Verizon Location Code – Updated Information In 2024

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 8, 2023
Verizon Location Code

Verizon location code is a usual term that you may see many times on the Verizon official website or its stores. Additionally, the location code Verizon can appear on the invoice that you receive for Verizon preorders. 

So, what does this code illustrate? Why do you need the code, and how to find the code on your order? Let’s scroll down to find the answers!  

What Is The 2024 Verizon Location Code?

Verizon’s location code is a common code that identifies a store’s merchandise originating so that inventory managers and customers can keep track of the goods. This is one of the most typical ways to monitor preorders in 2024.

A location number is essential for detecting where an order was made and where the delivery services transported it. Even if you bring a device back to shops, buy new equipment, or need a gadget fixed, they can always track the origin of the orders by location code.

How Can You Find The Verizon Location Code?  

Receive your Verizon Location Code

If you get Verizon preorders or purchase a standard order, you need to log in to your order confirmation page or invoice. The Verizon location code is often displayed in these places. 

This code frequently begins with a letter, then a series of digits and multiple numbers, such as “D106501” or “P175401.” 

Sometimes, the location code only has a string of numbers like “0862001.” You may wonder whether this code is missing, but it’s a normal thing that many other codes also include numbers only. 

Further, if you’ve created a My Verizon profile and account and recently preordered an item, you can log in to your account and click on “My Orders” to check your recent transaction’s location code. It is a popular way to do the location code lookup. 

When Will You Receive your Verizon Location Code?

When you receive your order confirmation, it should include the Verizon location code so that you can check the inventory storing your order. You can find the code on your order invoice or goods receipt.

Generally, when you place an order from Verizon, the order invoice will be addressed to you through the mail after a few minutes. However, this process will take you a bit longer to receive the invoice, up to 12 hours in certain situations. Paper receipts are also sent after a long time.

If you don’t receive the mail or any notification in your Inbox, check the Spam folder. Sometimes, the invoices can be in the Spam for some reason.

What If You Can’t Locate My Verizon Location Code?

If you require the location code of your recent transaction directly made from Verizon, you will have to contact its customer care. Verizon will soon provide you with your Verizon location code list.

However, in some cases, you don’t need to have the location code and just leave it blank, such as when you fill out specific documents and forms.

Several Verizon documents do not ask for the location code. Instead, you can use the shop number, depending on the online customers experiencing that circumstance.

How To Find Your Verizon Store Number? 

If you want to check your Verizon store number, go to the Verizon Store Locator featured on the official website. It will help you find the store number easily.

Additionally, your nearest store will appear on the page if your location access is enabled on the web. It makes the searching process faster and more convenient.

Besides, you can use your zip code to locate the nearest Verizon shop or a specific location if you’re looking for further information. By entering the store on the screen’s left side, you’ll see an URL including the store number and the city.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Location Code For Every Verizon Store? 

Every Verizon shop has a location code since Verizon needs to identify where a product was purchased and where orders were requested and originated.

Moreover, each Verizon shop, both online and phone sales platforms, has been allocated a location identifier so that the company can monitor the inventory of each store and supplier.

Is There A Location Code On Every Verizon Order?

Verizon’s order location code does not always appear, so it’ll be difficult for you to keep track of your orders and goods. Fortunately, if you preorder products straight from Verizon, they will include the location code. 

Besides, it will depend on where you buy the goods. For example, if you purchase through some authorized dealers like Best Buy, these products won’t contain a location code.

Is A Verizon Location Code Required For Tracking? 

If you don’t create a My Verizon account, you can fill in the location code on the Verizon Check Order Status page. It will help you track your orders. In case you don’t know or forget your location code, you cannot monitor your order delivery through the Verizon official website. 

Then, you’ll need to contact Verizon customer service to find the code we’ve mentioned above.

Is The Verizon Location Code Required When Making Claims?

If you’re filing a claim, you’ll need the Verizon location code. A location code is also required for other claims like cargo damage claims, promotional claims, and refunds.


Using the Verizon location code is an effective way to track your orders’ origin and inventory. It helps you identify where this order comes from or whether it is authentic from Verizon. 

Hopefully, through this article, you’ve probably understood what this code is, how it works, and other related questions so that you can use the code in the right way.

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