Does Walgreens Scan Photos? New Update 2024

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Dec 8, 2023
Does Walgreens Scan Photos

In the United States, Walgreens (WAG) is known as one of the major retail brands. In addition to providing essential products, Walgreens also supports and provides all kinds of image-related services.

It’s great that you can get the most detailed answer about photo scanner Walgreens right here.

Does Walgreens Scan Photos?

The answer is definitely “yes” because, as of 2024, most Walgreens stores will allow you to inspect pictures at kiosks. After the images are scanned, you can choose from the following ways to publish them:

  • Print out images: 4×6 image size is $0.35
  • Burn them to a CD: Each disc can hold 999 images and costs is $3.99

In particular, if you want to learn more photo scanner Walgreens related information such as scanning, repair, or implementation methods, please refer to the next information immediately.

What Does The Image Scanning Process At Walgreens Include?

Once you’ve come to the store, go to photo scanner Walgreens to copy the image. If you have not found the location of this printing counter, you can ask for the help and guidance of the staff.

After finding the kiosk, you need to take the following photo scanning steps to create all the images you want, specifically:

  • The scanner will be located below the small drawer below the kiosk’s screen. Pull out that small drawer and put your photo inside.
  • Select scan to preview the image
  • Note that the image position part needs to be facing down. You need to double-check and if the position is not correct, adjust it. Then select “check again”.
  • You choose the sizes you want from the list offered by the machine, especially the default size for all types of printing is 4 x 6.
  • Color saturation, contrast, and brightness options are suggested, and you can customize them to your liking.
  • Once the size and color are shown, you can adjust or crop the size and then “save” to complete the setup.

After all the setup steps, scans photos and starts printing new images or burning them to disc.

Image Scanning Process At Walgreens

How Many Images Can I Inspect In A Section?

You can merely copy a maximum of 24 images in a section at each kiosk.

In What Format Is The Photo Published?

Conveniently, if you want to have multiple options for receiving images, the machine offers you two options including: 

  • Publish to image (hard copy).
  • Copy to disc. Each CD will be able to store 999 pictures.

Can I Copy Photos From Walgreens To Other Devices?

Then the answer is yes. Conversely, this cannot be processed if you copy images from Walgreens to USB Drive, DVD, or SD Card. The Walgreens has clearly stated this issue on their website. 

Nevertheless, many reviews have suggested that the staff at the store can help you with this if they can help. 

How Much Does It Cost To Copy Images?

Photo scanning service at Walgreens does not request you pay any fees for scanning pictures. If you want to publish them to hard copy or CD, you must pay for those prints.

If you want to publish the hardboard, the price is $0.35 for the standard size 4 x 6. For the disc copy board, it is $3.99. For more details, please refer to the full size and price list below:

Note: Print (P), Collage Print (CP), Designer Print (DP)

ItemsTypePickup at the
store (quantity)
Pickup at the store (price)Mail delivery (quantity)Mail delivery (price)
WalletsSet of 4+1$0.991+$0.99
5×7 CP 1+$3.491+$3.49
12×12DPThere is no stock in storeThere is no stock in store1+$5.99

Can I Edit Photos Before Printing?

It’s great that you can do this. After the image is scanned, you can preview and adjust the contrast, brightness, and even saturation. In addition, you can crop the image to remove the angular parts you want.

What Should Be Done To Ensure High-Quality Scans?

The following three tips will help you enhance the quality of your images during scanning, specifically:

  • Usually, the scanner glass is smudged, and it is these stains that make your image when scanned, which will not be clear. So you can use a glass cleaning cloth to clean it.
  • The size 4×6 (standard) is best. The larger the size, the more fragile the details are.
  • Take advantage of automatic saturation, brightness, and contrast adjustments.

In case after receiving the photo and you want to send it to others, you can buy stamps at WAG. In addition, WAG also has a lot of photo-related services that you can use, such as passport photo assistance or photo return.

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