Does Burger King Take Apple Pay? – A Common FAQ!

By Phillip Adcock
Last Updated: June 19, 2022
Does Burger King Take Apple Pay

With the rise in mobile transactions, consumers have more options for buying goods and services. Such apps as Venmo, Cash, etc… allow you to send money and make purchases online, in-store, and even via the drive-through. 

So, does Burger King accept Apple Pay? That is the question every customer wants to know. Wait no more, here is the answer!

Does Burger King Take Apple Pay At Their Stores?

Sadly, Burger King does not take orders purchased through Apple Pay. Their ordering app stopped using the iOS support system a few years ago. 

That means customers must use other forms of payment if they want to buy delicious things from this famous fast-food chain.

Apple Pay

Furthermore, B.K. won’t accept Apple Pay for all types of payment, including in-store, drive-thru, and B.K. online app orders. Instead, it allows other modes such as credit card, cash, debit card, and Venmo.

Why Did Burger King Stop Accepting Apple Pay?

Just so you know, when B.K. launched their first-ever online app for mobile users, they offered A.P.. However, it never worked at the checkout area, drive-thru, or even inside dining areas. 

Not until 2019 that B.K. stopped accepting mobile payments because of the partnering dissensions with Paypal. 

Why Can’t You Pay Using Apple Pay In BK Stores?

In 2014, this fast food chain collaborated with PayPal. That means there is no field for A.P. anymore because these two companies always compete with each other.

B.K. customers can make purchases through their own personal PayPal account to use some coupons. Or they can order food through the app and pick it up at the store or the drive-thru window.

Does Burger King Take Apple Pay In Drive Thru? 

You may ask: “Does Burger King take Apple Pay in drive thru?” 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. As we had mentioned earlier, this iOS payment system and Paypal are competitors. So B.K. had to choose between these two big companies.

PayPal is a well-known and trusted name in payment processing, so it made sense for them to take on this project. The integration had been easier than expected because of their experience with other apps like A.P.

Is Burger King App Easy To Use?

Customers will not have trouble when using the Burger King app. Mobile payment apps are all basically the same, but users will find different benefits depending on what they’re looking for. 

With the B.K. app, it is easy for you to get a lot of vouchers or first-serve, first-come offers at your fingertips. You can use all of these awards and gifts for online purchases or at any B.K. drive-thru session and in-store.

What Are Other Payment Apps That This Fast Food Restaurant Accept?

This fast food chain is constantly searching for ways to reach its target demographic of younger customers. This partnership with PayPal allowed them to align on Venmo. This has become the preferred payment app among millennials and centennials alike.

B.K. tried to attract buyers for their new $1 Your Way menu by giving away something extra. They randomly sent out a dollar to customers who use Venmo.

Other Payment Apps Bugger King

About The Burger King App

What Extra Prices That This App Offer?

Every time you use the B.K. app to make a purchase, you can earn scores called “Crowns”. With these B.K. crowns, you have the chance to get free food once you buy a cheesy Whopper.

To use coupon points for mobile android devices, tap “Earn B.K. Crown” then input the promotion code when checking out at the cashier. This can give you a discount, and your account can receive some more extra crowns for the next time.

It only costs $5 to get 50 Crowns. Every time you use the B.K. mobile app, 20% more are given in return. Earning one of their onion rings is enough incentive for using it.

Can I Download The App For Free?

To download the free app, go to your device’s official store and search for “Burger King”. You can try to search ‘Available’ next to B.K. in either Google Play or App Store. This means there are no bugs restricting access. 

However, some apps may require ingredients such as “Location Services“. This enables certain features like checking in at locations through G.P.S. monitoring systems within phones.

How To Use The App?

The next time you are hungry and in need of a delicious burger, download the B.K. app. Once it’s opened on your phone or tablet screen, it will prompt for payment details for automatic debit transactions, and the only thing you need to do is fill it out.

What Are Other Advantages When Using the App?

B.K. app is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. The company has formed agreements with PayPal to ensure that customers can use the B.K. app.

In addition to its traditional menu, B.K. offers a variety of healthier options for those wanting to avoid fat and calories. The app available on mobile devices provides nutritional information. Thanks to this, you can make informed choices when dining out or shopping in-store.

Advantages When Using the App

Will Burger King Accept Apple Pay In The Future?

B.K. will never be able to use the iOS payment system as long as they still partner with Venmo and PayPal. There’s a small chance that the company will adopt another payment system.

However, the recent developments of A.P., in this case, could open a new page for consideration. The $1 coupon from Apple Pay Burger King can help customers get some tasty Whoppers at B.K. stores and save money.

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This article has provided some useful information and given you the answer to your question: Does Burger King take Apple Pay? B.K. is not on board with A.P. because it has a partnership agreement with its competitor, Venmo of Paypal.

We hope you enjoy reading! And if there is any question, feel free to leave a comment for us.

Phillip Adcock is the founder and Managing Director of the research agency Shopping Behaviour Xplained (SBXL ), a shopping research organization using psychological consumer insight to explain and help consumers answer their questions about stores, products and services.
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