Does Dollar General Accept EBT? – A Useful Payment Method

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 24, 2023
EBT card

People are increasingly dependent on online payment methods due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You might be wondering, “Does Dollar General have EBT?” if you need to use them since there are quite a lot of people using EBT cards now.

So, it’s a question that many people have been concerned about recently. And because of that, this article will offer you everything you need to know about it. Make sure to stay tuned at the end of the post!

Does Dollar General Take EBT 2024?

Yes, Dollar General accepts EBT as a valid payment method. The retailer even accepts food-stamp payments if you pay directly in their store. 

Regardless, a few Dollar General stores keep their policies about whether to allow this kind of transaction or not. So, it’s wise to verify if you may spend them at your local locations before going there, as some stores have regulations restricting them.

Does Dollar General Take Food Stamps?

The answer is yes. As for the criteria that regulate food stamp uses, you may send them to purchase the following items:

  • Fruits and veggies
  • Meat, chicken, and seafood
  • Products from milk
  • Bread and grains
  • Snack
  • Alcoholic-free beverages are also available
  • Flowers and seeds that create edible food

Though, you cannot spend them to purchase products as listed below:

  • Booze or cigarettes
  • Vitamins, medications, and nutrients
  • Living organisms
  • Foods that are ready to eat instantly
  • Hot meals
  • Food for pets

Some locations may have distinct policies on which items you may spend on these stamps, so you may do some research first if you are unsure about it.

Is EBT Allowed At Dollar General In Popular US States?

Based on various reports since around 2021, the store has been accepting electronic benefits transfer cards at its branches in Missouri, California, and Illinois.

EBT Allowed At Dollar General

How Can I Use My EBT Card At The Store?

First, Proceed to the counter as usual after finishing your purchase, and when requested, scan your card, then insert your identification number. 

Since the program supports limited and specific foods, you could be charged for invalid items in a second purchase that uses an alternative payment type.

How Can I Pay With EBT Or Food Stamps When Shopping Online?

Unfortunately, these payment methods are not among the options allowed by the store for online purchases. 

Because of the recent worldwide epidemic, many retailers have officially launched internet usage, but the Dollar General store has yet to confirm any intentions for such online purchasing.

How Do I Pay For Dollar General Pickup Or The Online Application?

Sadly, according to the rules and regulations at the Dollar General store, you cannot use benefits transfer cards and stamps as paying options for either Dollar General pickup or the Dollar General go. Those will need a separate form of payment, like bank cards, if you wish to access these features.


EBT are accepted at Dollar General, though you may not spend them online. Ensure that the local retailer accepts the payment method before you decide to use them to purchase your desired goods!

Finally, thank you for reading! Check out the other posts as well to learn more about other topics. Good luck, and see you next time!

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