Does McDonald’s Accept Apple Pay? (A Detailed Guide For You)

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 15, 2023
Does McDonalds Take Apple Pay

The rise of mobile payments has brought a host of new payment methods. One such method is Apple Pay. Most major retailers accept this e-wallet, but some smaller businesses still do not. 

How can you pay for your Big Mac with this e-wallet? We are here to help you answer all these questions!

Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay in 2023?

Yes, it is accepted at all stores in the US and other countries as of 2023. In addition to accepting it in-store, you can also pay with this e-wallet through the mobile app and drive-thru. They allow users to make payments using an iOS-enabled device or Apple Watch.

Apple Pay

However, in the United States, there are a few restrictions. The store can only accept credit or debit cards registered to the user’s Apple Pay that belong to Visa. 

If you’re thinking about how to use this e-wallet at the fast-food store and would like to find out more information, keep reading to learn more!

How To Use Apple Pay At McDonald’s?

Link your bank card to the app

First and foremost, you need to ensure your device (Apple watch or iPhone) is set up correctly to work with the system. All you need to do is link a Visa debit or credit card to the app. 

Open the app and click the “+” icon on the top. Then follow the on-screen instructions; you will need to enter your card numbers or take a picture of your card for registration.

After successfully linking the card, you can make payments at most fast-food stores. 

Make payment

Quickly double-click the lock button on the side of your phone (the same spot you typically turn off and on your screen) – and if successful, the wallet will automatically show up. Your linked card will appear on the screen and be ready for the next step.

Just ask the store staff to give you the payment terminal. Hold your phone close to the card reader and keep it in a few secs.

Once done, you’ll know right away if the transaction is successful or not because funds will be drawn out of the linked account immediately.

FAQs Section

Can I use Apple Pay in the Drive-Thru?

Yes, the store’s drive-thru also accepts payment with this e-wallet. 

Generally speaking, the process for paying at a McDonald’s drive-thru will be the same. You can give the staff your phone so that they can proceed for you, or else you can stay inside the car, and the staff will hold the card reader outside for you to do it yourself.

Can I use an Apple watch to pay?

Of course! It is one of the compatible devices that can use this payment method.

The process is the same as paying by iPhone, just holding your watch near the terminal instead.

Are there any fees and limits for paying by Apple Pay at McDonald’s?

We’re happy to let you know that when using this e-wallet, there are no fees or amount limits, as long as you have enough in your account (if you used a Visa debit card) and it doesn’t get overdrawn from an excess amount being taken out (when using a credit card).

When paying at a fast food store, all that is involved is tapping your phone to the terminal, and upon completion of payment, the transaction will be done. If you overdraw, then you might be charged by your bank. 

What can I do when having a problem with the payment process? 

If you’ve ever had problems using this e-wallet at McDonald’s, we suggest checking your device to ensure that you have a properly linked bank card within your app (please remember it must be Visa cards) 

If there’s no problem with it, ask a staff member for help or check out the official Apple Support page for further assistance.

Is it possible to get money back through Apple Pay?

If you expect a refund for a paid order at McDonald’s, you must ensure that it’s not because you don’t like the food. 

You can easily get the money back no questions if it is because of an objective cause, no internet connection, maintenance service or due to the mistake of the store staff, for example. 

However, to get a refund, Apple will have to get through to McDonald’s, who then must agree that they messed up and should therefore be providing a refund. It can take 2- 3 working days to get the money back.

Is it secure when using Apple Pay?

It is more secure than your bank cards, for sure. That’s because the wallet is more technologically advanced with many layers of protection like fingerprint identification, security code, or Face ID.

Of course, no payment method can be guaranteed 100% security – not even this e-wallet. Never give your device to other people when you’re in a payment process (except for the store cashier). 

Whenever you purchase online, always make sure it is on the official website and is coupled with an active certificate.

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