What is McDonald’s Orientation? – How You Should Prepare For That Event?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
What is McDonald's Orientation

Congratulations on making it through the interview at McDonald’s! The last obstacle you need to overcome before being a part of this family is the first training for someone fresh off the boat. 

You might feel nervous and anxious because you have no idea about McDonald’s Orientation. Fret not! With our help, you will be filled with confidence when participating in this training. Let’s go!

What is McDonald’s Orientation?

McDonald’s Orientation is training for newly recruited members. Its purpose is to arm the newcomers with insight into the company and the tasks they are in charge of when having an in-depth conversation with the manager. 

You will have a tour around the kitchen and then to the restaurant where you will work, do the paperwork, learn about the expectations, know what it’s like to work at McDonald’s, and maybe create some free food for your appetite.

That is just the fundamentals of this newcomer training. For more information, keep scrolling down to figure it out!

Time and Money

How Long Is McDonald’s Orientation?

This training for newly recruited staff will consume two to five hours of your time. It is nearly impossible to give the exact number because it depends on the location and the number of attendees.

Therefore, you will get an answer that depends on how many questions you have and what you are curious about the company in detail.

A typical session takes between two and three hours. 

Do I Get Any Money From Attending the McDonald’s Orientation?

You receive the hourly salary that you accept during the interview for the number of hours you attend the training for new members, and your first paycheck of yours will indicate that salary. 

Uniform Issues

Is Uniform Required At McDonald’s Orientation?

Uniform Required At Mc

What to wear to Mcdonald’s Orientation is also a mild headache for most people when they try to impress their leader or boss. Therefore, uniforms seem like a safe move for them.

However, Wearing a uniform for the first training is not compulsory; you can wear whatever you want if your outfit fits the formal and comfortable dress code.

In addition, when you are about to enter the kitchen, the staff might require you to put on black trousers and a white shirt, and a unique pair of shoes that prevent you from slipping.

Will I Receive Uniforms After The Program Introduction?

When the introduction comes to an end, you must correctly fill in all of your personal information onto the form and finish the following required steps before getting your uniform.

The uniform they will give you for free includes a name tag, a cap, and a shirt.

Black trousers are what they require but do not give away. For that reason, you should buy a pair of black trousers if you don’t have one.

If you are unlucky, the store you will work for has no shirt for your size. Therefore, you should wait patiently while the manager finds a uniform for you after training.

Other Concerns

Do I Allow To Bring Anything To McDonald’s Orientation?

The only documents you should bring to this new job preparation are your I-9 tax form, your social security number, and your government-issued photo ID.

On the other hand, a notepad could be useful for you to take notes of what you and the manager are discussing, such as the job duties, tips that can be helpful, and other relevant topics.

Packing yourself some snacks and a bottle of water is not a bad idea because sometimes this introduction program lasts longer than expected, or you feel hungry when heading home after that.

Will I Receive a Handbook From Them In Orientation?

They will hand out the employee handbook to you during the training. Inside, it has all the requirements and benefits you can get when working there.

Furthermore, this handbook also provides you with many company policies such as no mercies towards sexual harassment, no drugs in the workplace, and ways to communicate for managing purposes.

Will I Know My Work Schedule At The Orientation?

After this program, you will know which shift and date you will work by your manager. 

Furthermore, depending on how that particular business runs, the program might be for one or two weeks.

McDonald’s Orientation Preparation

The first impression plays an important role in deciding your happiness while working at their store. That’s why you should prepare carefully for your first training about three to four days in advance, although this event only lasts for many hours.

With these tips we are about to share, this training no longer bothers you!

Review Any Documents That You Were Given When You Were Interviewed Or On The Day You Were Hired.

In the interview, They will provide some documents to allow you to get some basic knowledge about your job and duties while working at their restaurant. Besides, you also know more about them.

Furthermore, If you pass the interview, some of their restaurants in some specific areas will hand you the employee handbook before the newcomer training.

Therefore, you should carefully read the materials they give you to ask the right questions during the training and demonstrate your interest and readiness for the job.

Write Down What Questions You Have About Them, or Other Related Topics

When you meet the manager in person, write down some questions for them to be prepared for this newly hired training.

A quick reminder that all your questions must revolve around your tasks, requirements from your restaurant where you’ll work, and furthermore.

Arrive Before the Class Begins

To express professionalism and impress your future manager, arrange your time carefully so you can be at the class at least 15 minutes in advance.

You should also plan your route if you attend the class in an unfamiliar location. At the very least, figure out the directions and plan your route. 

Furthermore, you should ask the manager where you should park to ensure you won’t make customers or current employees feel uncomfortable.

Listen Carefully Without Any Judgement

Although you already have experience in other fast-food brands, the training for novices at McDonald’s will differ.

Also, it would be best if you were open-minded when you attend the class and listen to the manager and other employees without judgment when discussing the particulars of the brand.

Nonetheless, if something the manager says during Orientation sounds off to you, keep that question in mind and keep listening till the end of the class. Then you can ask for clarification later before you start the job.

Nice and Neat Appearance

Consider what nice outfits you have in your closet you can wear to the training class. 

In addition, if they don’t mention anything about the dress code, you should put on the outfit that you usually wear for a special occasion or celebration. 

Furthermore, you should avoid dress shoes as they are quite slippery, and if you happen to cook fries, your dress shoes may get dirty.


You know that you must spare your time for two to three hours to join the introduction from the start till the end.

Additionally, In that event, you have a chance to meet your colleagues and manager, how the restaurant operates, how to behave, and other paperwork.

To fully enjoy this Orientation, open your mind, express your willingness to learn, and have a positive attitude.

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