Does Walmart Have Printing Document Services? Where To Print?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Does Walmart Have Printing Document Services

Grocery retail stores often offer printing services. But is Walmart like that? Can you print stuff at Walmart? Let’s follow us to find the answer.

Does Walmart Have Printing Services?

No. Walmart stores do not offer printing or copying services. However, if you want to print photos, then Walmart can help you. Photos printed by Walmart will have a matte finish.

Walmart chains serve various items, including clothing, home appliances, children’s toys, etc. However, if you require printed materials such as books, flyers, records, or any other paper document, Walmart cannot support you.

It surprises many customers because Walmart provides a wide range of items for their daily lives. You should also not be disappointed because many other stores can help you print any document.

Stores That Offer Printing Documents Service

Costco & CVS

Does Costco Have A One Day Pass

Costco is one of several large retail stores in the US that offer document printing services. You can go to the store to print books, resumes, and even photos. Each photo prints for only 17 cents.

Alternatively, you can use the Costco app on iOS or Android platforms to scan files and print or make copies. Online ordering is also available at Costco, so you can get your prints without going to the store.

On the other hand, CVS is a retail pharmaceutical company. However, its stores also offer document printing and copying services. CVS can print any traditional document. For just 19 cents, you can print any white document.

However, CVS stores do not offer binding, transparent binding, or other more advanced requirements. The staff there only helps you to print documents as quickly as possible.


Can You Use An Usps Box To Ship Via FedEx

FedEx Office is one of the largest express delivery companies in the world, so it’s no surprise that their printing service is quite premium. FedEx offers printing and copying services to any customer’s requirements, from media, print size, quantity, color printing, bulk binding, and more.

In particular, FedEx Office can handle high-volume printing and is ready to ship to your desired address. You just need to download the FedEx Office® Print & Go app. It will help you access documents from email, USB, or the cloud and print them easily.

In addition, when you arrive at the store, you can also use a FedEx printer to produce the print you like best.


Known as the private US supermarket chain, HEB is also trusted by consumers with its printing service. HEB delivers high-volume offset printing, digital printing, and crisp text printing. From paper type, color, and binding to product packaging, all are done precisely, clearly, and meticulously, meeting customers’ requirements.

In addition to traditional materials, HEB also prints brochures, booklets, business cards, calendars, invitations, manuals, catalogs, and more.

In particular, these stores also support the design of the above products with diverse and popular ideas.

Office Depot/ Office Max

Office Depot is known as the mecca of printing office documents. It can satisfy the requirements of printing large documents such as advertising banners, banners. Printing stamps, labels, and business forms is also available here.

Besides, Metal Prints from Office Depot Photo Printing come in a variety of print layouts in different sizes.

The store accepts online printing and home delivery like other stores after completing an order. Various printing options are also provided, ensuring to live up to customers’ expectations in terms of design and size.

Even better, the store grants its customers coupons for each delivery. All support will be answered via email and communication channels provided by Office Depot.


As an American office retail company, Staples not only provides general printing services but also offers a wide range of print colors and meets many standards that not all stores offer. 

The cover of a book or any document has a variety of options such as color, or B&W printed paper cover, PVC, blue fabric, or vinyl, depending on the customer’s needs.

The store also has high-end printing techniques with a large print size, enough to work with all kinds of large posters. Staples paper is high quality and thick. It also comes in various sizes and designs, from transparent to varying luminosity.

The spines are closed in several styles, from coil binding to saddle stitching.


How Many Days Early Can You Fill A Prescription At Walgreens

Like CVS, Walgreens is a large pharmacy chain in the United States, allowing for document printing services. Simply visit Walgreens’ online document printing website and enter the options as required.

After online payment, orders will be delivered according to the quantity you have set. Large orders will take 4-5 days to deliver.

In addition to the usual documents, the stores are famous for high-quality photo printing. However, Walgreens does not provide lamination services for any printed materials.

Your Local Library/ Local Print Shops

Several local libraries or print shops can help you print documents at an affordable price. Simple paper documents, color printing, large format printing, hardcover binding, bookbinding, and local printing shops can all meet.

Copying documents in bulk is feasible, but each shop’s paper quality and printing time will be different. You can email the print file to them or go to shops or libraries to print it.


Kodak is a multinational corporation specializing in producing photographic products and equipment. Since it focuses on photography and digital printing, you can safely hand over any document that needs printing.

High-quality inkjet papers and lasers produced under the KODAK brand will satisfy customers. In addition, the store offers laminate products that many other competitors do not have. 

Schools and businesses are frequent customers of this store. It lets you choose from a wide range of print content, including signage, price lists, menus, posters, billboards, and many other print-related supplies.

Universities/ City Hall

Universities, colleges, courthouses, city halls, and even airports have printing services. Simple documents will be printed and copied quickly. However, you need a membership card for these places to print documents. Some places require access to get in.

Still, special places like this will often have the materials you need available. Sometimes, you won’t have to waste time printing or copying but already have documents for the same amount of money.

Making Online Copies

Online printing is a trend for many people, especially busy residents who do not have free time to go directly to the store. Printing sites like or will help you do just that.

These websites serve a wide range of options in terms of designs, genres, designs, and printing colors. They will also give you specific printing prices and delivery times. You can contact them to design posters, logos, or other creative products.

Additionally, printing images has become easier. You just need to upload image files to websites, or send them via email, then choose the image size and other requirements, and you will get the pictures you like. No need to worry about leaking photos or information because these websites will ensure your security.

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Can You Scan Documents At Walmart?

You can scan any document by downloading Walmart’s “Scan & Go” app. This document scanning service allows customers to scan the barcode of any item they wish to purchase.

Can You Print Stuff Like Photos From Smartphones Or Cameras At Walmart?


Since 2022, Walmart stores have allowed users to print photos from their smartphones or cameras. Let your hair down if you don’t have a USB or don’t want to reveal your personal account information.

You can print photos directly at the store or go to to print documents and then go to the store to pick them up or have the store deliver them to your address to save time.


You can consider retail stores like Costco, H-E-B, or retail pharmaceutical outlets like CVS or Walgreens. Office Depot, Kodak, and companies that provide photographic products are also reliable printing sites.

Hope you have found your own printing addresses. See you in the next posts.

* Disclaimer: We do not buy, sell or provide service, we only share with you our trusted sources, and experience. In case of any changes in the products or services of the companies, all the information below is supposed to change at any time.

Phillip Adcock is the founder and Managing Director of the research agency Shopping Behaviour Xplained (SBXL), a shopping research organization using psychological consumer insight to explain and help consumers answer their questions about stores and services.

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