Does Dollar General Fill and Sell Helium Balloons? – How Much Does It Ever Cost?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 10, 2023
Does Dollar General Fill Helium Balloons

Dollar General (DG) is a retail chain in the United States. It offers various items, including household products, seasonal goods, consumables, clothing, etc. All their partnerships are carefully selected at affordable prices. So:

Does Dollar General Fill Helium Balloons In 2023?

From 2023, the Dollar General balloons will be filled with helium (He) at most of its stores. From as little as $0.5, service locations will inflate these liquefier-filled items made of any material like metallic, latex, jumbo, etc.

And, of course, customers must purchase these products at the Dollar General store. That way, employees can fill them up easily.

Besides, many people wonder whether the company may provide other products such as party utilities and tank rentals or not. Stay on reading about the price and more information.

How Much Does It Cost To Fill A Balloon At Dollar General? 

Although it is the same brand, the price of pumping with the noble gas in each store will be different. Along with that, with each item made from different materials, the price will also be different. The price fluctuation of one-time inflatable this product at company branches is:

  • Latex: cost from 0.5 USD – 1 USD per item
  • Mylar/metallic: cost up to $4 per item
  • Jumbo: cost up to $15 per item

In addition, this company also has a variety of balloons for special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, parties, etc. They are available in the stores and will also be refilled upon request.

How About The Dollar General Helium Tanks?

Dollar General Helium Tanks

Does Dollar General Sell A Tank Or A Pump?

Absolutely. There is a Dollar General Helium tank for sale, full name is: Balloon Time 9.5″ Helium Tank. This product contains 8.9 ft 3 of a mixture of this gas and air, and comes with 30 full-color balloons. This tool can inflate 30.9″ latex, 16.11″ Jumbo or 16.18″ mylar ones.

Besides, they also sell small pumps. However, they are only used to fill the items with air instead of noble gas.

Does Dollar General Rent The Gas-Filled Tanks?

Any store belonging to this retail chain does not provide the tank for rent. Instead, customers may request inflation upon in-store purchase or buy their own.

Who Can I Rent A Tank Filling Gas From?

At party venues like Party City and American Party Rental`, the tanks of this gas are often rented. They are party shops that provide many types of products related to the celebration.

The price of tank rental will depend a lot on the time of booking, where you rent, and the noble gas price at that time. Typically, the price of a tank will range from $70 to $350, depending on the volume you need.

If you do not want to pump yourself, you can use their gas-filled service. Besides having many types of balls for you to choose from, Dollar General also comes with many gift cards to give to relatives and friends.


Dollar General fills in the air when their customers purchase, with prices varying depending on the material.

The company also sells small tanks with colorful balloons. However, customers who want to rent tanks must contact another company because Dollar General does not have that service.

Thank you, and be happy with your filled balloons!

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