Can You Get Trader Joe’s Delivered In 2024?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 2, 2023
Can You Get Trader Joe Delivered In 2022

To many Americans, how to get Trader Joe’s delivered is always a question whether you reside in a large metropolis or a small village. 

Well, there is no more vague answer. We’ll introduce to you who delivers Trader Joe’s exactly and explain the process and even several alternative deliveries in this piece.

Therefore, if you’re interested in learning more or are prepared to use this service, start scrolling.

Does Trader Joe’s Deliver? 

No. Trader Joe’s doesn’t provide kerbside delivery or pickup. Also, the famous American grocery chain does not allow online orders. 

It is a familiar story. Clients couldn’t use the internet to get goods even during the pandemic Covid 19.


The reason behind the story of saying no to the delivery service of Trade Joe’s is they choose people over the online order platform. 

Citizens living in the American capital before 2020 might recall that the brand formerly provided delivery services. The business, however, discontinued providing shipping services just from 2019. The grocery chain has steadfastly refused to offer shipping services, notwithstanding the chain’s growth and the surge in deliveries of consumer demand.

The brand representative claims that the firm decided against hiring its delivery people and running a delivery system since it would take significant money and time to see the yield in this business.

Specifically, they spend their resources to concentrate on improving the stores, expanding offerings, and enhancing customer experiences and happiness than spending unknown-how-long creating a delivery business. 

We have a few solutions that will let you acquire what you desire online because the corporation appears to be more willing to give up the concept of in-person purchasing.

Alternative Trader Joe’s Delivery Options

Dumpling Grocery

It is an app that enables Dumpling shoppers to pick the grocery store/shop from which they wish to order their goods and have them delivered. Better than other delivery applications that impose a need for the grocery shop or chain register and connect with the app, Dumpling Grocery does not. 

Consumers can buy things at Trader Joe’s and get them delivered by following the guidelines below:

  • Open the app
  • Go to Shopping 
  • Type in the zip code, then you may see some grocery stores close to you, like your favorite Trader Joe’s
  • Utilize the app’s online chat function (chat feature) to ask inquiries and express your desires.
  • Place an order 
  • Set a delivery date and prepare to pay for the goods and delivery fee.



eBay is a well-known eCommerce store that allows users to sell and buy goods. To purchase your desired groceries at Trader Joe’s on eBay:

  • Type “Trader Joe’s” on the eBay search bar
  • Browse for the Trader Joe’s goods you desire & click to buy
  • Check out
  • Type payment information, email address, and the delivery address
  • Double-check the information once more time and click the “confirm” button, and then pay to complete your
    grocery shopping. 


Craigslist is a site that positions itself as an advertising website. You still come here to buy the stuff you love. The user will deal directly with the vendor, Craigslist serves as a middleman. To locate your favorite Trader Joe’s, you can start with the following:

  • Access the Craigslist website and enter your city’s name into
  • Visit the “Sale” category
  • Select a category
  • Choose the desired items by clicking
  • Read the information and send an email to Trader Joe’s by selecting “Reply.” The best time and location that you and your seller connect and make the transaction will then be provided by the seller in their response.



DoorDash is a famous American company that collaborates with well-known retailers and eateries to provide clients with food and goods. They do both ordering and delivering service.

To be able to get your grocery from Trader Joe’s, let’s begin by:

  • Open the DoorDash app and log in
  • Put your address into the fill-in section
  • At the DoorDash search bar, fill in Trader Joe’s name in
  • Choose your favorite items
  • Add to the shopping cart
  • Choose the payment method and check out to complete your order.


A company called TaskRabbit links consumers who need assistance with common activities like shipping with “taskers” – people can carry them out. To apply TaskRabbit in getting the grocery from Trader Joe’s delivered:

  • Access TaskRabbit site
  • Then, you describe the task by expressing your need for what you want to buy from Trader Joe’s and the address you want them to deliver.
  • Select your tasker. The ” tasker ” person will come directly to Trader Joe’s, acquire groceries for you, and ship them to your required place.
  • Pay using TaskRabbit and provide feedback.


Does Amazon Deliver Trader Joe’s?

Yes. Amazon does sell and deliver Trader Joe’s products. Normally you can get what you order after some days you order. Here is the process:

  • Prepare your shopping list
  • Access to Amazon website
  • Sign up for an Amazon account if you haven’t had one, then log in
  • You can fill in the search bar “Trader Joe” to get to all the brand grocery lists or select Grocery & Gourmet Food and choose the brand “Trader Joe.”
  • Here, you scroll and look up your favorite products, read product information, and check product prices and feedback, if any.
  • Then, you review and add to your shopping cart
  • After that, you enter your shipping address
  • Select a payment option.
  • Confirm your order

Why Did Trader Joe’s Stop Delivering?

The brand claimed it ceased providing that shipping service because Trader Joe’s may continue to promote low product costs and focus on the store experience, customer satisfaction, and outstanding values.

Will Instacart Shop At Trader Joe’s?

No. Instacart does not provide the service. They are a grocery shipping service but only cooperates with business partners. Currently, they do not have any contract with Trader Joe’s.  

Nevertheless, users can use Instacart to place groceries ordered from different businesses selling Trader Joe’s goods.


The American grocery chain is famous for its quality products and economical prices. However, unluckily, your wish has yet to come true to people who are Trader Joe’s lovers who love to have shipping services. 

The brand’s passion for delivering systems has yet to be fired again, as Business Insider has mentioned in their report about the company. So, if you want to experience their product, you can either come in-person shopping or pick up one of the viable options of grocery delivery alternatives we mentioned above. 

Getting what you love is always a challenging path. But it is all worth it in the end.

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