Does Walgreens Do Cash Back in 2022 | The Complete Guide

By Phillip Adcock
Last Updated: May 11, 2022
Does Walgreens Do Cash Back

Walgreens is an American company that can be seen anywhere we come. Most customers choose this store to buy their necessary things. Sometimes, they wonder, “Does Walgreens do cashback?“. This is a common question because they think a place for purchasing is ideal for getting the cashback.

Another question is, “How much cash back can you get at Walgreens“. You will find answers in this article. So continue to read.

Does Walgreens Do Cash Back

Walgreens does give cashback whenever you have your debit card because they don’t offer cash back on credit cards, personal checks, or gift cards. Besides, you won’t expect to have the offer on Walgreens Balance Rewards at any counter when you have 100%-insurance of the cost. Therefore, you can take the cash back with your debit card as long as you reach the minimum purchase, which is $0.01.

This is the answer to “does Walgreens give cashback“. Keep on reading to figure out more information about Walgreen’s cashback.

The Amounts Of Walgreens Cash Back

The cashback amounts that you can take from Walgreens stores are $5, $10, and $20. You will have free choices to have the cashback. You can choose to get them in coins or bills; you can even combine all of them.

If your insurance covers 100% of the treatment cost, you should have an additional purchase to have the cashback. You can use $1 to $2 to buy some small items in the store. However, it is still far less than the fee at ATM withdrawal.

Get Cash Back On Credit Cards And Checks At Walgreens

Can I get cashback at Walgreens on credit cards? As mentioned above, these stores won’t allow you to take cash back on credit cards or checks. Although you can use a variety of ways to do payments like credit cards, debit cards, or gift card purchases, you can only use a debit card to take the cashback.

Walgreens Cash Back Limit

Walgreens Cash Back Limit

Does Walgreens have cashback limit? It is not a bank, so it needs to limit the cashback amount, which is $20, to avoid unwanted problems and protect the store and the customers. They need to have cash available to assist with some cash transactions. 

Moreover, a cash crunch might happen if they allow a fairly large cashback amount, leading to the coin shortage. Some customers may use a pinless debit card, which is fraud. The cashback limit will minimize the loss when these situations happen.

Get More Cash Back Than The Maximum

When you want to have more cashback than the maximum, the best way is to multiply your transactions, as long as they reach the minimum amount – $0.01. You will have more cashback than the limit when you have separate purchases. 

For example, you can divide $10 into $5 và $5; you will get a total of $40 instead of $20. In this case, you have twice as much as the maximum.

The Top Reasons To Get Cash Back At Walgreens?

Here are some reasons we highly recommend you take the cashback at this store:

  • Avoid fees: ATM fees are sometimes up to $5. So, you can get cashback at Walgreens to slit this fee.
  • Common: There are more than 9,000 stores placed everywhere. Therefore, you can come across these stores more than an ATM. It won’t take too much time to get cashback in this common store.
  • Convenience: Aside from getting cash back, you usually go to Walgreens to prescriptions drugs or buy items. It’s great to manage many things in just a place. You can save a lot of time when getting cashback here.
  • Open 24 hours: Unlike banks, many Walgreens open 24 hours, and even on holidays. Therefore, whenever you need it, even at midnight, you can also have the cashback.


So now I believe that you have your answer for “Does Walgreens give cash back“. You can take cashback up to $20, which is the maximum amount at this store.

You can only have cashback when you have your debit card; other cards won’t be accepted at this store. However, getting cashback here is convenient. 

Thanks for your reading, and we will see you soon.

Phillip Adcock is the founder and Managing Director of the research agency Shopping Behaviour Xplained (SBXL ), a shopping research organization using psychological consumer insight to explain and help consumers answer their questions about stores, products and services.