Does CVS Do Cash Back 2024 ? – Limits, Minimum Spend And More

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 7, 2023
Does CVS Do Cash Back

Receiving cash back somewhere near you may be a quick and convenient method to save your time, gas, and money. For example, you can withdraw money directly at a drugstore or supermarket instead of wasting time finding an ATM.

Since CVS is one of the most usually visited and popular pharmacies, you are probably wondering, “Does CVS do cash back?”. 

Does CVS Give Cash Back In 2024 ?

The short answer is YES.

CVS offers a free cashback withdrawal service with a maximum of 35$ for each transaction, but the only way to get cash back is through your debit card, not checks or credit cards.

The CVS Cash Back Limit

The CVS cash back limit is 35$ for each transaction. Suppose you need to get cash more than that limit level, visit other CVS stores or carry on other transactions.

CVS provides cash back service for any requested denominations as long as the transaction amount exceeds 35$.

The Service Fee Of Cash Back At CVS

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend any fees to get cash at any CVS stores. 

Customers have the right to receive cash back through any transaction carried on a debit card, despite how much you purchase, which is a smart option if you plan to purchase at CVS and avoid the withdrawal fee of an ATM.

The Way To Receive CVS Cash Back

The process to receive CVS cash back is very easy.

You just need to choose CVS cash back on the card reader or require the cashier to do cash back when paying for your items. Note that CVS provides cash back service for any requested denominations as long as the transaction amount is no more than 35$.

How much cash back you request is automatically added to your total amount and is charged properly right after that. Finally, you can get your items and get cash back after your transaction is finished.

The Minimum Amount Of Money You Spend To Receive CVS Cash Back

CVS doesn’t require a minimum purchase to get cash back, but buyers can spend at least 0.01$ to get cash back.

Receiving cash back will bring many benefits for you. For example, you don’t have to spend money on ATM withdrawal fees, ranging from about 3$ to 5$ per transaction.

Can You Receive CVS Cash Back Through Checks And Credit Cards?

Receive CVS Cash Back

Unfortunately, the answer is no. CVS allows customers to pay through some payment methods as follow:

  • Cash
  • Credit card
  • Apple pay
  • Checks 
  • Gift cards

Note that you only get cash back if your payment method is a debit card.

However, the ‘Discover card’ is an exception for CVS payment that allows buyers to get cash back on any transaction.

Can CVS Have Cash Back Through Contactless Payment?

Except for a debit card, CVS cash back doesn’t accept other payment methods. But the “Discover Debit Card” is an exceptional cash back program for users of Apple Pay and credit cards to get one percent cash back on each made transaction.

Besides, in the first purchase using Venmo QR or PayPal, customers can redeem a 10$ cash back to buy something costing 20$.

Can You Redeem CVS Cash Back With A Gift Card?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Customers can redeem gift cards for purchase at the CVS store. Additionally, CVS allows customers to exchange for CVS online gift cards.

If those who still plan to exchange cash back to gift cards, many websites will allow buyers to redeem online gift cards for cash. For instance, try accessing or

What Other Stores Give Cash Back?

There are many other drugstores and supermarkets, which also offer customers the chance to get cash back when purchasing:

Final Thoughts

Getting cash back at a retailer store such as CVS may be a smart option for you instead of wasting time finding an ATM and spending a large withdrawal fee.

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