What Happens If DoorDash Can’t Find A Driver?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
DoorDash Can't Find A Driver

DoorDash is a free app to download and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The app works like any other food delivery service: DoorDash will show local restaurants near your location or delivery address when you open the app. 

You can order food anywhere without spending too much effort cooking. In the article below, we will give you the answer.

Why Is No One Picking Up My Doordash Order?

Firstly, you need to know some reasons why any drivers of DoorDash pick up your order and deliver them to you. 

No Dashers Are Interested In The Order 

The major reason for this problem is that you do not pay them enough money or pay too little. According to DoorDash, the minimum cost must range from 2 to 3 dollars for each contractor. 

This money can be nothing for Dashers if you order food late at night or in a far place. The best calculation for tip is probably 15 to 20 percents of your bill. 

In some situations, the restaurant where you order food is hard to come to, such as traffic jams or far distances. Therefore, no one wants to deliver food to you because it wastes their time. They earn money for each delivery, not for hours.

No Dashers Are Available

In some cases, the reason for it is there are no dashers available for your order. They may be busy with other deliveries, especially during lunchtime, midnight, and rush hour. It would be best to remember these times to avoid facing this problem.

What Happens If Doordash Can’t Find A Driver?

Doordash Wasn't Picked Up

If DoorDash cannot find a driver after 30 minutes you ordered, this order will be automatically canceled. The same thing will happen if there are no drivers who want to deliver this food to you. After that, you will receive a total or a part of the money you pay for this bill. 

When you order food on the DoorDash app, and the driver refuses to deliver it, your order will also be invalid. You will receive an email from Doorash to apologize for this problem and explain why the driver cannot deliver food to you. They will also add some options of refund for you to choose from.

Can you pick up my own Doordash order?

The answer is yes. However, this process can be more complex. You need to choose the button Pickup after ordering the food and canceling the previous order. The restaurant will keep your order and continue preparing the food if you do so. 

In addition, you need to inform Doordash after you pick up your food, and then you will receive a refund of the delivery fee.

What Should You Do If Your Doordash Wasn’t Picked Up?

Cancel The Order And Request A Refund

You can contact them to cancel the order and request a refund in this situation. However, it also depends on whether your order has been processed or not. 

You can receive a total refund if your order has not been sent to the restaurant and driver. On the other hand, when the restaurant is preparing your order and still not delivered, you will only receive a part of the refund.

Reorder, But Include A Higher Tip

As we mentioned above, one of the reasons the driver refused your order is the low tip. They will receive more money if they deliver more orders, not depending on the number of hours they work.

Therefore, they do not want to receive a little money but waste a lot of time doing so. You can give them a higher tip, about 15 to 20 percent of your total order. 

Pick Up The Order Yourself

When there are no drivers for your DoorDash order, you can order food and pick them up by yourself. It is probably time-consuming, but it is a good solution for this situation. 

In case you choose to pick up the food, DoorDash will refund you all the delivery fees and tips for the driver. It would help if you noticed that you canceled the original order and chose the button pickup in the new one.

Contact With Doordash Customer Support

Sometimes you need to contact customer service when the driver can’t help you in this situation. To reach the customer service assistant, you can call them or send a message through the phone number on the website or the app.

Besides, you can send an email or get access to the FAQ part on the official website of Doordash. In case you want to change your order or have a delivery problem, you can call customer support. In other situations like complaining about something, you can send them an email.


You will receive a refund or order a new bill and pick them up by yourself. 

You can also add more tips for drivers, and then they can deliver food to you. There are many options for you in this situation to use anytime.

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