What Is A Super Target? The Biggest Target In The World 2024

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 7, 2023
What Is A Super Target

Target stores are probably familiar to you. The discount store sells everything from household essentials to fashionable apparel and home goods.

According to Target’s company offices, over 96 percent of Americans are accustomed to the retailer’s iconic red bullseye emblem. However, many individuals have no clue of “what is a Super Target?”. If you are one of them, read on.

What Is Super Target?

As of 2024, a Super Target is a greater version of the standard Target store, with a larger square area and a wider assortment of merchandise. Customers will enjoy a larger range of products at Super Targets, including a grocery department, an on-site bakery, and a deli station.

Frequently Asked Questions About Super Target 

What States Are Super Targets In?

Super Target retailers, as well as standard Target shops, are located in numerous states around the United States, namely:

  1. Colorado
  2. Indiana
  3. Illinois
  4. Alabama
  5. Texas
  6. Virginia
  7. North Carolina
  8. Tennessee
  9. Kansas
  10. Missouri
  11. Minnesota
  12. Mississippi

What Is The Size Of A Super Target Store?

Super Target locations are generally significantly larger than normal Target stores, allowing them to offer more things.

Standard Target shops are typically 130,000 square feet in size, while Super Target ones are typically 175,000 square feet or larger.

Super Target stores frequently have two doors at the entry, making it more convenient for the enormous crowds of shoppers they expect to visit.

Size Of A Super Target Store
Size Of A Super Target Store

Where Is The Biggest Target In The World?

The world’s largest Target store is located in Annapolis, Maryland, USA. This store is more than 200,000 square feet, compared to a regular Target store, which typically has an average area of about 130,000 square feet.

What Is The Number Of Super Targets?

Multiple reports show that there are 239 Super Target locations in chosen regions, accounting for slightly below 13% of all Target stores nationwide.

It is worth noting that many Super Target locations provide goods and services that aren’t accessible at standard Target locations.

Is There A Difference Between Target And Super Target? 

Normal Target stores that only offer groceries are called PFresh shops. They do not have in-house bakeries or delis, but they still offer pre-packaged food to avoid having to charge by weight. 

Target stores that don’t sell groceries are still open, and they’re around 1,500 sq ft smaller than PFresh sites. 

Meanwhile, a Super Target shop is substantially larger than a standard retail shop. 

It provides a wider choice of merchandise, including expanded versions of traditional Target departments. 

What sets Super Target stores apart is that they may include eateries with a larger selection of meat on sale for consumers. 

Many SuperTargets include a wide range of famous brands as follows: Pizza Hut Express 

  • Starbucks Coffee
  • Target Optical
  • Target Pharmacy 
  • Target Mobile
  • Taco Bell Express
  • Wells Fargo 
  • U.S. Bank branch

Yet, people can still find some of these services in the PFresh Target locations as well. 

Customers have complained that far more things are accessible in general than at typical Target shops, even though the items are not significantly varied.

What Year Was The First Super Target Opened?

The first Super Target shop opened in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1995. It was designed to be similar to the Target Greatland shop but with a larger selection of vegetables.

Target also provided quality ingredients in shops for the first time, including deli goods, meat, and organic products, including vegetables and fruit.

Consumers may use amenities such as ATMs and picture studios at Super Target stores, increasing their restaurant and eating choices.

Aside from that, certain Super Target locations had medical clinics where consumers could buy medication.

Super Targets were the only venues to purchase Target favorites in larger amounts with the addition of foodstuffs before these features were made available in normal Target shops.

What Is The Biggest Super Target?

The biggest Super Target store is about 191,000 square feet or roughly 4.5 acres, and it is based in Hoover, Alabama.

Furthermore, the world’s largest Target shop is in Annapolis, Maryland, and it spans 204,000 square feet, nearly double that of a typical Target location.

The tiniest Target store in the globe, on the other hand, is a Wicker Park good store in Chicago.

This shop is about 12,800 square feet in size, which is about 16 times smaller than that of the biggest Target location.

Is It Still Possible To Find A Super Target?

While some Target outlets still show the Super Target emblem and branding, the company has renamed all of its shops as “Target” rather than being differentiated in any way.

Target stated in 2015 that it would be removing the Super Target name from its shops, stating that “Big or small, our stores have one thing in common: They’re all Target.”

It’s worth noting that Target’s uniting rebranding also implies that they’re no longer building Super Target shops, instead opting to expand under the normal Target banner.

Final Thoughts

Super Target shop is larger than the normal Target store, including additional services and products for consumers, such as foodstuffs and much more meats, as well as banking and healthcare facilities.

Super Target locations can be found in numerous states around the country, with the biggest being in Hoover, Alabama.

Super Target stores have been open since 1995, but they have already been renamed to Target, with the ‘Super’ identification removed in 2015.

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