Can you Use Apple Pay at Trader Joe’s?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 15, 2023
Does Trader Joe's Take Apple Pay?

Trader Joe’s is a chain of grocery stores with over 530 stores throughout the United States. Because you can find the sheer amount of food and drink from around the world right here, Trader Joe’s has become one of the most favorite retail stores.  

With technological advancements, shoppers wonder if they can use Apple Pay at Trader Joe’s. Let’s discover if Trader Joe’s accepts that method choice and how to use it below.

Does Trader Joe’s Accept Apple Pay?

The answer is “Yes”. 

You might apply this payment method at Trader Joe’s. You can use Apple Pay at all their locations throughout America. 

Steps To Use Apple Pay at Trader Joe’s Stores 

Step 1: You need to have this app on your device. It may be an iPhone or Apple Watch.

Step 2: Go to the nearest location and have fun with your purchases

Step 3: Get yours at checkout

Step 4: It’s time to open Apple Pay on your device. Check your identity with a touch or a face unlock on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Step 5: Choose the card you want to use.

Step 6: Swiping your screen device with the contactless reader until you hear a ping or see a green checkmark on the counter indicating that there has been successful scanning.

If you haven’t known how to set up your card, here are the simple steps for you:

For iPhone

Step 1: Open the Settings section on your phone and choose Wallet & Apple Pay.

Step 2: Continue to select Add Card and the payment type. 

Step 3: Accept all of the terms and conditions and complete the rest of the verification steps. You will activate your card.

For Apple Watch

Step 1: Go to the Apple Watch app on your phone

Step 2: Choose Waller & Apple Pay

Step 3: Continue to select Add Card and complete the next steps as directed.

The Benefits of Utilizing Apple Pay at TJ’s 

The Benefits of Utilizing Apple Pay at TJ's 

Quick, Easy, Convenient Checkout

Apple Pay is one of the most convenient payment methods nowadays.

It’s easy, quick, and straightforward. You don’t need to take the cash or spend lots of time to pay like before. Your purchases are simple now.  


Your information is guaranteed when taking this payment option at Trader Joe’s. Besides Apple’s confidential information security function, they commit not to leak your identity.

Contactless Payment Method

This payment option is ideal for you if you neither want to use a counter that a thousand people have already touched or the cash that has been through a billion transactions.


You will receive cashback that can earn up to 3% on each of your bills if you are an Apple Card user. And it will be a big deal in case you do shopping regularly at Trader Joe’s.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Have Any Other Payment Methods At Trader Joe’s?

Except for this payment method, TJ’s also accepts Samsung Pay and  Google Pay.

You can choose other payment methods when shopping at Trader Joe’s: credit, cash, and debit cards, personal checks, or Trader Joe’s gift cards.

Are There Any Mimits on Apple Pay Transactions At Trader Joe’s?

There are no restrictions on paying this way. You can buy anything you want. 

How Much Are Payment Fees At Trader Joe’s?

Zero. You don’t need to pay any extra fee for using that payment choice at Trader Joe’s. So, let’s enjoy your shopping.

Would It Be Possible To Purchase Trader Joe’s Items Online Using Apple Pay?

Until now, they have not had online delivery services, but you can buy Trader Joe’s products on Amazon, the popular online shopping website. 

Even when Amazon has not officially supported Apple Pay, you may still use your card to purchase goods. It can be Apple Card or any other card you have saved to your Apple Wallet.


Technology makes life more convenient. You already know that you can use Apple Pay at Trader Joe’s, and you’ll receive many benefits. Do you have Apple Pay on your phone? The next time you have to purchase at Trader Joe’s, why don’t you use this payment method to make your trip easy?

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