Why Is Verizon So Slow? – How To Solve This Problem?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Why Is Verizon So Slow

As our phones continue to shift towards more data usage, many of us rely on having access to the internet at all times. But have you noticed that it can become pretty slow when using Verizon’s LTE? Do we want to ask why Verizon is so slow?

Is your Verizon coverage getting slower? Most might think it is. But there’s a very scientific explanation as to why this problem has arisen. Read on.

9 Reasons Why Verizon Is So Slow?

1. Phone Requires Restarted

If you’ve noticed the reduced speed and signal strength and Verizon wireless running slow, you should restart your device.

Doing a ‘hard reset’ to your phone seems like harsh advice, but it may just be what’s needed to rectify any annoying problems affecting how you use your phone.

2. Data Saving Mode Is On

It could be easy for users to accidentally change the default settings on their devices to switch over to the “Data Saver” mode once they start using more data than usual. 

When this happens, Internet speeds begin to slow down as Verizon tries to manage your usage, which can be distressing- and when you factor in the additional facts surrounding websites being broken with Data Saver activated.

If you’re using an Android smartphone, head to Settings and then Network & Internet, where you’ll find the Data Saver option. Disable it by turning this setting off.

For an iPhone, you can turn off cellular data by sliding the button on the bar at the top of your screen to the “Off” position.

3. A VPN App Is On

Many people use VPNs each day, but many don’t realize that having the VPN turned on can slow down your internet service! 

If you have noticed that your cellular connection is running slowly and suspect it’s because of a VPN, try disabling it for a short period to see if it affects performance.

4. Apps On Your Device

Do you have any apps that are chewing up your bandwidth? These so-called data hogs could be robbing you of Verizon’s lightning-fast speeds! Fortunately, it’s super easy to check. 

You can easily identify what’s consuming all your data and see if any apps can be updated or uninstalled – which would stop them from maintaining a presence on Verizon’s network.

On an iOS device, browse to Settings > Cellular. You can see which apps use cellular data by pulling down the screen with two fingers.

It’s super important to know how much data our apps use on cellular networks and WiFi. This way, we can ensure that things don’t get out of hand. For iOS devices, go to “Settings” and “Cellular” to see a list of apps that can access the data. 

For Android devices, you need to tap on “Settings,” then “Network Management”, and find the option for “Mobile Network Data Usage.

Next, you can open your mobile’s ‘Settings app (this will vary depending on the device you’re using) and click ‘Data Usage.’ It will bring up a list of apps with how much data each is using.

5. Data Limit Exceeded

Have you noticed that your Verizon slowness is happening? This could be because you’ve gone over your monthly data plan. 

Once you’ve gone over your allocation for the month, Verizon will slow down your connection until the next bill cycle begins and new data caps are allotted.

6. Apps Requires Updates And Bugged Fixed

Verizon phones can run much faster if the owners make sure that any new apps are updated as soon as possible.

Today, more than ever before, smartphones and tablets require users to have a high-speed connection to keep up with their friends and favourite sites. 

It is easier for Verizon customers to slow down their devices when needed through updates, either because of an app failure or a virus attack. That is why they should use updates to fix bugs within their apps. 

The best way to experience a better connection while using your favourite apps would be to use Verizon router extenders to help you achieve optimal wireless signal ranges at home or in your office.

7. Network Outages

While Verizon may be considered one of the best mobile carriers, it’s still prone to network outages and other providers. Verizon provides a support page for users where outages or issues can be reported and looked upon.

But it’s also important to look at external team websites, such as Downdetector, which will alert you if there is an issue with the network. 

You can also communicate via social media with other Verizon customers in your area, experiencing similar problems with their cell phone coverage. So, you can assess whether you should keep trying or find an alternative just in case.

8. The device Or Hardware Is Not Up-to-date

What affects Verizon’s performance? Your device – If you’re trying to use the mobile app on an older phone or computer, the app may not function well. 

Additionally, if your hardware is outdated and doesn’t have the newest updates, this can also impact how fast Verizon operates.

For example, in case you’re running on a version of Android that hasn’t been updated in a while, it leaves the possibility that you won’t be able to run some applications properly, which could even result in crashes. 

The same is true for having outdated hardware, as it could very well reduce the performance and speed of the device.

9. 5G Is On

5G Is On

Are you turning 5G? This is one of the reasons why your Verizon service becomes slow. Even mobile data speed (because of limited coverage) will also be slower. 

Due to utilizing dynamic spectrum sharing, Verizon is known as DSS for 5G. But, reusing part of the 4G network of DSS makes it not a full-blown 5G system, so its speed is slower than 4G.

You Have Too Many Devices Connected To Your Internet Connection

As you may know, the more devices connected to the same Internet connection, the slower your speed will be. 

In addition, if you live with numerous people and work at sites like Verizon or most other providers, you’ll notice a significant difference in how slow your connection gets when using devices from many different users.


Verizon can sometimes be slow. This is not necessarily the fault of Verizon; however – slower speeds often do indicate an equipment or network problem. 

In addition to slow speeds, data caps or too many devices on the network may also cause sluggishness. Finally, deleting unnecessary apps could speed your device up a great deal as well.

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