Best Buy Return Policy No Receipt 2024

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 16, 2023
Best Buy Return Policy Without Receipt

Do you want to return a product from Best Buy but lost your receipt? In today’s article, we will cover all of Best Buy’s return policies in detail, including the basic process for returns at Best Buy. Stay tuned!

Can I Return To Best Buy Without Receipt?

Yes, Here are some cases where you can return products at Best Buy.

Holiday Return Period

Things can get crazy on holidays, especially when people hoard their carts with gifts for their loved ones. Luckily, Best Buy is willing to accommodate their customers with an extended return policy: if you made a purchase from October 16, 2021, to January 2, 2022, you could have the item returned by January 16, 2022.

Restocking Fees

Some special items come with a restocking fee if you wish to return them. More specifically, here are:

  • Smartphone: $45
  • Projectors: 15%
  • DSLR cameras: 15%
  • Drones: 15%

Returning Gifts

Sometimes receivers don’t like the gift they’re given; they want a return on the item without notifying the giver, and that’s understandable. In these situations, it is best to return the product in-store rather than online as the giver will likely receive an email about the transaction, which would make it super awkward.

Refurbished Products/Preowned Products

Refurbished or pre-owned products follow the same returning protocol as other items as Best Buy anticipates that such products work like new.

Special Cases

  • Cellphones: Since Best Buy has no control over digital products, they follow the manufacturer’s return policy. It means they will only take returns within 14 days from the day you bought the product.
  • Wedding Registry Items: You have a 60-day return policy with wedding registry items as Best Buy understands the time it takes to go through all the presents for newlyweds.
  • Special Orders: Best Buy charges a 15% fee for instant delivery upon items that weren’t in stock.

Is It Okay To Return Items Without A Receipt At Best Buy?

You can rest assured that Best Buy does address refunds even for items with no receipts, as long as it is within 14 days since the day you bought the product.

You have an option to provide an alternative proof instead of a receipt, such as packing clips or credit card statements. A valid photo ID is also required for the process.

How Strict Is Best Buy Return Policy on Items Without A Receipt?

The items can only be returned provided that you have eligible proof that you purchased the items. Best Buy has full rights to deny return requests if you fail to provide proof of purchases. Items that appear to be damaged or defective are likely to be denied.

How Strict Is Best Buy Return Policy

How Long Does It Take Best Buy Refund No Receipt?

It should take around 7-10 business days for a refund to be sent by mail. The time varies depending on the payment method (online or in-store) and your bank processing time.

Can Best Buy Refuse Your Return Without A Receipt?


As mentioned above, Best Buy reserves the right to take back its products if you don’t provide them with eligible proof. In other situations, Best Buy employees reject a return when:

  • Multiple returns have been made under your ID
  • Outside of the return window

What To Do If Your Return Gets Denied?

In case you still insist on getting a return, you can try talking to a manager, contacting corporate, or reselling the product.

Talk To A Manager

Usually, store managers have more authority than cashiers, so you might talk to them. Try to maintain a positive attitude throughout the talk and explain why you want a refund. After the manager has come down to a decision, that will be the final call.

Contact Corporate

If you still think your return should be accepted after failing to ask a manager, go ahead and plead your case to corporate customer support over the phone.

Resell The Product

This is pretty much the last thing you can do after trying everything. There are plenty of platforms where you can sell the products to local residents in your area. Craigslist and eBay are two of the most popular ones.


Well, that’s the end of our article. Best Buy understands that customers all need to make a return at some point, even without a receipt. We hope we have made it clear to you about the Best Buy return policy, and that you can make use of the tips we provided.

Remember to return items within the time allowed, and you should be good.

What Is Best Buy’s Return Policy?

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