money for our living is a must-do and should-do task, and it’s never been too soon to start. Some people decide to earn the first cent in their life by working for McDonald’s at their teen ages. 

Fortunately, McDonald’s always recruits new employees of various ages and skills for its chains of restaurants. But, can you work at McDonald’s at 14? All the information related to this question is down here.

Can A 14-Year-Old Work At McDonald’s? How Old To Work At McDonald’s?

The answer is YES. 

You can become an employee at McDonald’s after you turn 14 – the legal age to work at this food chain. Yet, each state’s laws will decide whether you can get the job or not. What’s more, there are only some specific jobs suitable for a 14-year-old employee, and the working hours will not be the same for a mature staff. 

Which States Allow McDonald’s To Hire A 14-Year-Old?

Until now, the following states gave permission to a McDonald’s restaurant to hire an employee at the age of 14: Indiana, Kentucky, Montana, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Alaska, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Rhode Island.

Since the laws change often, you should check your state’s laws before applying for McDonald’s.

What Can A 14-Year-Old Staff Do At McDonald’s?

A crew member is the only vacancy a 14-year-old employee can apply for at McDonald’s restaurant, no matter where he lives. Don’t underestimate this working position because it is a wonderful starting point for you to gain experience in a more complicated job.

As a McDonald’s crew member, a 14-year-old staff can carry out these activities:

  • Sanitizing the restaurant and the bathrooms.
  • Answering customers’ questions when they order at the counter or have issues with their meals.
  • Greeting customers with great hospitality from their coming to their leaving the restaurant.
  • Willing to help customers when they ask for additional items during their meals.
  • Observing and fulfilling all the necessary items for the restaurants when something runs out.
  • The 14-year-old staff can prepare some simple dishes, but he is not allowed to manipulate powered equipment or grill.
  • Clearing the tables and chairs, washing dishes once customers finish their meals to prepare for up-coming diners.
  • Carrying out other extra tasks from the manager as long as they don’t go against the laws.

What Is The Payment For A 14-Year-Old At McDonald’s?

A 14-year-old makes $8 to 11$ for an hour working at McDonald’s. Each McDonald’s restaurant will have a separate minimum pay for employees aging 14. Honestly, the total pay can be higher due to bonuses and perks on special occasions, or the restaurant surpasses the targeted revenue. 

During the school year, McDonald’s staff at the age of 14’s total income will decrease because of federal laws restricting the working hours. 

How Many Hours/Weeks Can A 14-Year-Old Work At McDonald’s?

3 hours per week are the maximum working hours a staff aged 14 can work at McDonald’s if he is on his school days. Besides, federal laws don’t allow a 14-year-old to spend more than 18 hours per week working at McDonald’s during the school year. When the school year ends, the 14-year-old staff’s weekly working hours will increase to 40 hours.

How Many Hours Can A 14-Year-Old Work At McDonald’s A Day?

During the school year, McDonald’s employees at the age of 14 can’t work before 7 am and must stop their work before 7 pm. When the school year ends, 14-year-old McDonald’s staff still have to start work no sooner than 7 am, but he can expand his daily working hours until 9 pm.

Honestly, these figures are for reference. The working hour per day applied to the employee at the age of 14 will vary according to various states’ laws and guidelines.

What Are Break Requirements For McDonald’s 14-Year-Old Employees?

Requirements For McDonald’s 14-Year-Old

For every 5 hours of constant working, McDonald’s restaurants must offer their 14-year-old employees a 30-minute lunch break. A 30-minute break is the general breaking time stated by laws for every employee, no matter which job or age they are at.

McDonald’s internal regulations state that an employee must clock out whenever he needs to take a break and clock back only when the resting time is over.

Some states’ laws allow employees to have an extra breaking time of 15 minutes apart from the 30-minute lunch break. Yet, some states don’t apply this law.

How Can A 14-Year-Old Become A McDonald’s Employee?

An online application is available for anyone who would like to become a part of a McDonald’s crew team. On the brand’s official website, you can find the nearest McDonald’s restaurant, then fill in your information online.

Besides the online application, a paper application can be a way. You must go to the McDonald’s restaurant you want to work for and fill out the paper application form. 

In any case, employees aging under 18 must be accompanied by their parents or a legal guardian. These people will be on behalf of the under-18 employees to sign or provide fundamental information in the application form.

Should A 14-Year-Old Get A Work Permit?

According to several states’ laws, employees at the age of 14 may or may not need to have a work permit for a working position at McDonald’s. 

You should ask the school guidance counselor for a copy of the work permit and fill in the form. Or else, you can check the work permit regulation of your state on the Department of Labor website. 

In case the work permit is compulsory in your state, you can print a copy from the website and write down your information in the application form.

What Information Does A 14-Year-Old Employee Need To Fill In The Work Permit Application?

If you are going to apply for McDonald’s at the age of 14, here is some information you have to submit to the authority via the work permit form:

  • You need to have your parents or legal guardians’ autograph on the work permit application form to show their approval for your work at McDonald’s.
  • A sign-off from the McDonald’s restaurant where you are going to work.
  • You have to see a pediatrician for a medical checkup. The doctor’s signing on your testing result will be the affirmation for your qualified health to work.
  • A birth certificate is indispensable proof to show your real age. If this document goes missing, you can get a copy from the vital records office.

Bottom Lines

Whether McDonald’s hires at 14 is no longer a troubling question to you. The article has given you all the fundamental information related to the topic. 

The sooner you take a part-time job, the more experienced you become in the future labor market. And, a position at McDonald’s which requires the least experience and skill can be an appropriate first job for anyone.


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