PetSmart Fish Return Policy 2024 – What Should You Know?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 16, 2023

The fish that we keep in our tanks are little members of the family. However, like humans, it is important to remember that pets sometimes have health problems. They may not be completely healthy at the time you buy them, sometimes they die after they have been purchased.

Want to know how to return an ill or dead fish to PetSmart, as in PetSmart return policy fish? Keep on reading to find out!

What Is The Fish Return Policy at Petsmart?

PetSmart fish return policy will give consumers two weeks from the date of purchase to swap or return their purchased fish for a refund beginning February 11, 2021.

Clients can also replace unwanted fish by putting them securely in a fish tank together with a bill and a proper photo ID.

Is It Possible To Bring Back PetSmart A Sick Fish? 

Customers can return ill fish to PetSmart shopkeepers, but a few conditions must be met first, like how the customer has to keep a note from their vet during the purchase.

Customers must also make the exchange within two weeks of the onset transaction. They must also be able to provide the item’s original receipt.

Out of the 2-week return duration? PetSmart fish policy can assist you if you need to return your stray animal pet. The staff will consult with you if your returns meet the criteria to be accepted.

Can You Swap A Sick Or Unwanted Fish For Other Fish?

You can swap out a sick fish for another one within two weeks of having purchased it, as long as you have the previous purchase bill.

As soon as you arrive back at PetSmart with your sick fish, they will, of course, acknowledge your unhappiness and proceed in accommodating you by giving you the choice to get a refund or trade it in for a new one. 

If you want a whole new fish and don’t wish for a swap of any kind, be sure to tell the associate upon taking in your pet.

Which Way To Bring A Sick Fish Back?

If one of your fish falls ill, you can place it in a tank. Filling a bag or container with plastic water is the simplest method to return it to PetSmart.

The unwell fish should then be placed in the bag; never use water from the tap as it may damage or kill the fish.

It would be wise to try to decrease the amount of time the fish spends in the fish tank by returning it directly to PetSmart. You should bring back this fish to the pet store as soon as possible.

Can You Return A Dead Fish To PetSmart?

The same as the above cases, if you return a dead fish to PetSmart within two weeks after the purchase date, it will be swapped for credit toward your next fish.

If you decide to exchange your fish rather than receive a refund, staffs at PetSmart may request water from your container to verify that the new fish is safe.

To determine if the cause of death was caused by factors within your control (such as dirty water), they’ll test the water to make sure it’s healthy.

Which Way To Return A Dead Fish? 

To bring a dead fish back to PetSmart, put the fish’s body in a safe box first. Then take it to your nearest PetSmart shop and let the PetSmart dead fish policy work.

It will guarantee the fish’s secure and efficient transportation and transfer to PetSmart.

The helpful staff there will ensure that all fish remains are removed from the aquarium, free of charge.

It’s worth remembering to bring along your PetSmart receipt when returning a fish to either replace or exchange it if an issue is discovered with its water, as they’ll need to check it before using it again.

Which Item Should You Bring With When Swapping A Fish?

To swap a fish, you must bring the thing below to the store:

  • The fish which you would like to trade
  • The bill you received when you bought that fish
  • A legitimate type of photo ID
  • A little sample of water from your fish tank 

Remember that the store’s policy requires returns to be completed within two weeks after the first purchase.

How Long Does It Take For Refunds? 

You can hope a PetSmart refund takes an average of 5 days to process so that you receive your money in the form of a cash deposit into your bank account.

Next, PetSmart will send an email directly in your inbox asking you to confirm receipt of the refund that they’ve already set into motion.

Is It Possible To Bring Back A Used Fish Tank? 

PetSmart has an interesting return policy for certain products, like aquariums. 

When returns are over a certain size and beyond a particular weight, the retailer will require a specialized shipping method to be returned by the customer. 

It does not mean that you cannot return these items if they do not meet up the requirements provided 

PetSmart allows returning your product in good condition, which means it’s new or has been used but is still in sellable condition and prepackaged.

Can Small Animals Be Returned To PetSmart? 

Small animals such as hamsters, gerbils, and fish (but not birds, rodents, or more exotic creatures) can be returned within two weeks of the initial purchase to PetSmart locations with your receipt.

We would rarely allow a healthful animal to be returned. That doesn’t mean they will not make exceptions, and each situation is dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

If you adopt a new animal but can’t care for it after a while, return it to the PetSmart store

They will help you ensure that the animal gets taken care of properly with an effective solution, or they will find resources in your area to give the animal a home.


PetSmart takes returns of sick or dead fish within two weeks of the original transaction, provided you have your bill to prove it was you that originally made the purchase and possess valid photo identification should they ask for it.

Hope you can find this article on Petsmart return policy fish helpful. Have a good and lengthy life with your pet!


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