How To Order Medicine Ball On Starbucks App – The Special Drink

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 14, 2023
How To Order Medicine Ball On Starbucks App

Starbucks has a reputation for serving quality drinks and food that quench various thirsts and hunger pangs and provide adjunctive comfort to sore throats and runny noses.

Medicine ball is one of the features of Starbucks, but do you know how to order a medicine ball on the Starbucks app? This article is here to help!

How Do You Order The Medicine Ball Using The Starbucks App?

You should find it on the list of available categories until you find the Hot Tea section. You will then need to scroll down halfway until reaching Green Teas. There, you will see “Honey Citrus Mint Tea” as an official name under a black triangle icon, and next to it is its price. 

This peach green tea drink contains a blend of green tea, steamed lemonade, and honey in hot water.

What Is The Medicine Ball Officially Named?

“Honey Citrus Mint Tea” is the formal name of this drink. 

The Medicine Ball was born out of Starbucks’ customer-made drink personalization tool, which has now been included in the company’s menu.

This herbal tea punch, however, was introduced to the regular menu in 2012 because of its rising popularity on Instagram.

Before this tea was officially renamed on the menu board, it used to be called The Medicine Ball. 

Most staff are acquainted with the previous moniker and will recognize what you’re looking for if you want The Medicine Ball rather than something refreshing.’

Is It Possible To Order A Medicine Ball Using The Starbucks App?

The Starbucks App

It can be hard to get out of bed and go to the store when you’re not feeling well. Fortunately, the mobile app allows you to buy ahead of time.

You might have some trouble ordering a Medicine Ball in Starbucks if you can’t find it on the drink list. 

However, if you have the actual name, it’s simple to purchase a drink directly or via the mobile app.

Honey Citrus Mint Tea adds an aromatic, subtle flavor to any meal or tea drink and tastes best on a hot day when you’re craving a refreshing ice-cold beverage. 

As one of the most popular herb teas in America today, this sweet concoction also tastes unique when paired with a touch of lemonade or honey. 

What Is Medicine Ball Made Of?

The Honey Citrus Mint Tea is a soothing and relaxing combination of two organic flavors – Peach Tranquility herbal tea and Jade Citrus Mint green tea, with a sweet twist! 

They make our signature drink by blending equal amounts of hot water and steaming lemonade, then sweetening it with honey.

It is filled with ingredients that are perfect for rejuvenating your health and pampering your body, including lemonade made from organic lemons.

There are candied peaches, honeydew syrup, green tea marinated in passion fruit, oranges infused with soothing floral blossoms like lavender and rose petals. 

It’s healthy for you to go on a juice cleanse every once in a while. You’ll feel so good when eating organic foods!

Honey Citrus Mint Tea is a refreshing drink that will get you on your feet in no time! 

The nutrient-loaded fluids, vitamins, and honey C help to make you feel good about yourself because, let’s face it, sometimes everything feels like a little too much.

What Is The Calorie Content Of A Honey Citrus Mint Tea?

One particularly impressive example is vitamin C in the refreshing and replenishing vitamins that it contains.

Despite having fewer calories than other green teas, a Starbucks Green Tea may still include far too much sweetness.

Nutrition experts believe that some of the flavored syrups may contain more calories in their fruit ingredients than healthy minerals from any given tea.

While your drink may not be sweet enough to your liking when it’s prepared with a teaspoon of syrup, feel free to ask the barista to prepare you another version of it by requesting half-sugar or more pumps.

Which Place Have Recipes For Medicine Ball?

When you can’t make it to the coffee shop to grab one yourself, don’t worry too much – DIY is here to save the day. 

If you need that drink so much, you may quickly make one at home without going through the inconveniences that are generally associated with it.

All you’ll need to do is get your hands on Starbucks’ big secret recipe book.

While you might spend hours online looking for a copycat Starbucks Honey Citrus Mint Tea recipe on Internet, wouldn’t it be much more satisfying to take matters into your own hands and make one at home? 

Fortunately, we’ve tracked down an easy-peasy recipe that lets you create this delicious drink directly in your kitchen. 

Further, it requires ingredients that are probably already hanging out in your fridge or pantry! Just follow the simple instructions, grab a nice mug and start sipping!

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