Does Burger King Have Milkshakes (Size, Flavor & Price…)

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: Apr 22, 2023
Does Burger King Have Milkshakes

Looking for a delicious milkshake? Surely the type you choose will be the one with the most suitable price and taste. Confused about which brand to choose?

Currently, many places offer milkshakes, such as Subway, McDonald’s, and KFC. However, the brand that offers a wide variety of affordable, delicious milkshakes is Burger King.

Does Burger King Have Milkshakes in 2024?

Yes. Besides, milkshakes are available in most states of the United States. This is a delicious drink with ingredients from natural fruits that do not lose the taste of milk. When you choose to buy this drink at Burger King, you will get it at an affordable price. In addition to this delicious drink, the store also offers a variety of other delicious fast food and drinks.

What Kind Of Milkshakes Does Burger King Offer?

The basic Burger King shake flavors that this brand sells include chocolate, vanilla, and strawberries. These are the items that will be discounted when you order in a combo package, and if you order them individually, the price will remain the same.

The brand’s standout smoothies are mango, strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla topped with an extremely appealing topping. It also offers some cool drinks, for example, iced coffee, lemon tea, etc.

When choosing to trade more of these drinks, the company can earn more profits. They also think that these drinks are the perfect choice when combined with the food they do business with.

The Price Of A Burger King Have Milkshakes

The Price Of A Burger King Have Milkshakes

The milkshakes of this brand are famous for being delicious and affordable. The price for glasses is as low as $2.49 for the small, basic flavors and as high as $3.59 for the special size.

If you prefer an extra topping, you will need to spend about 80 cents more.

You also need to pay attention. The prices in each place are not the same even though they are all under the franchise system. When you want to know for sure, you can order the closest Burger King to consult the menu and prices.

How Many Sizes Of Burger King Milkshakes?

A typical-sized glass of milk is 16 oz. However, with the diverse needs of customers, Burger King also divides some sizes as follows:

  • The mini type has low-calorie content, just under 370
  • The huge 20 oz gives you a tall glass of milk with incredibly high-calorie content.

In short, how to choose the size depends on your needs and ability to pay.


Below is a list of the questions that many customers ask the most about Burger King’s milkshakes, which we have compiled as follows:

When Is Burger King Discounted?

Generally, stores will offer discounts on special occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, etc. You can track this information on the company’s website.

Will Burger King Add New Milkshakes In The Future?

Yes, of course. However, the brand has not announced plans to expand the product menu. Usually, they provide a list of new glasses of milk according to a certain time frame of the year. Please visit their website to follow up, so you don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy new dishes!

How’s Burger King’s $1 Milkshake?

This is an outstanding marketing strategy of BK. This brand is not only famous for providing delicious dishes, but I am an expert in the field of marketing.

One glass of milkshake for 1 dollar is still quality, but the size is somewhat smaller. They have successfully attracted many interested customers. This campaign was born around July 2020.

Is Burger King’s Milkshake Healthy?

Most milkshakes contain a fair amount of sugar, calories, and fat, and so do the brand’s products. So if you are a dieter who needs to lose weight, you should only enjoy it once in a while.

  1. Average ingredients in 1 cup include:
  2. Calories more than 550g
  3. Cholesterol about mg
  4. Natr about 420mg
  5. Protein of more than 10g
  6. Trans fat is equal to 0g


A health safety point that this brand offers you is the extremely low allergen content, and the main ingredients are only milk and soy. If you feel insecure, check the type of water you want to use before buying.

Another problem that many people are probably interested in is preservatives. This is what makes many people doubt when using the product.

Fortunately, this brand has passed all quality surveys 5 times 7 times. They declare that product quality always comes first, always ensuring that the health of customers is not affected.

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Besides milkshakes, does Burger King serve any other drinks?

In addition to serving customers delicious milkshakes, Burger King also offers ice cream and frozen milk dishes. Includes items such as:

  • Frappes (including Caramel and Mocha): This dish will be whipped on the top layer.
  • Iced coffee: This dish is highly appreciated by many coffee connoisseurs for the deliciousness and smoothness of coffee. They also hope this brand will expand a separate cafe menu to enjoy.
  • Tropical smoothies: Specializing in providing all kinds of smoothies from bananas, strawberries, etc. These are popular items and rank on the top of the store’s popularity.
  • Iced tea: offers a variety of teas to meet all your needs, such as sweetened or unsweetened.


Does Burger King have milkshakes? Definitely have. What are you waiting for? You can’t wait to order a glass of this excellent milkshake to enjoy quenching your thirst, jubilantly refreshing with sweet and fatty milk flavor.

But you should also note that when using any drink or food, not just milkshakes, you should also carefully review the ingredients to ensure your health

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