Does UPS Do Money Orders 2024 – A Detailed Explanation

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 7, 2023
Does UPS Do Money Orders

Money orders are a quick, safe, and simple way if you want to transfer money from one location to another. They are regarded as a transaction technique that cannot be replicated by other kinds of payment, no matter how advanced financial technology becomes.

Money orders can be conducted in places like the US post office, supermarkets, convenience stores like Walmart, etc.

Does UPS Store Do Money Orders in 2024?

Unfortunately, UPS does not sell or cash orders. UPS offers local and international shipping services to individuals and corporations. However, it does not offer remittance services at its retail sites simply because it is not a bank or financial institution required to provide these services.

So, if you want to do money orders, you can buy from any institution or place that sells them. USPS, some retail banks like Wells Fargo, or payment stores that provide cash and short-term loans are some sites where you can do this service.

What Services Does UPS Offer?

Customers will not be able to buy money orders or cash from a UPS outlet, but they will be able to get the following services at their location:

  • Shipping & Mailing Supplies: The store may sell you supplies to pack and ship your items, or you can have your materials packed for shipping, either domestically or internationally.
  • Business Services: Stores offer customers scanning, faxing, and copying services.
  • Mailboxes: The UPS Store provides official street addresses for mailboxes and the ability to pick up goods on your behalf.
  • Shredding: UPS Stores and Iron Mountain have teamed up to offer shredding services for all forms of paper in small and large amounts.
  • Notary Service
  • Passport and identification photo
  • Services for printing
Services UPS Offer

Why Doesn’t UPS Sell or Take Money Orders?

As previously mentioned, UPS is neither a bank nor a financial institution; it does not sell or transfer cash.

Banks, credit unions, and money transfer agents are the most common money transfer providers. A money transfer agent is an objective third-party company or organization that assists in transferring securities.

Another reason UPS does not provide money transfer services is that it is unrealistic. Since many other companies provide identical services, it’s probable that the corporation lacks sufficient incentives.

Finally, this payment method frequently necessitates the use of a money transfer agent or financial institution with access to bigger sums of cash. This could be a security risk for UPS personnel, especially because most UPS facilities are insecure.

Has UPS Ever Offered Money Orders?

No. UPS has never provided a money transfer service. They started out as a shipment and delivery company and have had a lot of success there.

They began to offer various services over time, but sending money orders was not one of them. 

Because they’re in a different company, they don’t look to be creating them anytime soon. With such a difficult trade in such a crowded market, it appears that they made the proper decision not to accept money orders.

Some Money Order Providers

Money orders can be purchased in a variety of locations. You can send money using money gram, Western Union, USPS, Walmart, and a variety of other options.

In addition, you can place an order with your bank. So, when you do money orders by banks, you don’t have to be concerned about security. They are available from various credit unions, and the institutions indicated above.

Many institutions offer to encrypt them because they are a wonderful substitute for cash and checks. If you’re sending a considerable lot of money, you’ll almost probably be asked for identification, so bring it with you when you shop.

Where To Do Money Orders For The Best Price?

The price of a money order varies depending on your location, the organization you’re at, and whether or not you’re a member of that company. According to the USPS, money orders up to $500 cost $1.25, and prices between $500 and $1,000 cost $1.75. They can cost up to $5 at a retail bank.

Walgreens is another good example of how costs fluctuate: some Walgreens locations provide money orders for $0.65, while others charge up to $1 for a money order.

So, if you want to know exactly how much it will cost, call the location where you intend to use it beforehand.


As you can see, UPS does not now provide money orders and has no plans to do so in the foreseeable future. As a result, if you want to do this service, you should go to any other organizations or establishments that offer them.

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