Who Is Home Depot Commercials Voice Actor 2024 ? A Surprising Information!

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 7, 2023
Who Is Home Depot Voice Actor

Home Depot’s packaging and branding is instantly recognizable across the U.S. The voice behind Home Depot commercials is also particularly distinctive, and it can be heard in several other advertisements.

This is why many people want to look at Home Depot Voice Actor 2024. Let’s take a closer look at this team that creates Home Depot’s distinct public personality and learn some facts that I have discovered about them.

Who Is Home Depot Voice Actor 2024 ?

Josh Lucas
Josh Lucas

Home Depot’s current voice of its television advertisements is Josh Lucas. In the past, Elvis Presley lent his well-known southern drawl and slightly cheesy charm to radio and television ads for the Home Depot from 2003 to 2005. 

In addition, Ed Harris provides the voice for the Home Depot commercials in the first season of the Zoo show that aired on CBS in 1995. Brian Cummings did infomercials for The Home Depot from 2012-to 2013.

Who Voices The Home Depot Commercials Previously?

The following voice and drama actors were featured in commercials for Home Depot. They have worked on 12 commercials, including Josh Lucas, Ed Harris, and Brian Cummings.

How Does Josh Lucas Work As A Spokesperson For Home Depot Commercials?

From September 2013 to the present, Josh Lucas has voiced Home Depot commercials. He shared that he picked up the role thanks to a friend who knew someone in Home Depot’s marketing department. Indeed, it is rumored that Home Depot hired him as he was a close family friend of one of its marketing executives.

Lucas’ voice may have been recorded at home with a professional microphone or at the Sound Palace recording studio in Dallas, Texas, because most commercials are recorded there. 

Is There Any Women Voice Of The Home Depot Commercials?

Dawn Warner is a well-known actress. She has done commercials for Home Depot and several other giant companies like Toyota and Sears. Scarlett Estevez is also an actress who occasionally works on commercials for Home Depot stores.

How Was The First Home Depot Commercial?

Home Depot began with a slow start in 1985. At that time, home improvement had not yet been set ablaze. The first marketed and commercialized television ad for Home Depot took place on KTRK Channel 13 during an intermission of The Five Pennies. 

The 1995 re-creation of this original advertisement has demonstrated how the company was progressing. Despite being ‘less than marketable’ at first, it has improved immensely over the years to what we see it as today.

How Does The Voice Applying Process In Home Depot Commercial Work?

To do authentic voice-overs for a Home Depot or Lowes commercial, it’s always best to start with some acting or mock announcer experience. 

Suppose the actor is willing to invest time and money in learning how to become an announcer. The first step would be going to a professional drama school or taking lessons from an acting coach who can give them appropriate training in voice-over skills. 

Now you have got an instructional resource on your side and built up some practice by watching TV commercials. Then,  let’s research agencies that represent announcers and submit their demo tape so that they’ll be able to consider you for work.

Whether you end up with the role of a voice actor in a Home Depot commercial or not depends on many factors. For example, they assess whether your voice will work for the commercial or not.

Even though it is not a very simple task, you need to go through some interviews and some auditions. Then, you might get the job as a Home Depot voice actor. 


In summary, the current voice of Home Depot ads is Josh Lucas. One of Josh Lucas’s recent film roles was in the film ‘Sweet Home Alabama‘. And if you want to become a home depot voice actor, you can go for it. If you are ready, why don’t you give it a try?

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