Does Amazon Deliver In Bad Weather (Rain, Snow, Hurricane and Storm)

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Is Amazon Delivering Today Due To Weather

You are going to transport packages through Amazon’s delivery service. Nevertheless, you do not know about Amazon’s policies, such as the inclement weather policy. Hence, you ask about Amazon bad weather policy?

You also know that the weather in the US is often very harsh. This kind of weather greatly affects life, especially the movement of vehicles.

We understand your concerns, so this article below will give you a detailed answer.

Is Amazon Delivering Today Due To Weather?

Yes, of course. According to Amazon’s policy, their delivery couriers deliver today in any weather condition.

Does amazon deliver in snow, floods, or hurricanes?

There are some exceptions. If heavy snowstorms or floods make vehicles impassable, the delivery may be hindered and delayed by a few days. Amazon will make a specific announcement on the official website about delaying.

If you are worried about the status of your order in bad weather, you can contact Amazon customer service directly through the amazon weather hotline phone number (1-(855)-574-2049).

How Does Amazon Deliver On Bad Weather?

How Does Amazon Deliver On Bad Weather

On bad weather days, Amazon has applied a method of safe parcels:

First, the packages are wrapped in special plastic bags that help preserve the goods from being destroyed by the weather.

Secondly, the Amazon shipper will place your package in a safe and secure place, keeping it dry no matter how the weather.

And then, they will contact customers to confirm how to retrieve the package. 

If the customer cannot be present to receive the goods, they can choose the Amazon Key service to make sure they are delivered to customers at the right time. The Amazon Key is a smart service consisting of in-home and in-car delivery services. 

  • With in-home service, the couriers in 37 cities and neighboring areas can enter a residence with a “one-time or disposable key” and leave packages inside. 
  • Like in-home service, in-car delivery permits the shippers to put the packages in a recipient’s vehicle’s trunk.

However, when you do not choose the special service “Amazon Key”, the deliverers will put your package in your mailbox in front of the house or reschedule the delivery date.

What Should You Do When Amazon Package Is Ruined By Weather?

In some cases, the bad weather that is not accepted by Amazon as inclement, shippers must still work as usual. Although carefully preserved, the deliveries may inevitably be damaged by the weather. 

If this happens, please follow these steps to receive the best care service:

  • Access the Amazon website and select the “Your Orders” option.
  • Pick “Return/replace” beside the item requiring replacement.
  • Choose items you wish to return; explain why in the “Reason for return” box.

After that, Amazon will investigate that you will be requested to return it if your item is not replaceable. In case your request is accepted, please quickly return the initial order within around 30 days to preserve you from being billed for all two kinds of orders: original and alternative.

Customers should remember that this method only applies to your package getting ruined by the weather during delivery. 

Amazon Employee Inclement Weather Policy

An inclement weather policy is a document that outlines desired results and operational processes in the form of extreme weather.

You know that Amazon does not follow its inclement weather policy. They monitor local weather conditions to decide if Amazon’s local fulfillment centers are shut down. 

After that, all employees may comply with the boss’s decision of their center or refuse work if weather conditions make them feel unsafe to go to work.

Particularly, all staff have a right to stay home due to weather. They have to call the Human Resources department and choose one of their paid time off or unpaid time off to account for their missed shift. 

With the unpaid time off, Amazon will refund this time off to the employee later on. If staff use paid time off instead of missing work to avoid losing a whole day’s pay, Amazon will reimburse the day off.

Besides, all employees should notify the local labor laws to determine their time off due to weather to avoid being fired. 


Is Amazon Packaging Water-resistant?

Mostly yes. Based on Amazon’s policy, couriers should wrap them in water-resistant plastic or place them in a plastic bag when delivering packages. This action will protect packages from damage in bad weather.

What Is Amazon’s Weather Hotline Phone Number?

The phone number of Amazon’s weather hotline for monitoring frequent adverse weather information about MDT2 is 1-(855)-574-2049

What Time Does Amazon Deliver?

Fortunately, Amazon delivers all day of the week, including Sunday. The standard delivery lasts 12 hours, from 8 am to 8 pm. Outside of this period, Amazon will refuse to deliver to usual customers. For Amazon Prime members, the company has a special preferential policy. It permits them to receive items at the latest 10 pm.


This article answered your question, is Amazon delivering today due to weather. In general, because of following its inclement weather policy, Amazon continues to deliver in most weather conditions, except when the weather is so severe that vehicles cannot move. 

Besides, Amazon also has appropriate policies to help customers rely on their prompt services and friendly customer care support. The company will make certain that your packages are in great condition with the standard.

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