Does McDonald’s Frappe have Caffeine? And How Much?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Does McDonalds Frappe have Caffeine

McDonald’s is not only famous for its burgers and fast food, but it is also famous for its coffee drinks and shakes.

In particular, the most famous and popular drink here is Frappe. Does McDonald’s Frappe have Caffeine? If you are finding the answer to this question, read the article below to get it!

Does McDonald’s Frappe have Caffeine?

Of course, there are. The amount of it in McDonald’s Frappe is not certain, and it depends on the size and name of the drink.

For example, the Mocha Frappe contains:

  • About 100 mg for the small size.
  • More than 120 mg for the medium.
  • Less than 185 mg for the large.

Other Frappes contain:

  • More than 70 mg in the small.
  • Around 90 mg in the medium.
  • Over 125 mg in the large.

To find out related questions about its amount in McDonald’s Frappe, please refer to the next sections below.

How much Caffeine is in Mcdonald’s drinks?

In addition to the question of the amount of caffeine in the Frappe. Other drinks are also quite interesting. Details of the content of the types will be shared by us shortly:

Small SizeMedium SizeLarge
Caffeine is in Mcdonald’s drinks by size


Cappuccino is a drink born in Italy. This is a caffeinated beverage. Cappuccino is made from coffee beans or coffee powder, and milk foam.

In regular beverage stores, the amount of coffee powder prepared depends on the desired strength of the customer.

However, at McDonald’s, the standard content is predetermined. According to the store’s standard, a cappuccino usually contains more than 43 mg of Caffeine per 100 ml.

At McDonald’s, with a set cup of Cappuccino, the amount distributed by type is in the following order: 71mg for small, 142 mg for medium, and 178 mg for large.


Mocha, whose full name is Mochaccino, is a beverage originating from Yemen. A glass of Mocha includes Chocolate, Hot Milk, and Espresso. This is a caffeinated beverage because it contains chocolate in its composition.

Mocha at McDonald’s serves customers in three sizes with caffeine content: 86mg for the small, 167 mg for the medium, and over 195 mg for the large size.


Latte is similar to Cappuccino. Both are caffeinated drinks and originate from Italy. However, the composition of Latte is completely different from Cappuccino. It includes steamed milk and Espresso.

Latte at Mc offers customers a lot of attractive choices such as Regular Latte, Caramel Latte, Fresh Vanilla Latte, and Waffle Latte.

The amount of it provided in the sizes of Latte in order is more than 70mg for the small size, 142 mg for the medium size, and more than 175 mg for the large size.

Does Mcdonald’s sell decaffeinated coffee?

Does Mcdonald's sell decaffeinated coffee

Not all customers can drink caffeinated beverages, especially those with blood pressure problems, for example. If they drink caffeinated drinks, their heart rhythm will be disturbed, and their body will be seriously unstable.

To overcome this situation, choosing decaffeinated coffee is a perfect choice. However, it is quite unfortunate that currently, Mc does not offer decaffeinated coffees.

One more thing, this list of dishes is not part of the plan to expand the menu of this brand.


These are the questions we have received from customers in the past about the amount of Caffeine in McDonald’s drinks and foods.

How Much Caffeine Do Chocolate Chips Have At Mcdonald’s?

With this dish, its caffeine content is quite high and higher than in dishes such as caramel vanilla. It has a high content because of the added chocolate in the product ingredients.

A cup of chocolate chip frappe usually contains its levels according to sizes, such as small about 100 mg, medium more than 120 mg, and about 180 mg for the large size.

Is The Amount Of Caffeine In Each Frappe The Same?

Whether the amount of it in different Frappe types is the same is a question that many people are interested in.

Our answer is absolutely no. It depends on the size and strength of the drink.

What Is The Difference Between The Taste Of Coffee And Espresso Coffee?

What is the difference between these two drinks? Please refer to the detailed analysis below.

Their biggest difference is the strength of the coffee. When you order a regular cup of coffee, it will have just the right amount of flavor and strength. The caffeine content is also moderate.

However, for Espresso, it is completely different. The taste it gives you is more special and richer. Espresso is made from roasted beans with a moderate degree combined with chocolate, so the caffeine content is quite high.

When you want to enjoy Espresso, you can order a single or double shot. The double shot is for customers who want to enjoy a stronger cup of coffee with a higher caffeine level.

See more: is McDonald’s Coffee BETTER than Starbucks?


The amount of caffeine in Frappe is not certain, and it depends on how you make it. After reading the article, we hope that you will have the right choice, suitable for yourself.

One more thing to note, McCafe’s drinks all contain Espresso, so you need to consider. when choosing


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