How Many Days Early Can You Fill A Prescription At Walgreens?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
How Many Days Early Can You Fill A Prescription At Walgreens

Walgreens is an American-based corporation that manages the country’s second-largest drugstore chain after CVS Health. Walgreens specializes in medications, both over-the-counter and prescription-only, as well as a wide range of other items and services, including photography services, healthcare, cosmetics, stationery, and souvenirs.

How Many Days Early Can You Fill A Prescription At Walgreens?

For Schedule III and IV medicines, Walgreens may fill your prescription three days before the actual date. Every Schedule II (restricted) medicine refill needs a new prescription. Lastly, Walgreens will adhere to your medical provider’s or medical firm’s refilling schedule and restrictions.

What if you need to replenish much sooner than three days? What’s the best way you can do about it? What medicines can you get renewed more quickly? Continue reading to learn more!

Why Aren’t You Permitted To Get A Walgreens Prescription Refill Whenever You Want?

Suppose you are already familiar with the pharmaceutical prescription procedure and its meanings. In that case, you should be conscious that there are certain rigorous laws about medication refills, and you may be required to follow all of them. 

To avoid the overuse and abuse of pharmaceuticals, particularly addictive ones, pharmacists and insurance firms place a restriction on how promptly you may receive a renewal. Some persons, for instance, might use this service to obtain early refills from several locations, therefore fueling their addiction or trading supplies on the illicit market.

However, if you need your prescriptions filled sooner than usual for whatever reason, you must fulfill specific standards or circumstances. On the other hand, restricted medications cannot be refilled early since they are supervised and only accessible at the specified period per the approved prescription.

What Impact Does Your Health Insurance Have On How Soon You Can Get A Walgreens Refill?

While Walgreens can handle refills up to three days ahead of time, it is constrained by the guidelines and restrictions given out by your hospital or insurance company.

Prescription refills requested more than three days ago are usually not covered by insurance or healthcare organizations. As a result, Walgreens will flatly refuse to renew your medication if the time restriction has been exceeded.

Consequently, it’s a good idea to contact your insurance company to find out more about early prescription refill limitations and the actions to make if you ever need one.

Could You Get Your Medicine Renewed Early in Certain Scenarios?

Could You Get Your Medicine Renewed Early

In the given circumstances, you will be allowed to have your medications refilled early (after completing the necessary procedure):

  • You’re traveling or taking a holiday, so you’ll need to pack a few additional items.
  • You have an official forensic record to show your health insurer, doctors, and pharmacy since your medicine was taken.
  • Owing to an impending weather phenomenon that will shut off accessibility to pharmacies, you must have a supply of medicine at home.

How Can You Get Your Prescription Filled Before The Due Date?

You must prepare ahead of time and contact your pharmacist and healthcare company about the criteria you must meet in order to get your prescriptions filled earlier.

You must already have exclusions for trips and emergencies with your health insurer, so you won’t have to do anything other than tell Walgreens about your condition.

In some scenarios, you may need to present a new prescription from your physician that stipulates a 60-day rather than a 30-day dose, for instance.

How Do You Get A Restricted Prescription Medication Refill Early?

In the event of an emergency that necessitates an earlier refilling of a restricted medication, contact your health professional as soon as possible.

Following that, your health professional will contact Walgreens (or any other drugstore) and ask for an early refill. You must produce documented and verified prescriptions for the medicines to Walgreens.

You will only be prescribed medication for the duration of the treatment time mentioned in the prescription, with no possibility for additional refills.


Walgreens will fill a medical prescription for Schedule III and IV medicines three days prior, as long as you stay within your medical or insurance company’s limits. You must produce a valid prescription for each refill of restricted medicines.

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