Does CVS Sell Alcohol? – Answer The Latest Issues!

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 12, 2023
Does CVS Sell Alcohol

C-V-S (Consumer Value Store) is a familiar brand, and you can easily buy convenient products here. Without exception, liquor is also something that many people pay attention to.

Many people wonder “Does CVS sell alcohol?”. Let’s find out the issues related to state law to answer this. Find out below!

Does CVS Sell Alcohol?

The answer is YES.

As of 2023, Consumer Value Store stocks and vend alcoholic outcomes as wine, beer, or even spirits in most states.

You can easily buy liquor from the shop if you meet the lawful age of 21 years or older. For your convenience, you can contact the nearest Consumer Value Store to ask the staff to check the availability of the products you need to buy before going to the shop.

Continue reading below to discover more additional regarding C-V-S’s wine products, prices, and highlights.

Can I Buy Alcohol At All C-V-S Stores?

C-V-S shops can display and vend liquor in locations dedicated to alcoholic beverages in most states. These places are stocked with wines according to the required license. 

There will also be a few non-specialist shops in some states that can carry liquor and wine, and Consumer Value Store will shop for two types.

In general, there will be some variation from state to state by local regulations. The Consumer Value Store located there must comply with the regulations regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages. 

Before going to buy, you need to make sure that you exceed that state’s lawful generation. The legal age normally ranges from 18 to 21, turning on the regulation. It would help if you reached this age to purchase liquor at a C-V-S shop successfully.

Can I Buy Wine At C-V-S On Sunday?

Does CVS sell wine on weekends or not? Surely this will be a question many people are interested in because the weekend is a great time to open a wine party with relatives or friends. 

If you’re planning to buy alcoholic beverages on weekends, be aware that it’s illegal to vend liquor on Sundays in some states. Don’t worry because many other states still allow Consumer Value Store to sell liquor freely, even on Sundays.

There will be separate rules for Consumer Value Store that are permitted to vend liquor on Sundays regarding the type of product sold and the period it is sold. So please carefully check the information before going to the shop to avoid wasting your time.

In the United States, this type of law is named “Blue Laws”, and selling liquor on Sundays is also covered by this category of laws. 

When Does C-V-S Stop Selling Liquor? 

The answer is that depending on local laws and states, the time limits for selling liquor vary. On weekends (Saturday-Sunday), most laws are less restrictive on liquor sales. 

CVS alcohol sales hours are mostly shop opening hours, but some places have a few different rules about when it’s sold. If you come to the mart and have questions about the time, you can ask the staff.

Except for the above cases, C-V-S-24 hour stores will not vend wine at night. In general, the timing of Consumer Value Store wine sales will be related to state regulations to ensure legality.

What Wines Does C-V-S Sell?

Where enabled by state statute, Consumer Value Store may vend drunk drinks such as wines, liquors, and beers. You need to know that will not support drunk products, so you cannot buy them online but go to the mart. 

If you want to buy beer, you can choose from some of the most commonly sold varieties at the Consumer Value Store, and they are also the least restricted by law. You can easily encounter beer labels such as Castelain Blond, Kona Castaway IPA, Cascade, Lindemans Cassis, and more.

Does CVS sell beer

Kansas and Mississippi are two states with fairly strict laws on selling alcoholic beverages. In addition, many states also have their certification or licensing requirements for this drinks business.

There will be states that allow Consumer Value Store to vend wine, and popular varieties you can find are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pink Moscato, and Pinot Grigio.

You can also find some spirits at the shop in some jurisdictions that can be sold. The varieties that you can choose from if you want to purchase spirits are whiskey, rum, gin, tequila, and vodka. 

Is The Alcohol At C-V-S Good Or Not?

C-V-S always provides good products from famous brands and is trusted by many customers. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will discover something that conforms to your preferences and tastes.

You can choose from some well-known brands such as SKYY Vodka, Smirnoff vodka, Aperol, Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Bombay Sapphire gin, and Bacardi rum.

Can I Repay Alcohol After Purchase?

There are no specific policies for returning alcohol in C-V-S marts, even if the product is intact and unopened.

Almost all alcohol-related product returns are closely related to the laws of that state, so there will be some differences between shops. A few states make it illegal to return alcohol, which means you won’t be able to return it to the shop either.

You can contact your nearest mart for options and insights to gather relevant information before purchasing.


The answer to Does CVS sell alcohol will depend on the state you live in. They will regulate the business of this item and include the time it is allowed to vend it. When you know this rule, you can easily choose to buy and buy wine more conveniently than ever.

If you are interested in product issues at the Consumer Value Store, you can refer to our related topics. Hope this info is helpful for you.

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