How Much Does Dollar General Pay? – An Ultimate Explanation

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 15, 2023
How Much Does Dollar General Pay

Regarding the biggest retail stores in the US, Dollar General always comes in the first list. It has more than 16000 branches all over America. Many customers highly praise it due to its cheap prices but do not neglect how much it can make over a year.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dollar General Salary

How Much Does Dollar General Pay In 2024?

A Dollar General employee is normally paid from $8.20 to $11.05 per hour, depending on their position. For example, a cashier will receive $8.20, $9.52 is for a lead associate, and the assistant store manager will get the highest salary of $11.05 an hour. 

Its payment range changes higher when it turns to warehouse workers. As warehouse supervisors, they often earn from $9.40 to $16.59 an hour as ordinary workers or make up to $74,758 annually. 

What Is The Hourly Wage At Dollar General?

Dollar General employees get an average hourly rate of $9.92, which is lower than most other US workers make on their own, $11.40. It gets even more discouraging for cashiers and salespeople with wages as low as $8.92 per hour. However, it is understandable as these jobs are leisured. 

Meanwhile, forklift operators make up to $17.62 for heavy lifting. 

How Much Do Dollar General Stockers Get Paid?

Dollar General stockers get paid on average $9.03 per hour, but experience level also decides their wages. Most seasoned employees can earn up to $10, while the least-trained staff members only receive $8.75 for every hour they work hard at their jobs!

How Much Do Assistant Managers At Dollar General Get Paid?

Managers In General Dollar Earn

Like Dollar General stockers, its assistant managers will earn money based on experience and certifications, fluctuating between $23,000 and $28,000. In more detail, their average salary per year is around $25,177, which is lower than $27,662 for managers across the US. 

How Much Do Managers In General Dollar Earn?

Store managers at Dollar General earn up to $34,787 an hour, 22% less than the national salary for the same position. 

The pay for managers’ grades ranges from regional to district and can be 34% below or 15% above the national average level. Specifically, regional workers only earn $50,112 per year, while district ones make up to $74,502. 

How Much Do Cashiers In General Dollar Earn?

As mentioned above, cashiers at the Dollar General company receive $8.20, 25% less than the wage most companies nationally pay for their cashiers. The matter is that higher experienced employees may make slightly higher wages up to $8.79 per hour. And their annual wages are around $17,056, according to the basic rate of working 40 hours each week. 

How Much Do Keyholders In General Dollar Earn?

Dollar General pays its keyholders an hourly average of $9.11. If you work up to 40 hours per week, the yearly salary will be nearly $18,948. 

Similarly, workers with high experience are likely to earn up to $9.88 for each hour. This estimation is based on the reported wages of those members with over 10 years of experience. 

Is There A Bonus Program At Dollar General?

Yes, of course. You will get yearly bonuses from a program called TeamShare if you have surpassed Dollar General’s certain profit targets. 

How much bonus you get paid depends on many factors, including your base rate of pay, your working time here, and Dollar General’s development over the year.

And in November 2020, Dollar General announced massive bonuses of $50 million for their employees to show appreciation. This means that for this year’s fiscal year (2020), there could potentially total of up to 173 thousand dollars given out as a bonus!

When Do Dollar General Workers Get Paid?

Does Dollar General pay every week?


Workers in many positions will receive their salaries at different times, like weekly or biweekly. Those store-level employees earn money every week, usually on Fridays, while more senior ones get paid biweekly. 

Is There A Discount For Dollar General Staff?

Yes, for sure. There is always a great treat for Dollar General staff to get a digital coupon every week for a special discount. 

Feel free to buy any of its own-brand products on sale at 10-30% off. However, each coupon is available for one week. 

Is There Holiday Pay For Dollar General Employees?

Yes, rest assured that any worker at Dollar General will get both holiday and vacation pay per year. How much you receive is based on your position and how long you have worked here. 

As a result, Dollar General always pays you a certain amount of money for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. But we are afraid that part-time workers are not on this special reward package list. 

Is There Anything More Dollar General Offers Its Employees?

Dollar General may be the go-to place for any worker as it offers them a wide variety of benefits. Then what does Dollar General pay for your benefit? They include:

  • Life insurance options 
  • Health insurance options: dental, vision plans, and other additional medical coverage like cancer, accidents, etc.
  • Healthy lifestyle and disease management programs
  • Parental leave for weeks of paid time off after childbirth
  • Secret information at work
  • Adoption assistance services
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Financial wellness programs

Does Dollar General Contribute To Its Employees’ Pension Plans?

Rest assured that the answer is a total yes. Dollar General offers employees a 401(k) Savings and Retirement Plan. It means that you can make a financial contribution of up to 25% of your pre-tax earnings to this program. 

The company also matches contributions at certain levels and provides many investment options to invest wisely when you retire.


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