Can I Use Any Box To Ship Usps?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Can I Use Any Box To Ship Usps

While the famous US Postal Service encourages the usage of its Flat Rate packages, consumers can send items in almost any box they like.

There are certain sizes and aesthetic restrictions, but most packages, if properly packed, are appropriate for USPS delivery.

Can I Use Any Box To Ship USPS?

You are free to use whatever sort of containers you wish. Anything is okay if you prepare the necessary shipping label. Regarding weight up to ten pounds, sturdy paperboard and corrugated fiberboard containers are suitable. Use a powerful black marker to completely erase or obliterate all prior labels and marks if you’re reusing the packages.

Many Post Offices sell boxes or tubes in a variety of sizes. With items mailed using any of their services, choose Priority Mail boxes or express for free. Since free packaging is not required for all these services, customers must use its USPS-produced label.

To save your money by utilizing your box instead of one Flat Rate package, it truly relies on the size and weight of the shipment and its destination. Therefore, if you want to know which provider is the lowest, you’ll have to do some research and make comparisons. 

You may easily accomplish this using the postage calculation tool; enter the cargo details, and you will be shown all of the shipping options, along with anticipated pricing.

Can You Use Your Own Packaging For USPS?

Use a container large enough to contain what you’re shipping securely. Avoid paying costs for nonmachinable items by sticking to conventional sizes. 

Pack your package to safeguard the contents and ensure that it arrives undamaged. Tape it since it shuts flat and without bulging from all sides, then reinforce its flaps using 2-inch broad packing tape.

Can You Ship Priority Mail In Any Box?

Priority Mail® provides tracking and delivery within 1-3 working days. You may send Priority Mail using any package as provided since you’re not seeking to obtain the Flat Rate delivery pricing. 

But, if you afford to keep Priority Flat Rate fees, you must utilize the Flat Rate package. Services are completely free in Post Office facilities or online.

What Is The Size Of The Box You Can Ship?

The smallest size allowed is 6″ x 3″ x.25″.

Enter the smallest measurements, print this out, and adhere to it. From their perspective, USPS seldom removes a package because it is too tiny. With USPS, the maximum size varies depending on the postal class. The website lists the two most frequent classes, as well as their maximum sizes. For Priority Mail, the total length and width cannot be more than 108 inches. And for those who use the First-Class ones, the maximum dimensions are 22″x18″x15″.

The total limit for other classes would be the same for Priority Mail, apart from USPS Retail Ground, 130 inches overall.

Can You Re-Use An Amazon-Branded Box To Ship USPS? 

Amazon-Branded Box

Because of the excess of packages discarded after a single transaction, the increased interest in eCommerce comes at an additional environmental cost. 

As a result, reusing or recycling Amazon ones is a good approach to limit the number of extra packages purchased. But, many people are still unsure if they may reuse their Amazon ones.

Yes, you may use Amazon containers on your future shipment, whether by postal service or courier service! You must ensure that the preceding labels are covered, so the delivery does not wind up being delivered to a different location.

The location of where you send your box is determined by its size or where you reside. You may ask for free package deliveries by placing small parcels in one blue collection box.

Is It Less Expensive To Ship Usps Using Your Own Box? 

While large and medium Flat Rate packages are free, using your package is frequently less expensive than mailing Priority Mail Flat Rate

There are several types to pick from. The item(s) would be dispatched through tracking priority mail. In addition, you can find out where your shipment is and whether it will arrive. 

If you’re only mailing anything locally, their Flat Rate packages are usually not a suitable option. When you are delivering a product over a large distance, but it weighs more than 3 pounds, using Flat Rate packages could be a wiser choice if your things would fit.

How Will You Use A Box For USPS Shipping?

There are five factors to consider while selecting your containers. Is it simple, or are there any logos and labels that will need to be removed? Is it advertising any of the things the USPS forbids from being mailed? 

This covers weapons, alcohol, and poisonous items, among other things. According to their website, if a shipment has any words or images mentioning these subjects, it would be removed from circulation.

Boxes with abnormal shapes will not pass through the processing machinery and incur additional costs.

The USPS does not abuse shipments, but boxes must withstand a certain amount of handling or shaking. Address labels should be properly written or printed. Use smear-resistant ink and provide the return address and your or recipient’s ZIP codes.


Hopefully, our post can help you answer the question. Keeping a package because this is one “good box” seems to be a sign of adulthood, and this habit comes in useful when this is time to mail anything.

The US Postal Service sells a variety of packages and would even mail them to all of you for complimentary if you purchase them online.

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