Can UPS Print A Label For Me? & How Much Does UPS Charge

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Can UPS Print A Label For Me

As many of you have asked, how is it possible to print a shipping label if there is no printer? Where can you print shipping labels if you don’t have a printer?  Sometimes you will struggle with creating a label and need support from others.

Can UPS Print A Label For You?

Yes. UPS will assist you in printing your label. However, UPS will cost you a certain fee for printing your label, and it costs 5$. If you cannot visit UPS, the courier will help you ship your label door to door when they pick up your shipment.

Those are the basics but keep reading for a more detailed explanation of everything you need to know about Print A Label for yourself at UPS.

How To Create A Shipping Label At UPS

It is pretty simple to create a UPS shipping label. You need to do step by step as below to complete your work: 

  1. Access In the Shipping tab, select “Create a Shipment“.
  2. Fill in your information in the ‘Ship From’ section, then the receiver information in the ‘Ship to’ section.
  3. Provide the requested information about the parcel you’re sending, then click on “The service” options suitable for your delivery requirement.
  4. Choose your appropriate payment option and print the label.


Does UPS Print Shipping Labels?

Does UPS Print Shipping Labels

You can choose any available delivery service that suits your needs from any UPS Store. Then you ask that an authorized person print for you a label.

In domestic, A label could be priced up to 0.50 USD for a label. A digital label costs 1.00 USD for one label. Otherwise, mail and print labels cost 2.25 USD. One Pickup Attempt of UPS, on the other hand, will charge you 5.00 USD for one shipment.

Can You Print Shipping Labels At UPS?

Yes, with UPS Printing Services, you can bring in the label saved on a USB or email it to them when you’re at a UPS Store, and they’ll print and stick it to your item.

How Much Does It Cost to Print A Label At UPS?

UPS charges a File Processing Fee of $1.50 + tax (printing from USB or Email), plus the cost of printing; typically, 1 or 2 pages, so $0.15 +tax per page.

This might seem like a lot for a label, but you can save quite a bit of time and effort. All in all, it’s an investment well-spent.

Is It Possible To Print UPS Tracking Labels?

You may print a UPS tracking label. UPS usually prints the tracking number and then sticks it on the package. 

Customers can see it easily when looking at the larger barcode. Keep in mind that you need to have a UPS My Choice client account if you want to print a tracking number.

How To Print A UPS Label With A Tracking Number?

When you sign in to your UPS My Choice account, look for the parcel’s tracking number. You can reprint your package label from the “Shipment History” section. Below are detailed instructions about how you do it: 

  1. Open Shipment History and select the package to reprint labels. You also can reprint labels for entire shipments if you choose the shipment.
  2. Enter the Printing Activities window, then type the print label you want.

When The Number of Copies to Print prompt appears, put in how many copies you need and press the OK if you choose a shipment with a customized label. Then the label is printed. You can still print the label without needing a customized consignee label. 

  1. Select the Label Printer window If you configured more label printers. This tab will display the information for the shipment.
  2. Select different Printer IDs by clicking the down arrow. The printer’s information is provided in the Printer Name, Extended Area Usage, and Label Stock Dimensions boxes.
  3. To print the label, press OK.


To sum up, you can have the forwarder deliver you a UPS label for dropoff, or you can go to a UPS postal service and have it printed and attached for you, or you can book a UPS pickup. 

If you find the information provided helpfully, look forward to our next release.


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