Does Home Depot Give First Responder Discounts?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Jan 8, 2023
Does Home Depot Give First Responder Discounts

First responders are firefighters, law enforcement officers, and emergency medical technicians. It is considered a completely difficult job because they have to be ready whenever they have emergencies. Thus, they are worth receiving some priority. 

Many stores want to show their gratitude to these “superheroes” by offering special discounts. This service will somehow help these “heroes” save their money and consider it a gift for their sacrifice. Keep on reading to know more about the home depot first responders discount.

Does Home Depot give first responder discounts?


First responders are the ones who come to the crime scene earlier than anyone else to solve the problems. So, Home Depot first responders discount anyone who is firefighters, paramedics, and law enforcement.

They will receive a discount as long as they can show their valid ID card or proof that they are professionals. Besides, they also give first responders some individual coupons to save money.

Conditions For The Responder Discount

If you want to receive this discount, you must prove that you are a first responder or medical professional. You also have to show some documents, including your full name and organization name. 

However, there are some conditions a first responder should consider to get this discount from Home Depot:

  • You must use this discount in-store because it is not available for online purchases.
  • Any items you have from gift cards can’t use this discount.
  • It doesn’t include shipping fees or even installation charges.
  • Some appliances don’t have first responders discounts. We need to have confirmation from the salesperson or manager.

How Much Is The Home Depot First Responders Discount?

Get First Responder Discount Home Depot

First responders will receive a 10% discount when shopping at this store. It will apply to most products existing in the store except for certain appliances. However, it doesn’t include shipping or installation fees. Besides, they won’t have any discount when they do online purchases at the Home Depot website.

Ways To getting First Responder Discount Home Depot?

You should join the Pro online experience at Home Depot to receive special discounts, coupons, and other attractive offers. Additionally, you can access more products with wider options of delivery.

You can also use the Pro Xtra scheme, which is available for in-store and online shopping for more discounts, especially when you buy many items, it will be significant.

Home Depot Coupon Can Help First Responders Save

Home Depot coupon is another offer for first responders to save their money. They can get coupons via Home Depot email. They can find many coupons at Home Depot’s ads. Besides, they can access to have more information about their coupons.

Some Retailers Give First Responder Discount

Aside from first responder discounts at Home Depot, many other retailers give first responder discounts. They use this way to express respect for first responders’ great sacrifice. Especially if you are a first responder, it is necessary to know some brands give first responder discounts.

  • Adidas gives responders a 30% discount for in-store and online purchases.
  • Clark’s: This brand will give a 10% discount for all items as long as you bring your ID verification. 
  • Gravity: It offers first responders 30% off for all purchases with ID verification.
  • Home Chef: Home Chef will offer first responders 50% off for first orders and 20% for the next orders.
  • Lovesac: First responders will receive a 20% discount with a free shipping service. Besides, Lovesac gives a home trial for 60 days on its products with ID verification.


This article finally gave you insight into the home depot first responders discount. It does offer these heroes a 10% discount for in-store purchases providing they have a valid ID card. 

In addition, you can access the Home Depot website to know more about coupons or some promo codes to have discounts when shopping here. Apart from Home Depot, many famous brands offer first responders special discounts.

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