CVS Dress Code In 2024 Guide

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 14, 2023
CVS Dress Code

Many major retailers in the United States have a uniform policy for staff, allowing consumers to recognize employees in-store for assistance and building employee cohesiveness.

So, if you’re looking for a career or have already been employed at CVS, one of the country’s major pharmacy chains, you might be asking what the CVS dress code is. Here’s all we’ve discovered so far!

CVS Dress Code Policy 2024

The CVS uniform policy requires black or tan colored slacks and a store-supplied CVS shirt for front-of-store or cashier personnel. Pharmacists wear office casual clothing under their white coats, while CVS pharmacy tech uniforms require hospital scrubs. Staff must put on a nametag and neutral-colored closed-toe footwear.

Continue reading to find out what to dress for a CVS job interview, whether the staff is permitted to wear shorts and denim, as well as what CVS’s regulation is on facial tattoos and piercings.

FAQs About CVS Dress Code 2024

What Is The CVS Worker Outfit?

The basic CVS employee dress code consists of tan or black colored pants, closed-toe footwear, and a CVS polo shirt or t-shirt for store clerks and front-of-store staff.

The most prevalent shades are deep red and blue, though the colors vary determined by the availability.

Med techs must also wear closed-toe shoes and medical scrubs, while pharmacists wear casual office clothing underneath their white coats.

Aside from that, all personnel must have a name tag attached to their clothes.

CVS uniform

How Should I Dress For A CVS Interview?

According to this Indeed split, the majority of CVS applicants wore formal clothes to their interviews.

Because making a good first impression is crucial to landing the job, you need to dress formally for the interview, in a suit, for example.

Is It Permissible For CVS Employees To Wear Shorts?

Workers at CVS are not permitted to wear shorts because most shops are adequately chilled by air conditioning, particularly during summertime.

On the other hand, individual establishments may make exceptions for extreme heat that makes it difficult for staff to work in formal trousers.

Is It OK For CVS Employees To Wear Jeans?

Although certain CVS locations may permit jeans based on the shop owner’s discretion, the CVS worker uniform policy prohibits workers from wearing jeans (even black ones).

Staff is only required to wear trousers composed of synthetic fabric, such as cotton, under this guideline.

Are Hoodies Permitted For CVS Employees?

Workers at several CVS locations have stated that they can wear jackets, fleeces, or cardigans during the cold wintertime.

Aside from that, zip-up hoodies are permitted at various stores during the cold season as long as the identity tag is worn outside the pullover.

Inquire with your coworkers or store manager about the company’s regulations on sweatshirts and jackets throughout the winter to see if they are permitted.

What Shoes Are Allowed for CVS Staff to Wear?

According to the company’s uniform policy, the footwear worn by CVS employees must be closed-toed and moderate in color. Workers also claim that they were told to wear non-slip, comfy shoes.

Furthermore, neutral-colored sneakers are acceptable at all CVS locations, while sandals, flip-flops, and other open-toed shoes are banned.

Remember that relying on the flexibility of the management staff, some people report more relaxed standards regarding shoes in terms of color.

Is It Possible For CVS Employees To Dye Their Hair in A Variety Of Colors?

Staff members at CVS have reported varying responses to having their hair colored in various shades.

CVS used to accept only real hair colors for its workers, but this restriction has since been deleted from more recent versions of its employee manual.

If you’re unsure whether your shop respects the amended rule, you could always ask your coworkers or the supervisor.

Is It Acceptable For CVS Workers To Have Visible Tattoos?

Most CVS workers claim that their supervisors are lenient regarding facial tattoos, even though the company does not have a stated policy on the issue.

Although some business managers may compel staff to conceal visible tattoos, others could approve of them as long as they are not unpleasant or disrespectful in any way.

Are Ear Piercings Approved For CVS Employees?

Staff members at CVS are instructed to wear minimal jewelry, with some supervisors recommending either a pair of earrings or little hoops.

Yet, as with tattoos, CVS store managers’ attitudes toward piercings appear to differ.

Are Facial Piercings Approved For CVS Employees?

The CVS employment manual, according to many sources, prohibits employees from having facial piercings.

Nevertheless, many employees indicate that most businesses have a more lenient stance regarding this. To clear up any doubts, speak with your shop manager.

Is It Permissible For CVS Employees To Have Artificial Nails?

There are now no policies in place at CVS prohibiting staff from having artificial nails (such as nail polish) or acrylic nails.

On the other hand, artificial nails are required to be kept at a decent length so that workers may execute their jobs properly.


The CVS dress code covers many aspects, from the clothes, to how your appearance approaches customers. These regulations are there to ensure that customers get their best experience at the place. You should examine the dress code of your local store carefully and strictly follow it to avoid unexpected situations.

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