Who Owns Straight Talk in 2024 ? Is it Verizon?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 8, 2023
Does Verizon Own Straight Talk

Recently, many Straight Talk users have recognized the change in speed, making them wonder if there is any transformation for the company. Yes, it is! The giant corporation in the telecommunication industry – Verizon, has just successfully bought Straight Talk, so there will be many modifications for the users.

In this post, let’s dive deep into the question of “did Verizon buy Straight Talk?”, and educate ourselves with some brief comparisons between the two companies’ services.

Does Verizon Own Straight Talk 2024 ?

Yes. At the end of 2021, Verizon corporation successfully purchased Tracfone, which owns Straight Talk. 

Thus, Straight Talk has become one of Verizon’s new subsidiaries. Verizon can have a 50% share profit from Straight Talk’s revenue, but the company will allow Straight Talk to use this network for service quality enhancement.

Is Straight Talk And Verizon The Same?

No, it is not. People are usually misunderstood that Straight Talk and Verizon are the same, while in fact, it is not. Officially, Straight Talk is a subsidiary or sub-brand under the management of Verizon. In other words, Verizon is the “mother” company of Straight Talk in the meantime.

Let’s talk a bit about Verizon. Founded in 1983 in the States, Verizon has long established its name in the telecommunications industry by offering high-speed internet and TV services. Currently, the company is valued at over $194 billion. 

Under the management of Verizon are many small subsidiaries specializing in broadband networks, internet access services for smartphones, tablets, and many other wireless devices. And Straight Talk is one of its newest sub-brands.

After becoming a subpart of Verizon, Straight Talk users witnessed the rise in loading speed for Straight Talk services, caused by the corporate deal with Verizon: they will share the Verizon network to enhance the services.

In a nutshell, they are not the same. However, Straight Talk is under the management of Verizon now after the purchase of Tracfone at the end of 2021. Straight Talk will improve the quality of sharing Verizon network while the mother company can take 50% of the profit.


What Are The Advantages Of Integrating Straight Talk With Verizon?

After integrating, Straight Talk users identified an obvious improvement in downloading and uploading speed because the company now is sharing the network and technology with its “mother” – Verizon. 

Shortly, Straight Talk – as one of the subsidiaries – will continue to receive support from Verizon, like updating to a 5G or LTE network.

Straight Talk vs. Verizon, Whose Services Are Better?

Straight Talk vs. Verizon

Of course, Verizon! Let us break down the comparison into three factors: speed, fee, and coverage.

Straight Talk provides 31.1 Mbps download speeds and 15.6 Mbps upload speeds. Meanwhile, Verizon can offer 53.3 Mbps download speeds and 17.5 Mbps upload speeds.

What about the coverage? Before the deal, Straight Talk had about 9 million users, while Verizon had 121.3 million subscribers. We can see that Verizon’s user network is obviously larger than Straight Talk’s. 

For family plans, Verizon offers a $140/ month deal, while Straight Talk has a cheaper plan of $90. 

To add-in, for people with poor credit, Verizon’s contract fee is quite higher than its competitors.

To sum up, Verizon still out shadows Straight Talk in terms of service quality.

Straight Talk vs Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Speed Test

Is The Verizon phone Compatible With Straight Talk?

Most Verizon phones can work with Straight Talk and vice versa. Especially since 2022, Verizon is one of the four major networks that Straight Talk chooses to provide their cell phone services, so of course, it must be compatible interchangeably. 

Only unlocked Verizon phones can be switched to other services except for Verizon. Typically, the newly activated Verizon phone will be locked for 60 days after purchase. You cannot change on your phone. After that window period, you can switch whatever you want.

Should I Switch from Straight Talk To Verizon?

Yes, you should! In fact, most Straight Talk compatible phones will also work out on Verizon. So, you don’t need to worry about their compatibility. 

Next, Verizon surely provides you with more benefits than Straight Talk. The coverage is bigger; the speed is strikingly higher. So, why not? 

If you are worried about the phone number change, let me confirm: you can keep the old phone number even if you switch to Verizon services. Their plans allow new users to keep the old phone number if they want to!

Bottom line

The deal was announced at the end of 2021, so many people still don’t know about this information. We can see that Straight Talk’s speed and quality have become better than ever with this transfer. 

It is recommended to switch to Verizon services – it is convenient, fast with great coverage.

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