Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint? – An Artist Preference

By Phillip Adcock
Last Updated: June 20, 2022
Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint

You wouldn’t find artist-grade paints at a big box store like Home Depot because Benjamin Moore paints are only sold at specialty retailers.

However, if you look out for the next time you attend an art fair or a similar event featuring independent artists, you will see that they often use Benjamin Moore paints to create their masterpieces. 

That’s why “Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint? is a common question among people, as it is a famous destination.

Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint In 2022?

No, Home Depot does not provide Benjamin Moore Paint in 2022. Although omHe Depot’s paint section boasts a broad choice of colors and pricing points, one brand of paint that it does not carry is Benjamin Moore. When it comes to the question: does Home Depot carry Benjamin Moore paint? We have to say sadly, no. The Home Depot sells Behr, PPG, and Glidden, but not Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore paint is available on the Home Depot Canada online or in shops across the country, including Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia. 

You can only acquire this specific product if you go to its specialized store located in the correct place.

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Why Can’t You Find Benjamin Moore Home Depot?

Benjamin Moore paint is not offered at Home Depot since the company virtually entirely sells paint to independent shops.

Furthermore, their choice aligns with their firm objectives of offering products and services to consumers who are prepared to pay for high-quality products and want a customized experience. Everyone enjoys a good story, and Benjamin Moore is no exception.

They feel that at brick-and-mortar establishments, clients are frequently not as individualized. They frequently feel as though their requirements are given short shifts. 

Therefore, like many other small companies, they opted to go with independent chains that offer a different shopping experience.

What Are Other Paints You Can Find At Home Depot? 

So, Home Depot Benjamin Moore Paint is unavailable, but there are other paints.

Home Depot is not just the world’s largest do-it-yourself home renovation store; they are also recognized for selling a diverse selection of items and brands that appeal to a wide range of tastes. 

Paint brands are also quite different, and you may almost likely discover the correct paint for you if you do not use Benjamin Moore.

Home Depot Paint
  • Behr was Home Depot’s response to painting and the variety of colors and quality it entails. Purchasing their brand is not only a cost-cutting move, but it also demonstrates Home Depot’s trust in the quality of their product, in this case, Benjamin Moore paints.

Behr Marquee offers outstanding coverage when applied and is equivalent to Ben Moore paints.

  • Kilz paints, which comes with its very own substance abuse problems, isn’t quite as good as Benjamin Moore paints, and their ceiling paints aren’t the only available game in town by a long shot – especially when it has to do with coverage – but there is an affordable alternative that gives good value for your buck.
  • PPG Diamond: Does Benjamin Moore sound like it might be a lot of money? PPG Diamond is the safe choice for you! It’s inexpensive, very easy to clean, and has mold and mildew resistance too!

All of these firms have devoted followers, and both produce high-quality goods that are built to last. Depending on your requirements, either will suffice. 

You’ll have to select which one you want depending on whether you need a lot of coverage or strong durability for less money, as they are less expensive than other paints. 

But this isn’t about which you prefer: it’s about determining where you can get the most bang for your dollars.

Is Home Depot Color The Same As Benjamin Moore Paint?

Although Home Depot cannot offer the same broad range of paint colors like Benjamin Moore, they have similar color schemes available in limited amounts.

Where Can I Buy Benjamin Moore Paint?

Benjamin Moore is well-known for producing high-quality paints; yet, their paint selection may be limited because they only ship to local, independent merchants. 

So, if you’re shopping for goods, you can always check their website first to find a nearby store that has them. However, while the Benjamin Moore website allows you to explore goods and learn more about this type of paint, delivery is only available in the continental United States.

When you paint online, you may select a wide range of Benjamin Moore colors to suit your preferences. In addition, they also have samples available so you can find the most suitable piece for your color picture.

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If you’re wondering: Does Home Depot sell Benjamin Moore paint, the answer is no. There is no Benjamin Moore paint at Home Depot.

We haven’t looked at what paint is available and where to get it in a while, but not only has the landscape of purchasing and selling paint become more congested but there’s now a whole new world of online shopping for it. 

The good thing is that you may purchase the most popular brands even if you cannot shop in person. Enjoy your shipping, and we will see you soon!

Phillip Adcock is the founder and Managing Director of the research agency Shopping Behaviour Xplained (SBXL ), a shopping research organization using psychological consumer insight to explain and help consumers answer their questions about stores, products and services.