Does Amazon Accept Sezzle And How To Use It?

By Phillip Adcock
Last updated: May 15, 2023
Does Amazon Accept Sezzle

Can I use Sezzle on amazon? It is the question of many users. Almost everyone uses credit cards to shop at Amazon, and more of us are using payment plans. Most people have been asking the question: does Amazon take Sezzle?

To help our readers find out if Amazon accepts Sezzle, we just wrote this guide about this issue, You can use a Sezzle account or other similar financing accounts on Amazon! Let’s start!

Can You Use Sezzle On Amazon?


Amazon no longer accepts Sezzle virtual cards as a payment option in 2023. However, Sezzle can be used for many other online and physical store locations like Target. 

Amazon partnered with Affirm to accept $50 or more virtual card payments, but only for clients that purchase within qualifying amounts of money. Also, Klarna is accepted on Amazon, and points on purchases can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards.


One of the best things about using Sezzle is to use the Sezzle virtual card as a payment option regardless of who one shops from. 

Don’t feel tied to only shopping on Amazon – even if Amazon doesn’t accept applications for Sezzle cards, you can still shop wherever else you want and then use your Sezzle card to make purchases online or in-store. 

One of the main reasons we think Sezzle is so great is because it’s accepted by some major brands across various industries like Gap and Neiman Marcus, which offer pretty decent services when it comes down to getting quality for your dollars.

Where is The Sezzle Card Accepted?

Sezzle users can use their card for physical purchases at select retailers and online stores and make payments in-app. Many of the brands found on Sezzle are niche retailers, like Charlotte’s Web or HydroJug.

But there are some large brands you may know that are also available for purchase, like Bass Pro Shops. For a complete list of merchants that accept Sezzle, download the app and click “Merchants” within the menu or you can visit :

Can You Have Sezzle At The Target?

Can You Have Sezzle At The Target

The major retail store Target also accepts Sezzle at their location. The customers can shop with Sezzle’s virtual card in-store and online. However, at the Target locations, shoppers must pay 25% of the price upon purchase of their items or services. Afterward, their remaining balance will be spread out over three payments weeks apart.

What Can You Get From Paying Through Sezzle?

One of the main benefits of using Sezzle is that it makes it easy for shoppers who have never had the opportunity to experience this kind of financing before. 

After a soft credit check, interested shoppers can apply for and receive e-line financing, which is based on several factors, i.e., your credit score but can be expanded or adjusted based on other factors such as your submission of additional documentation (i.e., a bank statement) demonstrating their ability to manage their spending limits and positive payment history.

Also, Sezzle makes it easy to get the products you want when you want them. It is a quick, simple process because there are no credit checks and long forms to fill out. 

This gives you more time to learn more about the product you’re interested in buying. Not only that, but this convenient way of shopping also encourages consumers to purchase bigger ticket items since they can pay for their items in small increments over time. They do not have to wait until they have entirely paid up their final bill themselves.

Which Financing Virtual Cards Can You Have For Amazon?

Although Sezzle Virtual Cards cannot be used with Amazon payments, it can be accepted by some payment gateway providers. Two of the more common payment processors are Affirm and Klarna.

Whether Or Not The Amazon Site Accepts Afterpay?

Although both are fairly well-known brands, this particular purchasing option is currently not possible on Amazon. For those who may have just been wondering about using Afterpay to pay for goods online, please be aware that you can use this payment service to pay for many goods and services offline.


We hope you enjoyed this article. Although you cannot use it for Amazon, credit cards, debit cards, and purchase-sharing services such as Sezzle are great for anyone. Thank you for reading


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