How To Share An Amazon Cart With Someone – The Complete Guide

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 15, 2023
How To Share An Amazon Cart

You might notice people around you sharing an Amazon Cart at least one time. To be honest, it is quite convenient and popular these days. So how to share an amazon cart? Continue reading to see what we’ve learned about sharing an Amazon cart and the step-by-step procedure you’ll need to follow!

How To Share An Amazon Cart 

Because you can’t share your Amazon Cart directly through Amazon, you’ll need to use a third-party browser plugin like Share-A-Cart or Shopping Cart Share. You can do everything with only one method: Share-A-Cart. (view plugin here)

There’s no need for clumsy wish list hacks when you can just add things to your Amazon cart and give a code to your receiver. They use this code to import your cart into theirs instantly. They can now purchase exactly what you specified while also having fun shopping.

How to share a cart on Amazon:

Your list can be shared with relatives and friends for them to read and modify.

  1. Go to your “Lists” section.
  2. Select + Invite from the relevant list.
  3. Select one of the following possibilities:

Observe only: Anyone with a link to your list can view it without making any modifications.

Edit and view: This option allows anyone you invite to add or delete things from your list, adjust amounts and priority, and leave comments. They can also join you in a private group chat to share ideas, ask questions, and provide feedback to assist you with your buying. They’ll also get notifications when someone joins or departs your list, including user names.

Note that if your list was previously set to Private, it would now be updated to Shared.

  1. Select Invite via email or copy the link.

Please remember that the email address you supply will only be used to send the invitation. Only the list’s owner has access to the privacy settings and the ability to delete, share the list with others, and edit shipping addresses and recipient names. That’s how to share Amazon shopping carts.

Video: how to send your Amazon cart to someone?

How To Add Items To Your Shared Amazon Cart?

Amazon’s online purchasing system is extremely user-friendly and reliable. You should always add your picked things or products to your Amazon basket because it is a one-stop portal for all of your demands for a better experience. Here are some simple instructions for adding items to your Amazon cart.

  1. Make a list of your favourite items. Place the desired items in your Amazon cart as usual.
  2. Select Create Cart ID from the drop-down menu.

To generate a unique code on the Amazon interface, use the Share-A-Cart browser plugin and click the ‘Create Cart ID’ button.

  1. Share Your Cart ID with Others

Please copy and paste the unique code into a message or send it via popular IM programs directly via the plugin to your intended recipient.

  1. Recipient 

Your receiver enters this code into the Share-A-Cart plugin (or website). Your Amazon cart is automatically transferred to theirs! As usual, they proceed to checkout, buying the exact products you requested from Amazon.


Can I Share An Amazon Shopping Cart?

Yes. You certainly can share your Amazon Shopping Cart with your friends, family, or anyone you want to.

Why Can’t I Share My Amazon List?

One of the most common inquiries is why can’t I share my Amazon wish list. It’s important to remember that only the list’s owners have access to the privacy settings. 

Amazon is very concerned about user privacy. Keep in mind that you need to switch from a private setting to a sharable setting.

Is This Safe To Share Your Amazon Wishlist?

By default, Amazon Wish Lists are open to the public. To make it private or shared, you must go into the options. Anyone who visits your Amazon profile page can see your Wish List as long as it is visible.

Is It Possible To Create Separate Amazon Carts?

You’ll see the options to Checkout Fresh Cart or Proceed to Checkout if you have products in your Amazon shopping cart and Amazon Fresh shopping cart, respectively. As a result, two different orders will be created for your deliveries, and you will need to check out each basket separately.

Does Amazon Notify Me If Something Is Purchased From My Wishlists?

Yes. Amazon Fresh allows you to send to numerous addresses. The product will be labelled Non Purchased on the wishlist. When you purchase an item from your list, you will receive notifications.

What Is The Maximum Amount Of Time You Can Keep Items In Your Amazon Cart?

Whether you’re signed in or browsing as a guest will affect how long you can leave products in your Amazon cart. Every 30 minutes, guests’ carts will be replenished.

You can hold products in your Amazon cart for up to two weeks before purchasing them, though some items in your cart may be out of stock if you wait that long.

What Is The Maximum Number Of Goods A Buyer Can Order In One Order?

The Shopping Cart capacity limits the number of products that consumers can purchase. Buyer Shopping Carts can carry up to 1000 items when all unique products in the cart are added together. A cart can hold up to 50 different types of goods.

Here are some cases in point for illustration:

  • Two items, each with a quantity of 500.
  • There are 50 types of goods with a quantity of 20 pieces for each. 
  • Exception: Only one item with a quantity of up to 999.


One of Amazon’s features is that it allows customers to create a shopping cart with up to 1000 items they like or want to buy. You can either purchase or retain the items in your cart. In case you want to share your cart with others to show others what you’re planning to buy, just go for it. We hope you found your answer via this article!

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