Dollar General Penny Policy 2024 – BEST Guidance For Beginners

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 7, 2023
Dollar General Penny Policy

Nowadays, a penny is hard to find, not to mention what we can purchase with it. However, when it comes to Dollar General penny policy 2023, a penny is powerful enough for you to get a good amount of items. 

Our article will cover a range of most frequently asked questions about Dollar General penny rules, from the basics to the detail to help you become an expert. The hunt for these items will give you a thrilling experience, so do not miss out on this post. 

Dollar General Penny Policy In 2024

As of 2024, Dollar General employs penny pricing to determine things employees are expected to pick from the racks and discard. When a customer discovers an item on the shelf before it is pulled and continues with the payment checkout, the penny policy Dollar General will sell it to customers for a single penny

How Does The Penny Sale At Dollar General Work? 

Penny Items are things that have been put on sale. This signifies they’ve already dropped to the lowest possible price (90 percent off) and should be wiped from the shelves. Whenever Dollar General personnel fail to remove products off the shelf and you discover them, you have to pay only one penny!

Are Dollar General Penny Items Only On Tuesdays?

Nearly every Tuesday, Dollar General has items that cost only ONE PENNY! Luckily, you will also have the opportunity to search for a penny item on a full week depending on holidays, but Tuesdays are the dominant time.

What Color Dots Are A Penny At Dollar General?

Color Dots Are A Penny At Dollar General

The items do not bear a tag, “Penny deal here!” Therefore, you need to learn how to identify the tags and understand the system. And, as always, every store is not the same. What might be pennied in one place might or might not be pennied in another. 

Look at the image above to ensure that the dots will be different for each category. 

How Do You Penny Shop At Dollar General?

Penny hunting at Dollar General shops has grown in popularity among bargain seekers looking for household items and presents at rock-bottom costs.

Before you go to a Dollar General, it’s advisable to join some online community or group to get some tips and tricks to be more prepared and get a list of penny goods at your local stores.

Employees will not reveal the penny goods or help with price checks to you. Instead, use the Dollar General App for a price check, as the app will display the price as $0.01 when it is a penny item. Keep in mind that the app is not always correct. 

How To Find Penny Items At Dollar General?

Penny things are typically items that Dollar General offers at a discount or classifies as “out of season.”

On the other hand, buyers can detect penny products by inspecting the tags and the barcodes on them. Oftentime, the season code next to the barcode may warn you that those things are out of season and will only cost a penny.

Some common season codes buyers may encounter include:

  • WI = Winter
  • SP = Spring
  • FA = Fall
  • SU = Summer

In addition, some things may have price tags with symbols indicating “out of stock” goods that staff should withdraw from the store’s shelves. 

Look for symbols such as diamonds, circles, stars, and ovals. Some websites also produce weekly listings of penny products at Dollar General on every Tuesday.

Penny shopping comes with its own set of rules, the first of which is always to be kind to store staff. Second, don’t walk into business areas that are off-limits to consumers or mess up the store when looking for bargains.

Penny List For Dollar General HOW I FIND PENNY ITEMS

Can Dollar General Employees Buy Penny Items? 

Employees are NOT permitted to acquire or purchase penny things as it will be against Dollar General policy, and they might get fired for the action. 

They must do their job properly and even avoid leaving any penny items on the shelf. Fill your cart with anything you spot as a penny because the staff is instructed to grab it off the shelf the moment they see you’re there.

How Long Do Items Stay A Penny At Dollar General? 

Check them all because a penny item from previous weeks may still be available! These things can sometimes be valid for six months or longer, and we’ve heard of people discovering penny items that are many years old!

Do Dollar General Employees Get In Trouble For Selling Penny Items? 

With Dollar General policy on penny items, staff at Dollar General are not to blame if certain penny items are left on the shelves. 

Furthermore, the company will not fire them for failing to remove several penny items.

Still, after finishing the sale, Dollar General staff will remove all the penny products left in the zone you have found them.


Dollar General is well-known for its penny items and fantastic clearance sales. Purchasing at Dollar General will undoubtedly save you a significant amount of money. Why waste your money purchasing items at full cost? The penny policy will allow you to get the most out of your next store visit.

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